SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Facebook recently launched its newest Facebook application update that features new innovative and useful services for the Facebook group. These updates are subject to help Facebook page managers to improve the management of their respective Facebook pages.

A user’s feedback in the social networking site’s support group inspired the said Facebook update. The update includes changes in support for Facebook badges, welcome posts and banners, member profiles, and additional admin controls.

Facebook started on this update last June 2017 with a meeting with several Facebook managers and admins to get their insights about the function of the application on their own Facebook pages. The said event was the Facebook Communities Summit that was held in Chicago.

The Facebook Communities Summit allowed Facebook staff to hear on a first-hand basis the insights of different Facebook managers. They also get to know their exact feeling and ideas about what can be improved when it comes to managing their Facebook pages.

Facebook Launches Its Newest Tools For Group Admins

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As part of the update, the new welcome posts on Facebook features an easier way in writing welcome posts that tags newly added members to speed up the process of posting.

Moreover, new badges are also adapted on the update, so members can see and automatically know who the Facebook page admins are. This update can help the members to know their moderators especially the ones who recently joined the group or Facebook page.

Aside from these, Facebook also introduced various functions for the Facebook admin to see insights and know the activity of their members. This can help them address their member’s concern easily and remarkably without any hassle.

The new updates of Facebook for admins are to commence today. Everyone can now try the changes once their Facebook application has been fully updated. Facebook admins can start to notice several changes that can now be put to good use.


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