Playable in your browser, or available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, War of Clans is a fresh new approach to the strategic base building/MMO warfare genre of games that have positively exploded onto mobile devices everywhere.

Our Viking War of Clans review has all you need to know for all things fun. The thematic world of Vikings has been artistically realized through a great visual style, packed with excellent 3D visuals for a gorgeous presentation. Pair this with a fully immersive soundtrack and you’re immediately transported into the world that feels alive as you build your own empire upon it.

Just look closely at the finer details of people walking around and doing their everyday business – working in mines, forges and just bustling around town. It all builds to one of the more convincing worlds I’ve ever seen in this genre of games.

war of clans

Presentation is only one alluring aspect of this game. Your experience of Viking War of Clans kicks off with a thorough tutorial of all the enticing gameplay elements you are letting yourself in for. It turns out this addictive kingdom-building game has an incredible amount of depth, equivalent to that risky deep end of the pool you avoided during childhood.

You inherit the role of Jaul, the leader of your own soon-to-be Kingdom, and you begin building your town, searching the area for resources and building your own formidable army. At a glance, it’s easy to be fooled by its simplicity, but look deeper and you’ll see a progression system that requires a great amount of attention and care, as you have to strategically plan the growth of your empire. But then your perspective of the world is blown out of proportion, as you’re introduced to the Global Map view and see just how vast and fully populated the world is with engaging players. Each town has its own set of coordinates, which you can use (or other players can use) to find everyone else and take over the world through means of either diplomacy or war.

While you will spend most of your time in town view, training troops, gather knowledge, defend from oncoming attackers and a wealth of other quest-based tasks, Global Map is where you’re welcomed to the multiple progression paths through your time in this world.

Combat is automated and hands-off, perfect for gaming on the go. Just pick a town, assign the number of troops to overwhelm their stats and get to it. It can be overwhelming doing so on your own, so be prepared to join clans as you get further into developing your Kingdom!

History of Viking War of Clans

Viking War of Clans is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Plarium. It is free to play online. However, certain features are available for purchase. It first launched on Google Play and the iOS App Store in 2015. There is also a desktop version of the game available on Facebook that you can play. So how does the gameplay work?

In Viking War of Clans, players have to cooperate with each other to create their own clan. Each clan has the ruling hierarchy from a ranker to the chief, and each player has their correspondent authority extent.

The main game goal is to capture the place of power – a unique location placed at the center of every kingdom. Players create and develop their own clans, train troops and upgrade their heroes and their towns. Each in-game upgrade requires special resources – lumber, iron, food, stone, silver or the in-game currency “gold”. Resources can be obtained via upgrading resource buildings in the town, undertaking marches to resource locations on the global map and attacking towns of other players.

The new competition has been implemented into the game, which allows you to fight and become the king of the entire land. Players have to travel to the kingdom Jotunheim to compete in the legendary competition.

Players can team up into groups which can contain up to 100-125 persons (depending on the strength of the clan and their stronghold) united by a single clan name, shield, regulations, and management structure. Players create clans to achieve collective goals such as capturing the Place of Power, taking part in clan competitions and helping clan members to develop.

Players in the game are geographically separated into different game locations – the kingdoms. On average, in each kingdom, there can be around 45,000 players. By the end of 2018, there were more than 750 kingdoms.

In creating the game, the development team used information from articles and books about the Scandinavian Peninsula‘s history, and from television shows and movies depicting war marches and the day-to-day life of the Vikings, as well as other sources containing info on early medieval Scandinavia.

On May 23, 2016, French politician Frédéric Lefebvre, appearing on Le Talk show on Le Figaro television channel, comparing the situation faced by French people to the challenges in Viking War of Clans: “Look, it is a system locked in itself. The situation in France reminds me of games popular among youth, World of Warcraft and Viking War of Clans, where you have to develop your town for hours to start a war eventually. However, all this time you only notice what’s going on around you and you cannot see any further”.[13]

Paul Glader, associate professor of journalism at Berlin School of Creative Leadership, wrote about his experience of a Summer spent ruling a clan in Viking War of Clans, summarising “I enjoyed my Summer as a Viking chief. I learned that many of the principles of good leadership in real life apply in these virtual realms. Good leadership in either realm takes time, thought and engagement. It also takes a team. And, sometimes, when you find yourself less engaged as a leader, it’s time to make a succession plan or a new leadership plan. Because that’s when your Viking clan might face its greatest test.”[14]

When you are just starting out in Viking War of Clans, the game can seem a little daunting with so much to build and learn. This guide covers a few important tips that should help you get started.

