The Fastest SSD and Best Solid State Drive (SSD) Brands of 2016

 The Top 3 – Fastest SSD
With the slew of multitasking we do at present, we need our gadgets to be able to keep up with us. It is common for people to have games running on the background, playing music from their laptop, chatting on Facebook or googling, and writing a document all at the same time. To do all these things efficiently, our hard disk drives should be fast enough. Built-in computer hard-drives have limited capacities though. 
Thus, installing the fastest SSD or even a mid-speed one can give an enormous performance boost to any computer.
Here, you can find three top recommendations for the fastest SSD and the lowdown on each brand.
Samsung SSD 850 Pro (Check Best Price)
Samsung SSD 850 Pro is consistently rated as the best, and truly one of the fastest SSD for gaming out there. The capacity can range from a minimum of 128 GB, to a maximum of 2 TB. This wide range of capacity is versatile – from personal home use to professional purposes. Most home users can make do with a 128 GB or 256 GB.
Samsung SSD 850 Pro actually gives the best value for money being the cheapest and also the best-performing fastest SSD. It reads data at a topnotch speed of 550 Mbps and writes data at 520 Mbps. Aside from its relatively cheaper price, Samsung is hassle-free in terms of use. It does not require any external NAND modules to be installed, since it is the first among its competition to have its own 3D V-NAND module. It runs on a SATA 3 interface.
SanDisk Extreme Pro (Check Best Price)
In terms of performance, SanDisk Extreme Pro is neck and neck with Samsung SSD 850 Pro as one of the fastest SSD. It also boasts of the same 550 Mbps read capacity and 520 Mbps write capacity. SanDisk though only offers storage from 248 GB to its maximum 960 GB. It also runs on SATA 3, but with additional features such as TRIM and SMART support that automatically frees up unallocated disk space making data storage efficient. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well.  
OCZ Vector 150 (Toshiba) (Check Best Price)
Third among this list of the fastest SSDis the OCZ Vector 150. It actually has some of the best specifications among the fastest models out there, but perhaps due to Samsung and SanDisk being more popular, this choice is overlooked. It has a 550 Mbps read capacity and the fastest write capacity at 530 Mbps. It has a minimum of 120 GB storage and max of 480 GB.
Whichever of these featured fastest SSD you choose, you will surely see a great performance enhancement for your computer. Loading and launching times are cut much significantly enabling you to do more in the shortest times possible.


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