San Mateo, California – On October 2, 2017, Sony announced a new PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) headset with model number: CUH-ZVR2. Made public in their PlayStation FAQ Blog, it was made clear that no announcement of the release date of the newest VR headset has been set. However, the pricing will still be the same as the other PS VR bundles.

According to the FAQs section of the PlayStation VR blog, the new PS4 VR headset is compatible with all games of PlayStation VR. Although all PS VR units can be used for any PS VR games, it is not possible to switch the Processor Units of CUH-ZVR1 with that of the new PlayStation VR, CUH-ZVR2, because the two PU’s are different.

In addition to that, the differences of the two can be seen in the new PlayStation VR’s design. The new model has stereo headphone cables that enables you to “virtually merge” with the console and have a more realistic feel while playing. This Virtual Reality headset also has a much slimmer connection cable.

Sony Introduces the Arrival of a New PlayStation VR: CUH-ZVR2

Along with this, it also includes an updated Processor Unit that enables HDR-compatibility with PS4 content. This lets you connect to the TV and switch in between consoles without the need to disconnect the Processor Unit between the PS4 system and the TV. This feature, however, only works when the VR headset is turned off.

Furthermore, another way to distinguish the difference between CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2, is the packaging. Initially, before you buy a model, check the model number on the box. The original PS VR has CUH-ZVR1 in it, while the new PS4 VR headset has CUH-ZVR2 labeled on it. Second, the packaging also comes with an image of the product. The new version of the VR headset has noticeable changes such as the integrated headphones of the new PlayStation VR headset.


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