SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Telstra, in partnership with Master Builders, is developing the newest enterprise technology platform. This said platform aims to provide small business and traders with a neat tech interface that will organize their process and transactions.

The enterprise tech platform will be able to handle manageable tasks such as handling job orders, customer service, safety checks, and billing control for small businesses. The platform is ideal for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), plumbing, and electrician sole traders in the construction industry.

Michelle Benscheneider, Executive Director for Telstra’s Global Products, reiterated that the newest enterprise tech platform made in partnership with Master Builders is part of the company’s shift to being a technology company. Telstra is currently known as one of the biggest telecommunication companies recognized globally. Thus, shifting to a bigger role in the field of technology will help Telstra reach more potential clients.

Telstra to Introduce New Tech Platform to Help Traders

Moreover, the efficient tech platform will help a lot of SMEs to digitize their transactions and gain leverage in the market. The move to prioritize such an innovative tool is the company’s promise to build connectivity and help SMEs to be more competitive.

Grant Galvin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Master Builders, said that they joined the project six months ago. Initially, they also tried to build the same platform for their members two years ago, but it turned out unsuccessful.

According to Galvin, the platform will initially focus more on plumbers and electricians. This can support their schedules, calendars, and assets and streamline their customer service. The tool can also assist them in quoting and making invoices for clients.

The new enterprise platform is set to launch by the end of 2017. The tech platform will initially be released to Master Builders’ 50 members and eventually to 32,000 members across the country by the end of the company’s fiscal year.

Master Builders has expressed its admiration for Telstra for researching how the platform can best be offered to SMEs that will benefit from it.


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