BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY – Epic Games recently encountered a bug that made PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One users cross-play in Fortnite. The game developer was immediately called out for the dilemma and they addressed it as part of some configuration issues.

Both PS4 and Xbox One players were shocked that they can cross-play on Fortnite even using different console platforms. Fornite, a survival video game that allows players to go against each other has been available for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Sony, developer of PS4, and considers to be the biggest console provider in the market, prohibits cross-playing with other consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Epic Accidentally Permits PS4 and Xbox One to Cross-Play in Fortnite

Cross-play is not really new in the gaming field. Rocket League and Minecraft promote cross-play to different platforms like PC, Nintendo Systems, Xbox One, and even on mobile devices.

Originally, PC and PS4 users and players of Fortnite do not have any issue about cross-play. Yet, for Sony, there is nothing more they will allow for such play. The breakout of this issue between PS4 and Xbox One was huge and Epic Games was quick to address the issue.

A lot of players were also surprised that they could cross-play against PS4 to Xbox One and vice versa. Gamers took to social media and other social networking platforms their disbelief by posting screenshots of the game as proof.

An Epic Games representative took to e-mail their response regarding the issue. According to them, their system had a configuration issue that led to PS4 and Xbox One cross-play. Users and the Sony company do not have anything to worry anymore because the issue has been corrected on their end.

Sony, on the other hand, expressed that they still do not have an ongoing conversation with other console companies with regards to expanding their cross-play services to other consoles.

Though this is a little bit of a sad news for PS4 users who want to battle against Xbox One users, they are still hopeful that such expansion will happen soon.


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