San Mateo, California – In an updated report, Sony has confirmed an update on 5.0 system software for PlayStation 4. Some beta testers have been receiving the firmware since last week for glitch and lag checking.

The PlayStation 4 added Twitch streaming, in which players can broadcast their videos at 1080p 60fps. A community button was added for the player to share his virtual reality to the gaming community. The player can also choose for the community to be interactive with its comments feature.

Sony has also enhanced the family management feature, the “Family on PSN,” for parents to better customize the controls and account settings for their children. There is now an option to restrict kids to have an access online. PS4 also allows age rating for every user.

Sony Reveals System Software 5.0 Details for PlayStation 4

Moreover, a player can share PlayStation Music – and even a single from Spotify – with the use of its internal messaging. The players who will receive a song from their inbox can play it directly to where it is located.

For movie or television playing, the users now have the option to disable pop-ups. The notification tab is now located in the “Quick Menu” option that can be accessed while playing. If the player is downloading something, for example, he could check its progress while he completes his game quests. The exact same menu also has the “Leave Party” option.

The new PlayStation 4 software system 5.0 update also added new languages, such as Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, and Greek, that will be used for the first time in the history of Sony PlayStation.

Sony is yet to announce the exact date for the official launch of the updated system, as the tech company targets to promote it along with the updated PlayStation app. The app aims to improve the game’s performance and design.


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