If you have ever gone camping, you would know that there is something serene about a campfire. As it glows in the dark, it not only illuminates all in a soft light, but it also serves to give off calmness. What if we told you that you could achieve the same effect with the help of a lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps manage to bring a campfire to your doorsteps. These lamps are not only a treat to look at, but they also succeed in elevating the mood. They are also proven to provide an array of benefits, such as an elevation in energy levels, and the possibilities of a better sleep.

10 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

  1. Reduces Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Reduces Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Placing a Himalayan Salt Lamp in the room where you spend most of your time can noticeably reduce allergy & asthma symptoms. Usually, people suffering from asthma notice a huge difference just after two weeks. It is well known that Himalayan pink salt is good for your airways. There are even Himalayan Pink Salt Inhalers.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps Deodorize & Cleanse the Air

himalayan salt lamps

  • Why are so many people using Himalayan Salt Lamps? 

Himalayan Salt Lamps gained their popularity because of their incredible power to remove contaminants from the air, like pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and other small particles.

  • Well, it’s just a big chunk of salt, so how do Himalayan Salt Lampswork?

Their secret lies in Hygroscopy, it means that they attract water molecules from their environment and absorb them into the salt crystal. Dust and other small particles are carried on those water molecules, so by absorbing the water molecules, the salt lamp also absorbs foreign particles.

Then the light bulb inside the Himalayan Salt Lamp heats it up, it evaporates the same water back into the air. But the particles of smoke, dust, pollen are now trapped in the salt.

But that’s not all…

how do himalayan salt lamps work

3. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

himalayan salt lamp decreases electromagnetic radiation

Nowadays we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, it is almost everywhere we go. All electronics emit EM radiation, computers, smartphones, television sets, fridges, tablets, the electric wires themselves. There is nowhere to hide, only deep into the woods.

Long term exposure to EM can cause serious damage, even though the waves are invisible and we can’t feel them. Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the chances of chronic fatigue, increase stress levels and weakens the body’s immune system.

Himalayan Salt Lamps neutralize electromagnetic radiation by emitting negative ions into the air. Place your Himalayan salt lamp near to your TV or computer screen to reduce radiation levels.

4. Himalayan Lamps Increase Energy Levels

Himalayan Lamps Increase Energy LevelsHow do you increase your energy levels? By taking a trip to the countryside, spending a day at the beach with your friends or family, camping or climbing mountains. All of this relaxes our minds, but we can’t be out of town all the time, every day. But we can put some negative ions into our home, to make us feel a little bit better. If you are constantly feeling tired, one Himalayan salt lamp in every room you spend the most time in will help. You will notice a difference after just one week.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamps Eases Coughing

Everything starts with positively charged ions which are not good for our health. As almost all homes are filled with positive ions, it becomes a problem.

The cilia (microscopic hairs) that line the human trachea have a rhythmic waving motion, they work to keep the airways clean of dirt and mucus. One reason why Cilia becomes sluggish and don’t work as well as the fact that we breath positively charged ions. So, less positive ions means healthier lungs. What creates them? Basically, the primary source of positively charged ions is the electronics around us, like a smartphone, computer, TV and so on. Unless you are watching TV outside your house I’m pretty sure you have a lot of positive ions at your home.

How to get rid of positive ions?

To get rid of positively charged ions we need to make the air cleaner. Cleaner air = fewer positive ions, dust particles, mucus, pollen. We can clear the air by using an Air Purifier System and/or buying a himalayan salt lamp. Buying both an air purifier and a himalayan salt lamp would be the best option.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps help to increase Cilia activity so your lungs “clean” themselves even more effectively.

Himalayan Salt Lamps both create negative ions (these are the healthy ones) and “catch” the positive ions from the air. When you turn on your Himalayan salt lamp, it starts heating up. While it’s hot the lamp absorbs water and other particles from the air, including positive ions. Basically, salt lamps catch the “bad stuff” from the air and help you breathe “cleaner” air at the same time.

