MANHATTAN, N.Y. – Not long ago, the leading social media service, Facebook, launched the latest version messenger app – the Facebook Messenger Lite. It is like the original Facebook Messenger, but it only requires small storage space.

This time, Facebook is currently working on a new chat service dedicated to Workplace users. The company’s latest project was discovered by TechCrunch. According to the tech news website, the company is focusing on creating a suite product that can compete against other chat services, such as Slack.

The chat application enables Workplace users to access Work Chat with their desktop and share files and screens with another user. It is similar to the Workplace website, giving quick access to search, conversations, and more.

For instance, when sharing your screen with another user, users have two options. They can choose to share either the whole screen or some specific applications such as PowerPoint and Excel. Its purpose is to secure personal conversations and information.

Many Messenger users have waited for Facebook to launch an app that works for Mac laptops, and it seems to be going in that direction. The mentioned tech news site also confirmed that Workplace users are testing the latest chat service. This implies that a more extensive rollout could be on the horizon.

According to the spokesperson of Facebook, Vanessa Chan, the Workplace chat app is one of the most requested features by their customers. Thus, the company decided to grant their wishes.

Facebook has focused on developing mobile applications, but most of these apps need third-party solutions for Mac users. With the development of this chat application, they can use the said service on their desktop.

However, whether or not Facebook extends their desktop client, it would help turn their chat service app into a more feasible substitute to Apple’s messenger platform.


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