SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Nest, a subsidiary of Alphabet known for its high-tech home devices, officially introduced a security home device called Hello.

Launched at a company event in San Francisco, Hello is a smart device that acts as both a doorbell and a security camera. The innovative device uses facial recognition technology that allows homeowners to recognize those who will ring the doorbell.

The video doorbell has a 160-degree viewing field. It boasts of a 4:3 ratio on HD video with a speaker, a mic button, a status LED, and a light ring. You can even have the high-tech doorbell connected to your smartphone via a Bluetooth device. You can also capture a person’s whole body, thanks to the camera’s wide-angle view.

The device is the result of several Nest products incorporated in one. It uses the same technology from that of the Nest Cam IQ, which has facial recognition and person detection capabilities. This means that it can recognize your family and friends, or notify you if a stranger is right at your doorstep.

Say Hello to ‘Hello,’ the First Doorbell with Facial Recognition

This state-of-the-art doorbell does not only alarm you when someone is outside. It also has built-in Quick Responses that can help you record your voice and say what you want to the person outside without having to open the door.

Another feature of the feature-packed doorbell is Nap Time, which can notify homeowners through their smartphones while their kids are asleep. Another mode is the Sightline, where you can see who passed by while you were out, or are busy cooking. It also has a light that shines on your doorsteps when you come home from work to make it easier to unlock your door.

Nest has also released different products in the past weeks aside from the virtual doorbell. One of them is Detect, a motion detector that can help you know if there is someone inside a room. They also released Secure, a complete security system for your home that has cameras, motion sensors, and a password device.

Hello will be out in 2018, but Nest is yet to announce its selling price.


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