6. Environmental friendly source of light it is…

Did you know that Himalayan Salt Lamps are environmentally friendly? We already know that the best Himalayan Salt Lamps are made out of salt from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It’s estimated that the Khewra salt mine holds from 82 to 600 million tons of salt. At the current production/mining rate, it would last for about 350 years. It means enough salt lamps for all of us. Usually, the base of Himalayan salt lamps is carved from wood, such as neem and they use low wattage bulbs or even candles.

7. Reduce Static Electricity

static electricity
Source: https://www.honeywellpluggedin.com/humidifiers/prevent-static-electricity-with-humidifier

Static electricity is not a good thing and under the right conditions it can even be dangerous. Static zaps, while you are reaching the door handle, are the least of problems it can cause. It’s also caused by ionized airborne particles and Himalayan Salt Lamps are the way to neutralize them.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamps treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

my himalayan salt lamp

A lot of people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression) which reduces energy levels a lot and can be a very problematic. The nice warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp can improve your mood and that’s a fact. My salt lamp sits right next to my computer and I switch it on all the time when I’m working. It just makes me feel better. After three months of having a Himalayan salt lamp I can’t imagine working without it, it’s a must have for me.

9. Himalayan salt lamps will make you sleep better

Too much positive ions will decrease your sleep quality, it’s yet another negative side effect produced by electronic devices. Positively charged particles reduce oxygen and blood supply to the brain that can cause irregular sleep patterns.

So one or two Himalayan salt lamps in your bedroom is not a bad idea because they are negative ion generators. Better air in your bedroom = better sleep.

10. Improve Concentration & Mood

Last but not least, Himalayan salt lamps help improve concentration, focus, and mood. How can salt lamps help you concentrate? By feeding your brain with more air. It’s because salt lamps reduce positive ions and generate negative ions, which, as we discussed, improves breathing.

If you wish to equip yourself with Himalayan salt lamp, here are some of the best Himalayan lamps you can choose from:

1. WBM Himalayan Glow 1002 Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Glow 1005 Large Natural Pink, Night Light,Hand Carved... Buy on Amazon

This lamp is hand carved in Pakistan, which gives it a traditional look that is appreciated by many. Such a look is enhanced by the fact that the lamp has a neem base. When not lit up, the lamp exhibits a pink color. The surface of the lamp is irregular and rough-hewn in nature.

The product uses salt crystals from the Himalayas for the construction of the lamp, and succeeds in giving off a warm glow when lit. The fact that you can change the color of the 15-watt bulb included as per your liking provides you with the autonomy to decide on a color based on your home décor.

The amber glow of this lamp is such that it can be used in an variety of locations, whether it be an office, a lounge, or your room.

Additionally, this lamp also serves to be a natural air purifier. When the light is operational, it emits negative ions that overcome the positive ions present in the surrounding.

Such positive ions are the core reason for the feeling of sluggishness. Hence, by eliminating them the lamp cleans the air. It also tends to clear off the air from allergens as well as odors, thereby ensuring that your house contains fresh air.

2. Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan Star Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket & Dimmer Cord Bulb Buy on Amazon

If you prefer a modern touch while simultaneously benefitting from the various visual and health advantages of a salt lamp, you will appreciate this product.

This is because rather than sporting a traditional look, this product comes in various beautiful designs such as the Buddha, star, sun, angel, cross, leaf, snowflake, and more. Such a choice in design allows you to pick a lamp which best goes with the rest of your home interior.

The product features a size of 5*5*5 inches which is perfect for decoration on all sorts of furniture. The fact that the lamp does not take too much space means that you can place it wherever you want.

You can use the salt lamp in a variety of ways such as a prayer light, bed light, bedroom light, kitchen light, or even a meditation light. Moreover, those of you who wish for uniqueness in your belongings will be happy to know that the handmade nature of the product means that no one will have the exact lamp as you.

The product is accompanied by a brand guarantee, as well as a 90-day money back claim which allows the brand to build profitable customer relationships. Such customer service not only makes this lamp slightly cost-effective, but it also adds on to the confidence in the quality of the product.

