.03Xbox One has been out for three years now. That’s quite a while for Microsoft and many other third-party manufacturers to develop and come up with new and innovative Xbox One accessories. Meaning that we can get many cool gadgets to ease our Xbox One usage and enhance the console on nearly every aspect – from chatting with friends to watching movies and having specific controllers.

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1. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

xbox-one-elite-controllerXbox One Elite is way more superior and premium than the standard controller. One of the most obvious changes is design. Elite controller has new buttons, paddles, and it also features new diamond grip, that lets you hold your controller tighter than ever before. The Only disappointing thing is that this controller still comes with AA batteries, and you have to get Play and Charge Kit separately. Another thing to note here it’s weight, Elite weighs in at 363g, that’s for 103g morethan the standard controller. So start training your arms!
Everything on Xbox One Elite controller seems buffed up, more premium and nicer to the touch than standard.



2. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

xbox-one-play-and-charge-kitSick of changing AA batteries every other week or maybe when they run out in the middle of an important game? Then you might try a Xbox One Play and Charge kit. With it, you recharge your controller while you play a game or afterwards, in Xbox standby. To charge the battery fully, you need 4 hours, and after that, you can use your controller for 30 hours. The charging cable is 9 foot long, so you won’t have to stick your face to TV/monitor screen.



3. Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

This is one of the must-get accessories, without it, you won’t be able to use your third-party manufacturer headsets with a 3.5mm jack. This adapter also gives you easy and reachable access to volume controls and mute button. You can also adjust game audio and chat audio ratio, which suits you the best. We have also created a more detailed review about Xbox One Stereo Adapter.



4. Xbox One Chatpad

xbox-one-chatpadOne minus of consoles is that they lack communication between players, especially if you don’t know them. We mostly use a proper headset with microphone to voice chat with our friends, but sometimes you just don’t want to talk to random players. Then typing would come handy as with PC. However, standard controller isn’t meant for writing. To fix this Microsoft have come up with Xbox One Chatpad. It’s basically a full qwerty keyboard that plugs into your Xbox One controller also featuring a 3.5mm jack for a headset. I would say it’s Xbox One Stereo Adapter with qwerty keyboard.



5. Seagate Game Drive for Xboxseagate-game-drive

Got tons of games and now you have to decide which one of them to delete to free a space for new one? Maybe don’t and just get an external hard drive? Seagate game drive is HDD that is designed especially for Xbox One. Take a look at our more detailed review about The Best Xbox One external hard drives, where Seagate Game Drive was one of our top picks.



6. Xbox One Media Remotexbox-one-media-remote

Xbox One Media Remote is an awesome way to watch all of your favorite media content. This remote is pleasant to hold in hands, it has a decent weight, and it’s covered with soft finish. Buttons are flat, and there aren’t too many of them, which is good.
It’s very easy to set up this remote, just put in the included AAA batteries, and it works. No virtual setup is required. One cool feature – Buttons backlight as soon as you pick the remote up.



7. Xbox One Digital TV Tunerxbox-one-digital-tv-tuner

If you love to watch media via Xbox One, consider getting this small gadget. Plug your TV antenna in it, USB port into your Xbox One and your all good to go. It lets you watch free-to-air digital TV. Don’t want to miss your favorite TV show, but got an important match to play? No problem, with Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, watch TV while playing a game or using an app via Xbox Snap feature.



8. Xbox One Kinect Sensorxbox-one-kinect-sensor

Using your hands and voice instead of the controller, that’s what Kinect Sensor does. However often it’s just easier to use a controller and its only good for straightforward and casual games. But if you want to take a step into future this is a great device and can offer a lot of fun and way different gaming experience.



9. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Stealth 420Xturtle-beach-ear-force-stealth-420x

If you want to get more serious and competitive with your gaming, or maybe just want to experience excellent audio, standard Xbox One headset just isn’t enough. Consider getting Turtle Beach – Ear Force 420X. It’s a great sounding wireless headset compatible with Xbox One. Read our article about the best Xbox One Wireless Headsets to see other great Xbox One wireless headsets or our Top 8 best Xbox One Headsets.



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