Which Is The Best SSD for Gaming?

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are taking over almost every device; most of the tablets being released come with some kind of flash memory instead of the usual 500GB harddisk drive (HDD). SSDs have penetrated the business sector quite well, with their promise of faster read/write speeds and better reliability. If you’ve noticed, however, not a lot of gamers have made the switch to SSDs yet. Most of the time, the computers that come with SSDs are the ones that are underpowered and are more focused on portability than performance.

Here are a few reasons why it may be time to switch to SSD for gamers:

Faster loading times – All games have loading times, some more noticeable than the others. Games need time to get the graphics, AI, physics engine, and other things up and running before you even start a new game. Hard disk drives have significantly slower read/write times. In fact, a lot of gamers who’ve made the switch from HDDs to SSDs have noticed a huge jump in performance because of this alone.
Less energy consumption – It takes quite a lot of energy to spin platters at a rather high speed (5400rpm, 7200rpm, or even 10000rpm!). Since SSDs don’t have spinning platters, however, they use less energy and in turn, produce less heat. For gamers who overclock their systems, less heat production is always a welcome change.
Consistent Performance – A lot of games perform plenty of read/write operations, which cause hard disk drives to become fragmented and sluggish. This can lead to games slowing down right in the middle of the action! SSDs face no such problem and will continue to speed through every command it gets.
It may be overwhelming to pick an SSD if you were used to buying HDDs, which is why the next section shall help you find the best SSD for gaming.
Samsung 850 EVO (Check Best Price)
Best SSD for Gaming
It’s no surprise that the Samsung 850 EVO made it again as the best SSD for gaming. In terms of value for money, performance and reliability, the 850 EVO provides a perfect balance and even adds a bit more. It uses a proprietary 3D flash memory technology that manages to arrange flash cells in such a way that no shrinking of the cell sizes had to be done (since doing so would affect performance and reliability). This aspect alone is enough to consider this product the best SSD for gaming.
Apart from this, the 850 EVO is fast, tiny and energy-efficient, too. That being said, the 850 EVO is something you’ll definitely want to invest in if you’re serious about performance and quality. Samsung 850 EVO also would be one of the best ssd for macbook users.
SanDisk Extreme PRO (Check Best Price)
Best SSD for GamingSanDisk Extreme Pro has also been considered the best SSD for gaming because of its high read/write rates. In terms of performance, the SanDisk Extreme PRO is hard to beat. One of the things that keep this product from singlehandedly taking home the title of the best SSD for gaming is its price. If, however, you don’t mind spending extra for better performance, then you’re going to love the SanDisk Extreme Pro.
There’s no single best SSD for gamingbecause people have different criteria. Some people prefer affordability over performance while some the other way around. In this list, however, we did not consider the lower-end SSDs simply because gaming computers should make as little compromise as possible. The best SSD for gaming will inevitably not be a cheap one, because it doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive CPUs, GPUs, and RAMs but cheap out on the hard drive. In the end, it’ll depend on the gamer, his money and his patience.



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