3. Plemo Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Plemo Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Bedside Lamp with Natural Himalayan... Buy on Amazon

All of us wish that we could avoid the consumption of processed items. This is because additives are not good for one’s health, and many of us crave the benefits of natural products. To its core, this salt lamp manages to be such a natural product.

The rock salt used in this lamp is hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains and then preserved in its natural form and does not undergo any other processing or addition of chemicals. Such a bright lamp allows for enhanced benefits of air purification.

This product proves to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior with the inclusion of acrylic squares. Such an addition not only beautifies the product but also allows the salt lamp to exhibit an excellent lighting. Such an ambiance serves to be perfect for spa settings as well as one’s bedroom.

The dimmer cord and the plug of the product are safe to use, and the lamp is accompanied by a 365 days replacement guarantee. The product manages to produce soft orange light which not only acts as a mood calmer, but also plays a role in increasing your focus.

4. Himalayan Salt Basket Lamp Review

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Tall Round Metal Basket lamp with Dimmer... Buy on Amazon

Imagine having an item in your house that emanates the feel of a campfire. That is what this product succeeds in delivering. This is ensured via the fact that the design of the product includes a basket which is equipped with salt chunks, a dimmer switch, and a bulb. Such a basket, therefore, gives off a similar vibe as a campfire.

The design of this lamp is such that will complement the interior of your house regardless of what your home décor is. This lamp, which is made out of natural crystal rock, gives off a pink color when not operational and an orange hue when it is lit. Both these colors are soothing to the eye, thereby allowing for a peaceful ambiance.

This lamp is responsible for increasing the rate of negative ion emission by 600%, hence ensuring that the air that you breathe in is as purified as it can be.

The fact that the lamp and the cord are ETL prove to ensure the safety of this product. The inclusion of a rotatory dimmer provides you with total control over the lighting. Such an autonomy allows you to set the light as per the mood you wish to convey.

5. Crystal Décor Cylindrical Design Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket & Dimmer Cord Bulb Buy on Amazon

This product is available in a cylindrical design and has a basket size of 4.5 inches diameter and 5.75 inches in height. Such a compact lamp serves to be placed in various locations, including your bedside table or the coffee table.

This lamp can allow you to portray a serene ambiance with a natural and pure source of light. You can use the lamp for both natural and ambient mood lighting. Such diversity in use is unheard of in other types of lights, and this is what makes salt lamps distinct.

This hand-mined product proves to be ideal for a hall, kitchen, bedroom and lounge light, as well as a meditation and prayer light.

Use the lamp to effectively change the atmosphere of your room within seconds, all while breathing into fresher air. If you have persistent allergies, this lamp can help you combat them while being aesthetically pleasing to look at.

6. Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp Review

Crystal Allies Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Bulb, Dimmer Cord Buy on Amazon

This handcrafted lamp is equipped with natural rock salts which help it in delivering a high rate of negative ions for the purification of air.

This product includes a six feet long UL-listed cord, a rotary dimmable switch, and a 15-watt bulb. The dimmable switch allows you to change the settings of the lighting as per your requirements, hence providing you with extra control.

The lamp is shaped like a globe, which pleasantly adds in favor to its aesthetics. Moreover, the globe is equipped with a compact size of 4.5*4.5 inches, which allows it for easier transportation and placement.

This product has a neem wooden base, and it contains Himalayan salt which is mined from natural sources to provide you with a unique handmade product.

This lamp is multipurpose in nature. This is achieved via the product’s ability to function both as a decorative light and as a home décor item. Even if you don’t want to use it often, the lamp makes for an excellent decorative piece.

The inclusion of a 90-Day money back guarantee speaks wonders about the quality of the product, as well as the manufacturer’s dedication to building lasting relationships with customers.

7. Crystal Allies Gallery Fire Bowl Lamp Review

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Bulb, Dimmer Cord Buy on Amazon

Do you wish for a salt lamp which is different from other similar products available in the market? If so, you will appreciate this product for its design. This lamp exhibits a fire bowl design which gives the product a campfire vibe. Such a design makes this product stand out amongst the crowd of other salt lamps.