Novice’s Relocation

All new players are granted a free “Novice’s Relocation”, which will only be available to you until your Palace reaches level 6. This item lets you relocate to another Kingdom. Kingdom’s are effectively different servers that you can play on.

Once you reach Palace level 6 you are permanently bound to your current Kingdom, meaning you will never be able to move again. It is therefore very important that you make sure you are in the kingdom where your friends are before you go past Palace level 5.

If you are just starting out and have no real preference, you should choose a relatively new kingdom, so that other players in the Viking War of Clans are at a similar level to you.

Change Your Player and Town Name

If you click on the influence button at the top of your screen you will be taken to your profile page, which allows you to change your player name and town name.

All new players start off with one free player rename item and one free town rename item. You should change your name as soon as possible, otherwise, you will be known as player_123456, which screams newbie to all other players!

It also helps your clan members get to know you by using a unique name. In a clan full of players that haven’t renamed from the default naming system, it becomes very difficult to identify each other.

Join a Clan

You should join a clan as soon as possible. To start with just join any random clan, as you immediately receive clan tasks which reward you with Hero experience and resources. In addition, clan members can help speed up building and learning timers.

Clan chat is also a great place to ask questions, to help you learn the game. Clans also offer protection against attacking Jarls and makes your town less likely to be attacked, as players will be wary of counter-attacks from your clan.

Once you get more established you can then look to move clans if you wish.

Link to Facebook

It’s worthwhile linking your game to your Facebook account early on, as it rewards you with 1,000 free gold immediately. If you don’t want to use your main Facebook account, just set up a dummy account for the game.

What to Build

You may find it a little daunting when you first start playing, with all the different buildings and upgrades. A good place to start is by buildings some farms on the right-hand side of your town. You will notice you have 25 tiles on the right of the river.

You can build four types of resource generating buildings on these tiles and it’s a good idea to fill all of these as quickly as possible. This allows you to start generating lumber, food, stone, and iron passively. You may want to start with a fairly balanced setup, to begin with.  Out of the four resource buildings farm are probably the most important whilst leveling, as they produce food for your troops.


In the early levels of Viking War of Clans, you generally can’t go wrong upgrading your buildings in any order, provided you try and keep most of them in line with your Palace. Your Palace determines the overall level of your town and is the cap at which all other buildings can be raised to. You want to start being careful when you hit Palace 5, as mentioned previously once you go above level 5, you lose your Novice’s Relocation.

It’s important to try and be building something at all times, which will help you to progress quicker. When you know you are going to be offline for a longer period of time, try to start some lengthy build timers.

The Oracle and Knowledge

The large purple building next to your Palace is called the Oracle. This is an important building as it gives you access to knowledge. Knowledge can be learned over time at the cost of resources. If you tap the Knowledge tab in the Oracle, you will see there are 5 different knowledge trees you can learn. These include:

  • Economic – increasing your construction speed and resource production rate.
  • Military – provides boosts to warriors and allows you to unlock new troops.
  • Espionage – improves your scouting abilities, to gather intel on other players.
  • Training – allows you to reduce the cost to train troops.
  • Invaders – allows your Hero to attack higher level invaders and improves your Hero’s attack stats against invaders.

Out of the five trees, it is best to start learning Economics and Military first. Just like building timers, you should try to keep your learning going 24/7, by setting longer knowledge timers when you log off for extended periods.


You will have probably noticed your Hero leveling up a few times as you upgrade your buildings and complete tasks. If you tap your Hero’s picture you will see there are two different skill trees. The first allows you to increases your town’s productions stats and troop stats. The right-hand side of this tree provides economic boosts and the left-hand side is for combat.

To start with you should head down the right-hand side, as this will increase your resource production, construction speed and learning speed. This is important to help you grow. Out of all the skills you should try to max Building I & II and Learning I & II first, as these will significantly reduce your build and learning timers.

Don’t worry, once you get to higher levels you can easily respec your Hero tree and take the combat skills on the left-hand side. The invader’s tree is not so important in the early parts of the game, but try to max out single skills, rather than spreading your points out over multiple abilities as the rewards scale at higher levels. If you have followed the above tips you should be off to a good start in Viking War of Clans. Next you can start thinking about building an army, but for now, just keep upgrading your buildings and increasing your knowledge!

