SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Google Chrome is experimenting on an additional feature on the page information that would be helpful to your browsing needs – the mute button.

Francois Beaufort, the leader of Chromium, posted the update on his Google+ account with a snapshot of what they are currently developing for Google Chrome. The experiment is nesting in Chrome Canary, but many positive feedback and suggestions have been received from active online users.

Google Chrome Develops Mute Button for Websites

Beaufort responded to some of the commenters and assured them that the feature will be bug-free and user-friendly. Some expressed their relief because this means that they won’t need to use extensions anymore just to mute automatic videos.

This feature, when permanently added to the popular web browser, will help the user to avoid listening to auto-play videos shown in some websites. You can open multiple tabs at the same time without the hassle of exiting each browser because of the sound.

Google Chrome Develops Mute Button for Websites

When finalized, the button will be available when you click the “Secure” part beside the web address field. It would then show a list of options to where you would need to click the “Sound” selection that would lead you to muting or unmuting the website.

A month ago, Google announced the integration of Brotli compression format. The update was shared by the company’s web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik, adding that it might be available the soonest possible time. The algorithm helps in compressing that would allow better use of space memory and quicker browsing because of faster loading of web pages. This will bring a higher compression capability compared to Zopfli, with around 20 % to 26 %.

It could be possible that both features will be available for Google Chrome before the end of the year, but the multinational company might have a lot of cards to play aside from these two.


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