The lamp also features a 7-Watt Light bulb, as well as salt chunks inside the fire bowl. Such a package, when added to the 6 feet of cord included, succeeds in offering customers a holistic product.

The lamp succeeds in giving off a relaxing and soothing aura, which means that the product has managed to perform its primary task. The fact that the rock salt used in the product is 100% natural and is hand mined serves to give this product a traditional vibe that is lauded by many.

The product has dimensions of 6*6*6 inches and a weight of around 6 pounds. Such a compact size coupled with a light weight allow this product to be placed and used for various purposes, such as a decorative light and a night light.

8. Levoit Aria Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

LEVOIT Kyra Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock Lamp, Night Light, Holiday... Buy on Amazon

The fusion of traditionalism and modernism in this product allows the lamp to be the perfect gift for your friends.

This product features a stainless steel base which is FDA 18/18 in nature. Such a base allows this product to offer drainage control, and this feature ensures that your furniture does not exhibit a moisture build-up and therefore avoids causing any inconvenience.  Such a base design contributes in adding a modern touch to the product.

The patented design of this lamp also consists of a touch-controlled dimmable lighting, which allows for ease of use when adjusting the brightness of the product. Such a feature is a source of convenience for many.

The product is accompanied by a one-year limited warranty and includes two replacement bulbs for your convenience. The quality of the lamps is ensured by Levoit’s strict policy of only using salt rock from the Khewra salt mine of Pakistan.

Not only is the product pleasing to the eye when it comes out, but it also features an excellent packaging. The packaging is such to ensure prevention from moisture damage as well as breakage. This is achieved by the PE foam in which the product is wrapped.

9. Crystal Décor Cross Design Natural Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket & Dimmer Cord Bulb Buy on Amazon

Crystal Décor is known to deliver quality products, all of which serve to be an excellent addition to any home décor.

This lamp upholds this legacy by offering a light which not only succeeds in masterfully performing its primary function of air purification but by also simultaneously managing to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to all sort of interiors.

This lamp is available in a cross design, which allows the Himalayan salt lamp to exhibit quite a modern look while staying close to its roots. This product is handcrafted, which means that your lamp will truly be unique.

The 5*5*5 inch size of the product is compact enough to be placed wherever you feel like it. Such a size and the natural light of the lamp allows it to be used for various purposes, ranging from functioning as a bed light to a kitchen light. Such versatility in use is well-received amongst users.

The inclusion of natural rocks has allowed this product to deliver enhanced air purification abilities. Whether it be smoke or allergens, this product is equipped to eliminate all.

If you wish for a light which proves to be a source of relaxation, this lamp will be perfect for you.

10. Crystal Allies Gallery Pyramid Salt Lamp Review

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp w/ Salt Candle Holders Buy on Amazon

How great would it be if you could get your hands on multiple salt-based items at an affordable budget? If you wish for such a combo deal, this pyramid salt lamp can be a worthy choice.

The product is equipped with a 6 feet cord and a 15-Watt lightbulb. If you want to be sure whether the lamp you buy features natural rock salt, you will be satisfied with this product. This is because it includes a certified stone information card to put all your doubts to rest.

The lamp is equipped with two salt candle holders. While the size of the lamp is 5.5*5.5 inches, the candle holders are 3*3*2 inches in dimensions. Overall, the product is quite compact, making it perfect for placement in rooms as well as shelves.

The Himalayan salt included in the product is mined from natural sources and handcrafted for customers to provide a unique feel to the product. The inclusion of the neem wood base allows this product to exhibit a consistent traditional theme.

The soft glow that the lamp emits when operational is both perfect for mood lighting as well as for decorative lighting.

11. HemingWeigh Salt Lamp Rock

HemingWeigh Salt Lamp Rock Salt Cube Lamp 12 cm on Wood Base, Electric... Buy on Amazon

There is great beauty in simplicity, and this is the mantra of this product which is mainly shaped like a giant rock. The simple design is such that it goes with an array of settings, whether it is your home or your workplace.

