PERTH, Australia – Book the Cook is now available when you fly business class from Perth to Singapore and vice versa.

You can now pre-order an exquisite meal 24 hours before your flight through the Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook option. You have up to 15 delicious options to choose from for every trip, and the menu is exclusive to those who purchased early.

You can now eat restaurant-style even though you are traveling by air. Do you want to eat some Lobster Thermidor with Buttered Asparagus while seated in business class? With Singapore Airlines’ unique dining options, you can satisfy your craving.

“Book the Cook” Now Available at Singapore Airlines’ Perth Flights

How about a taste of Pan-fried Barramundi in Pepper Sauce? They’ve got it covered. Book the Cook also has an array of delectable dishes that include Chicken and Lamb Satay Skewers, Japanese KyoKaiseki, Cantonese roast duck, and NasiLemak.

Singapore Air also offers the concept for different flights. Meals are also available for Premium Economy flyers and, of course, those in the First Class seats. The Perth route will eventually adapt the First Class and Economy high-end food options.

David Pinches, the Area Manager of Singapore Airlines’ Western Australia office, stated that the online service caught the attention of their distinguished clients. He added that flyers have nothing but positive feedback for the unique in-flight dining service.

“Book the Cook” Now Available at Singapore Airlines’ Perth Flights

The regular menu is still available as the in-flight cooks are still deployed. However, it does not offer the same fancy dinners that you might want to try.

If you choose the Perth-Singapore and vice versa route, you can order online through the airline’s official website under the Manage My Booking field on Monday, September 25. This is for flights scheduled on October 1, 2018.

Book the Cook provides you with different choices from Asian to Continental meals all throughout the day. Your pre-selection will be prepared before your departure so give a leeway of at least 24 hours for the cooking panel to set the meals before handing them over to in-flight attendants.

Bon appétit!


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