ASTRO A40 TR Xbox One Gaming Headset is designed to deliver professional audio quality, which is what you need for a more exciting gaming experience. Apart from its advanced sound technology, it is designed with a high-quality finish. This headset is adjustable, so you need not worry whether it will fit your head or not. It also comes with a precision microphone that you can place on either your left or right side.

The headset package ships with MixAmp Pro TR for Playstation 4. The setup is also seamless, given that it is configured for ASTRO Audio gaming purposes. You can customize the headset to any environment. It is also designed with superior features that not all its counterparts can provide, such as noise cancellation, lag-free operation, and access to ASTRO Command Center software.

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What Comes in the Box?inside the Astro A40 headset box

You could get the package with all components required for an advanced gaming experience. It ships with a headset, microphone, speaker tags, and MixAmp Pro TR. Apart from the major components, the set also includes a variety of cables. These are inclusive of a three-meter TOSlink optical cable, two-meter A40 TR inline mute wire, 0.5-meter Digital Daisy Chain Cable, and three-meter micro-USB cable.

The components are designed to provide a top-of-the-line audio solution for content creators, game developers, professional gamers, and e-sports athletes among others. Each of its parts is developed to meet every professional’s requirements for audio comfort, fidelity, and robustness for long-term use.  To balance game and voice audio, you may use its simple controls for instant configuration before your primary activity.


Astro A40 TR Features and Technical Details

Astro A40 Gaming Headset


Each of the components of the headset has their superior specifications, proving they outperform counterparts on the market. Primarily, technological attributes of A40 headset begin with its frequency response of 20 to 24,000 hertz (Hz). Moreover, it has a total harmonic distortion (THD) of sound at less than 0.1 percent. The headset’s microphone has a length of six millimeters with a noise gate. Also, the headset’s nominal impedance is 48 ohms.

As for the pressure of the headband, you have 2.6N. It has an over-ear coupling feature. Without the cable, the headset weighs 360 games. It could connect to a variety of devices given its 3.5 millimeters four-pole jack.

Alternatively, you have its MixAmp Pro specifications with rear inputs of 3.5 millimeters stream output, TOSlink, and USB micro-B for both power and audio.

Also, the first inputs are dual digital daisy chain ports, headset connector, and 3.5 millimeters aux in. Its frequency response is 10 to 24,000 Hz.


ASTRO A40 Xbox One Gaming Headset is rich in features, as proven by the following:

Professional Audio Quality. The headset is tweaked for the high audio standards of game developers and professional gamers. A detailed sound is delivered alongside balanced volume and frequency levels.  ASTRO even made it possible for providing a surround sound for a more elaborate audio.

USB Sound Card Compatible. It has an output for Dolby Headphone, providing you all-around PC suitability for voice conversation and game audio.

Mod Kit Ready. You can convert your headset to a closed-back headset to eliminate unnecessary noise.

Personalization. It features a magnetic speaker tag system that allows you to customize your headset accordingly. You may also access ASTRO Command Center to tailor every output and input of the gadget. You can even develop your equalizer (EQ) settings.

Premium Design. The headset is made from durable materials, which are incredibly lightweight. It also has a perfect fit that does not put a strain on the head.

Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

The product received mostly positive reviews from its buyers. As highlighted by its manufacturer, it does provide high-quality audio and microphone performance for PS4 and desktop computer. Moreover, the MixAmp Pro TR made the headset’s sound output more considerable. Despite being an add-on, it is very easy to use. The headset also gives great comfort when worn.

Simple controls of the headset made it highly reliable since customization level is high. According to both novice and professional gamers who have utilized the headset, the product does it well in surround sound. You can even connect it to any device, which makes it more dependable. Even with the manufacturer’s quality control, there is no complaint since the customers received the package in the best condition.

Conclusively, many have considered the headset among the supreme ASTRO had developed. It redefined the expectations of gamers and developers. Thus, it may be difficult to surpass the customer satisfaction level it had reached.

Who Should Buy ASTRO A40 gaming headset?

The headset may be designed to comply with the high standards of professional gamers and developers, but it is also suitable for beginners. Whatever purpose you have in using Xbox One, this is a headset to consider. It is also a great choice if other headphones failed to provide excellent audio capabilities. If you are not a fan of a wireless set, then this is also a great option since it is packed with usability. Furthermore, this headset will be the answer to people who have been complaining about complicated menu options and software navigation for settings.

Some alternative gaming headsets:

Conclusion and Recommendation

ASTRO A40 Xbox One Gaming Headset exceeded the high standards of professional gamers and developers in the industry. From every aspect, ASTRO was able to change the game. It enhanced the audio output, finish, comfort, and even customization. Although the user can change almost all configurations, simple controls are necessary. This makes sure that even if you are a beginner or not familiar with such settings, you can get the most out of the headset.

Indeed, it is more expensive than its rivals. Nonetheless, its features can prove that it is worth the investment for the long-term unprecedented gaming experience.


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