Viking War of Clans Review: Game Overview

Now that you know a little bit about the basics, it is time to dive in a bit deeper and learn about the strategies and nuances of the game. In the thematic world of Vikings, players build kingdoms, amass armies, and fight as heroes in epic wars against one another. One of the aspects we love the most about Viking War of Clans is the traditional gameplay. There is an in-depth story and character progression. The game also presents stunning 3D animations. Watch the townsfolk walk around and chat, work in the forge, and gather food on the farm. This lively character development is paired with a fun soundtrack that does a great job of letting the players in on the atmosphere of the game. One of the cons we have to mention is the high loading times (e.g. when multiple people are logging on the system at once). Overall, this browser strategy game provides top-notch and fun experiences for gamers seeking a traditional play.

Viking War of Clans Quick Description Points

  • Classical gameplay rules
  • Great graphics and a realistic and historically accurate atmosphere
  • Hours of kingdom building, strategic warfare, and interaction with clan
  • Deep character and strategy progression
  • Does not require payment to enjoy the full experiences (however, payment does give users advantages)

Prelude To War

Viking War of Clans is the latest browser-based war strategy game by Plarium, set in the ruthless world of Vikings. Like many of its predecessors, this game uses a tried and tested formula of fusing strategic city-building mechanics with MMO warfare.

When players first start their journey, they are introduced to the world via a comprehensive tutorial that does a good job of explaining how things work. Essentially, players inherit the role of a Jarl, and your job is to build up your town, raise armies for war and plunder while managing the various resources in the game.

At a glance, it’s easy to see why the gameplay would be familiar, and the main objective is to simply become a powerful player with the largest army and influence solo or within a clan. However, beneath the surface, there are deeper progression systems in play that require players to strategically plan how their empires grow.

In Vikings, combat takes place in real time and you can watch your armies march across the map to their destination.

At a glance, there are basically two main views that will occupy most of your time: the first being your town view, and the second being the global map view.

Each town has its own set of coordinates that can be used to locate its placement on the global map for war or diplomacy.

The town view is where players will spend the majority of their time constructing a good amount of buildings – for resource production, troop training, knowledge gathering and town defense – which increase a player’s influence and stature in the world as a capable Jarl.

Buildings can be upgraded to higher levels with resources to further increase the effectiveness of training and resource productivity, but they are all dependent on the level of the palace, so be sure to make that your upgrade priority.

The global map is where the fun begins, as your view turns into a grid map showing all the towns and neutral resource spots that you can attack and raid for loot and rewards.

Progression & Combat

When it comes to progression, the scope and depth of the Vikings’ advancement systems are truly impressive.

While the usual experience and leveling system is present for your Jarl, your hero, and town, the game offers multiple branching progression paths in the form of tech-tree research and crafting, which make things very interesting.

While pursuing each of them will cost a lot of time and resources, it’s good to see that they aren’t just filler content but viable areas of focus that do improve your troops, town economy and much more.

Where the game slightly dips in excitement is with its combat mechanics.

Waging war on neighboring towns is as easy as clicking them on the global map, inserting a number of various different units you own and watching them march off to the location in real-time.

The result of the clash will be determined by several factors, including arm strength, town level, hero levels, and all levels.

As you see the journey of your troops on their way to their destination in animated 3D, it becomes somewhat of a let down to realize that you never actually get to see the combat unfold, getting instead of the result in your mailbox with some battle statistics and loot info (if you’ve won some).

Heroes play an important role in the success of your empire, and just like in RPG games, you can level them and equip them with the best equipment

Waging war on neighboring towns is as easy as clicking them on the global map, inserting a set number of various different units you own and watching them march off to the location in real-time

While a minor gripe, the simplicity of the combat system allows players more time to focus on areas that make waging war fun, such as establishing or joining clans, allowing players to share resources and send aid in the form of army reinforcements.

Heroes Matter

Perhaps the most interesting element in Vikings: War of Clans is the unique hero system that really feels like a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Each player will inherit their own customizable hero character that will gain experience and level up as they progress with their empire building and warmongering.

Heroes will gain skill points which can be spent in two different trees that serve different purposes, such as the effectiveness of your armies while attacking and defending, or the efficiency of your town when there isn’t a war going on.

