Microsoft Update: Battlegrounds, PS4 Pro Boost, Xbox One X

Microsoft Update: Battlegrounds, PS4 Pro Boost, Xbox One X

LONDON, U.K. – Microsoft seems to be unstoppable this 2017. Prior to other updates that the tech giant revealed earlier this year and in the last quarter, the company is looking at its Battlegrounds on Xbox One release before the end of the year. Microsoft also expresses its updated PUBG on Xbox One to compete against the PS4 Pro Boost and the most anticipated Xbox One X release.

The Battlegrounds on Xbox One has no definite date for its release yet, but Microsoft expressed that they are looking forward to its launch later this year. The PUBG on the said console can be seen to have few delays but the tech giant smized that they are still on schedule.

Microsoft is also eyeing its Battlegrounds’ game exclusivity on both Xbox One and their newest game console – the Xbox One X. The said newest Xbox One console will be launched to the market in November this year.

Microsoft Update: Battlegrounds, PS4 Pro Boost, Xbox One X

Bluhole Inc., a South Korean-based company, led by its founder Chang Byung-gu, revealed that the company is in collaboration and partnership with Microsoft for the game improvements and exclusivity extension.

Microsoft then agreed to have Battlegrounds produced by Bluhole Inc. Other relative arrangements, upgrades, and innovation are still under negotiation between the two technology companies.

More so, such updates and other improvement releases will all be done and happen on 2018. Particularly, games like Battlegrounds are offered exclusively for its first three months but then extended to other consoles after which.

Safe to say that Battlegrounds will be exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox One X until the middle of the year 2018 or could be longer depending on the negotiations between BluholeInc., and Microsoft.

The long wait will soon be over for Xbox One X fans. The newest Microsoft game console will be available to the public this November 7, 2017, for the UK price of £449.99 or $499 in the United States.


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