You need to choose the best high-quality anti-static bag in order to protect your sensitive electronic devices from electrostatic discharge. Since most anti-static bags look the same and picking out specific ones can be confusing, we have listed down the best anti static bags to help you decide which are suitable for your use. Although reasonable, make sure to check the materials that they are made from so that you can make sure they are suitable for your electronic devices. You should also opt for ones with a zip-lock so that they can be easily opened and closed.

1. Bluecell by Generic Anti Static Bags

Bluecell Pack of 20 (24x21)cm Antistatic Resealable Bag for HDD

These bags come in a pack of 20. Each of them has the dimensions of 24 x 21 cm. These anti static bags are resealable and can be used as electronic bags to contain your gadgets or various electronic parts. They come with a blue LCD screen cleaner and stylus for your phone.


2. ESD 10 x 14 Anti Static Bags

ESD Anti-static Bags for Motherboard, Video Card, Electronics

These ESD anti static bags come in a pack of 3. They are reusable and are ideal for technicians. You can use them for storing your motherboard, hard drive, and video card electronics. These anti-static bags are great if you want to protect your delicate devices from scratches or the dusty environment.


3. Generic ESD 2 x 4 Anti-Static Bag

Generic ESD Anti Static

A remarkable deal, these anti-static bags come in a pack of 100 at a reasonable price. These shielding bags have a flat open top. They are silver-gray in color and are semi-transparent. Their 4-layer structure provides an induction hood effect to effectively protect the inner items from mass electrostatic fields.


4. Generic Bubble Anti Static Bag

Generic Bubble Anti Static Bag

These anti static bags come in a pack of 50. They open on the short side and are non-self-seal. They are made of virgin polyethylene. Since they have a relatively high shock resistance and are lightweight, they are ideal for storing delicate gadgets. They also have incredibly smooth inner and outer surfaces.


5. UNNI 10

UNNI 10" x 14" Bag

The UNNI anti static bags come in a pack of 10. They include a zip lock which makes it easier to safely and quickly store sensitive items. The extra metal “Faraday cage” layer protects products from electric static energy buildup. They are reusable and have a 3 mil transparent metallic film.


6. Jackyled 10 x 15 cm Anti Static Bag

Jackyled 10 x 15 cm Anti Static Bag

These reasonable, high-quality Jackyled anti static bags come in a pack of 50. They are made of polyethylene terephthalate. The bags provide protective layers including a silvery metallized film. Since they are resealable because of the zip lock, you can safely use them for long-term storage, away from electrostatic damage.


7. Battleborn 12

Battleborn 12" x 16" Bags

The Battleborn anti static bags come in a pack of 10. The replaceable and reusable bags can be used to store graphic cards, laptop screens, hard disks (HDD) and mother boards. They are perfect for refurbishing and protecting sensitive devices from electrostatic waves to last for a long time.



Here, you have a variety of best anti-static bags that you can choose from. Make sure to check the width of the items you wish to store in the bags so that they fit. The best offer is the Generic ESD 2″ x 4″ as it offers 100 bags at a reasonable price as compared to the other offers of 10, 30, and 50 bags per pack. This pack has a zip lock and is reusable, and its extra layers provide a protective layering that would ensure the safety of whatever product you put in it. These bags are also made of aluminized PET/ CPP, providing maximum protection for your items.



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