When the lamp is lit, the product succeeds in giving off a soft amber glow that such salt lamps are lauded for. The brightness tends to create the perfect soothing mood while eliminating positive ions present in your surroundings. Through the help of this product, you can rest assured that you will be breathing clean and fresh air.

The lamp proves to be ideal for settings ranging from your bathroom to a spa. Such versatility in use makes this product a likely choice for the masses. The simple yet beautiful design of the product allows this lamp to be used as a decorative piece to beautify your house further.

While the product is made by hand crafters, they tend to use machines for the process. Therefore, this lamp manages to have a more refined finish than the completely handcrafted products available in the market.

The lamp features a wooden base which is high-quality in nature, and is polished to give it an aesthetically pleasing finish. The product is accompanied by a UL/CE certification which ensures the safety of users.

12. HemingWeigh Hexagon Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Review

HemingWeigh Hand Crafted All Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock... Buy on Amazon

Do you want a product which serves as a decorative piece when unlit and a soothing and relaxing lamp when operational? If so, this product will be perfect for you.

This lamp is ideal for those who want simplicity in design. It is shaped like a hexagonal rock which serves to be a beautiful addition to all sorts of home décor. The fact that this salt lamp is shaped like a rock allows it to stay close to its roots and therefore be a traditional souvenir, as well as a gift for those who value such simple items.

This lamp is equipped with a wooden base and is handcrafted. It includes and consists of natural salt crystals mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Such a handmade product allows this brand to offer customers with a unique item each time.

The product exhibits a soft glow when lit which not only provides for excellent ambiance but it also serves to purify the air from all that is harmful. Such harmful toxins include allergens and smoke.

However, make sure that you do not expose the product to a moisture-heavy or humid environment. This is because such surroundings tend to threaten the durability of the product.

13. RUIPUI DIA Madonna Design Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Dia Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Madonna Design Metal Basket with... Buy on Amazon

Is Christmas around the corner? Do you wish to give your friends and family a gift which is faithful to the spirit of the holiday that can also function as a stylish accessory? If so, you will be satisfied with this lamp.

This lamp features a beautiful form which exhibits a cross-shaped design, thereby making it a great lamp for Christmas and Halloween time. The small size of the product, which has dimensions of 5*5*6 inches, makes it an excellent addition regardless of how limited space you have is.

The lamp includes a 15 Watt bulb via which the salt rock heats and this emits negative ions for purification of the air. Such a feature allows your surrounding air to be free of smoke, pollens, and other toxic allergens.

The product succeeds in providing a natural lighting which is bound to improve your mood for the better. Hence, you can use it as a night light or a prayer light and achieve relaxation.

14. Plemo Classic Round Metal Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Glow 1366, Aluminum Salt lamp Buy on Amazon

This product is marked by ease of installation and a design which is bound to beautify your home décor. The lamp is equipped with premium rock salts. The quality of the salts is integral for air purification purposes. Therefore, this lamp hand mines its salts from the Himalayan Mountains and uses the unrefined form for maximum benefits.

The hollow nest style of the metal basket makes this product an ideal item to serve as a decorative piece, as well as a lamp. Such a design makes it perfect for placement in offices, spa settings, as well as your house.

The orange light emitted by the product succeeds in delivering a serene and peaceful ambiance which further diversifies the use of the lamp as both for decorative lighting as well as nighttime lighting.

The fact that this product is equipped with a one-year money back guarantee and includes an extra replacement bulb makes it a source of convenience for customers. Such comfort is further enhanced by the inclusion of a dimmer switch which allows customers to change the brightness of their lamp as per their desire.


All in all, any of these Top 14 Best Himalayan salt lamps will succeed in delivering superior performance and will act as a beautiful addition to your home.

If you wish to be relaxed after a tiring day of work, make sure you get your hands on one of these Himalayan salt lamps. Not only will you feel soothed, but your health will also be improved for the better.

Get a salt lamp. Experience the serenity of nature within your homes.

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