PS4 out of the box comes with everything you need to play nearly all games, however, there are many popular PS4 accessories can help to enhance your gaming experience. We’ve created a list of PS4 accessories that can make your gaming much more enjoyable using custom controllers, headsets, joysticks and even VR.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

As we all know, a sound is an essential part of gaming. Whether you play competitive or just heading into adventure sound plays a huge role. Of course, you can always use a quality stereo system with your TV, but those often cost a lot and your neighbors or even your relatives and friends might not like it. A great solution is PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. It offers a lot of features like virtual 7.1 surround sound. It’s very comfortable, so long gaming sessions are no problem with this headset. The battery life is decent, and design is simple and overall made quality is excellent. And best of all it’s really affordable!

Playstation TVplaystation-tv

First of all, this is not a direct PS4 accessory, but it’s a really cool thing to have if you’re really into PS gaming. PlayStation TV is nothing more than a box that has to be attached to your TV. And ta daa!  Now you can play PS Vita games and stream videos whether you own PS4 or PS3 or not. A great, small gaming console for an absolute bargain price. Of course, it’s not as capable as your PS4, but still, you get a lot for this price.

PlayStation 4 Cameraps4_camera

Want to involve into your gaming a bit more? This PS4 camera has Depth-sensing 3D technology that basically tracks you, and your DUALSHOCK, granting you an extraordinary gaming experience. With the PS4 camera, you can log in via facial recognition, and navigate menu and launch games by using voice commands. Must get if your planning to use a VR.

Elgato Game Capture HD60elgato-game-capture-hd60

Want to share your gameplay to show others how good you are or just show how things should be done? Then Elgato Game Capture HD60 might be just for you, good for amateurs as well as for professionals. This thing lets you capture your gaming in 1080p with 60 fps.

PlayStation VRplaystation-vr1

Are you ready for new generation gaming? If so, just wear this Playstation VR and dive into your gaming like never before, experience gaming from your perspective. Move around and interact with objects, live through your favorite gaming hero! This is a superb PS4 accessory and everyone should give it a try at least once, tough there is quite a price to play for this amazing experience.

Playstation Move Motion Controllerplaystation-move-motion-controller

Move your virtual hands with your real ones! Pick up objects, throw them interact with every possible way with the environment around you. You also should get Playstation VR with this accessory. Discover a gaming experience you have never felt before.

Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel


If your fan of racing games and want to feel just like in a real racing vehicle, you should consider Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel. It’s a perfect racing wheel for PS4 with a high-end force feedback, and that lets you feel your car completely, fight with it in corners. And the build quality on this thing is very sweet not to say more. One of the best steering wheels for PS4, that’s what I can say for sure!

PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Stationpowera-dualshock-4-controller-charging-station

Charge two PS4 controllers at the same time with PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station, as easy as that. This is a really cheap PS4 accessory that all of us can afford.

Seagate Backup Plus Slimseagate-backup-plus-slim2

Need some extra storage on your PS4 but don’t want to mess with its internal hard drive? Try the absolute bestseller –  Seagate Backup Plus Slim. Add extra 2TB of memory as easy as plugging in a USB cable into your PS4. Check out our PS4 external hard drive buying guide for more options and info.

Samsung Seagate Spinpoint M9T 2TB


If standard 500GB on your Playstation 4 isn’t enough, upgrade your internal hard drive to 2TB with Samsung Seagate Spinpoint M9T. Also make sure to check out our Top 7 PS4 Hard Drives. Or if your considering SSD – Best PS4 SSD upgrades.


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