On top of that, you can even obtain crafting materials from raiding enemy towns that can be used to create equipment that your hero can wear in his \ her equipment slots to boost said purposes above.

For a war strategy browser game, this RPG element is definitely a welcome addition in between everything else.

Undoubtedly, Viking War of Clans is right up there with the best looking browser games of the modern era.

Your town is alive, and you can see the townsfolk bustling around your buildings, working the forges, mines, and farms.

Players can even turn on special effects in the options to see environmental changes and magical effects that looks gorgeous.

On the global map, it’s nice to see the marching pathways and your armies moving in 3D towards a destination, giving life to the seemingly dull routine that other games in this genre usually opt for.

The developers of Vikings have put a lot of effort into making the game look and feel appealing for players, and it truly shows: we had never seen such an attention to details in a strategic browser game before.

It also benefits greatly from the Viking theme, with the art and music being authentic to the period.

When players are waiting in between building queue times and battles, the community comes alive and shines.

The world chat box is always lively and civil, with clan invitations and new-player advice popping up very often.

The developers are also doing their part in creating a thriving community, with around-the-clock in-game events that reward players for doing the many tasks and quests available.

It’s probably safe to say that Vikings: Age of War has so much to offer to strategy browser game lovers.

From the familiar empire building and MMO warfare mechanics to the great new additions of the interweaving knowledge trees and hero system, the game does a very good job at offering players meaningful busy work. This will greatly benefit active players in the long run, thus making it an extremely addictive browser game.

Under the graphical point of view, this title is definitely one of the best products ever released to date, and the pleasant, thematic soundtrack greatly contributes to a convincing atmosphere.

Even if “immersive” usually isn’t the most retarded aspect when playing a browser game like this, it’s seriously amusing to zoom into our town view and watch our little 3D citizens perform their daily routines. For the first time, while playing a strategy browser game, we felt part of the world in which we were playing, and that’s a huge plus.

It’s seriously amusing to zoom into our town view and watch our little 3D citizens perform their daily routines.

However, questions will be asked about the very well fleshed out cash shop, which sells all manner of advantages in the form speed boosts and even resources which does smell of pay to win. In our experience, players will never be forced into spending real money to play, so that is a good thing.

Besides that, it’s very hard to single out any other cons besides the fact that the game loads really slowly when first entering the game, which could be improved after release.

Shamans have set foot in the lands of the North. They possess mystical knowledge and unique abilities: only they can banish Ghosts and obtain rune fragments.

Summon the Shamans and start a new era of conquest. Your loyal servants will go into the darkness, into the abyss, to the ends of the earth, burnishing their ruler’s glory with new trophies.

The time has come. Arm your troops for marches and Onslaughts with those who have the power, whose names are saturated with it, in whom lie the beginning and eternity — the eternity of the North!

Clan Struggle

The North is a dour land where brave Jarls fight for their place under the cold and ruthless sun. One Viking is worth a hundred warriors, yet even such mighty heroes need allies. You can win the support of other Jarls by joining a Clan or creating one of your own, thus beginning the trial by fire where hundreds of Clans unite thousands of Jarls to fight for the right to call themselves the best and the worthiest warlords in the world. All crave this power and are blinded by this longing, but only the most enduring will reach the summit, winning great riches and eternal glory!


You, a stranger from distant lands, did not stoop to slaughter but mercifully saved the Town from destruction. Alas, its elders have perished at the hands of traitors. Now the Town needs the firm hand of a wise ruler in order to prosper once again and to withstand new invasions. Praise the gods, you agreed to be the Jarl. Now you will follow this path towards honor and glory. The townsfolk are hardened northerners, they do not fear hard work and are ready to follow your lead. Construct buildings, train warriors, send your Heroes on raids – be a mighty Jarl whose name is known to the entire world!


The path of a Jarl is thorny and arduous, even the most experienced and powerful rulers sometimes need advice. The Oracle harkened to your supplication and shared its sacred Knowledge to ease your burden. Study it diligently and you will be able to increase the might of your Town and your army in order to vanquish all foes. True power lies not only in vast armies but in sound decisions. Remember that Knowledge can be as sharp as any sword if wielded correctly.

Building an unassailable Town, creating an army, guarding your land against enemy invasion – all this requires Resources, and the more the better. You should work hard and construct Resource buildings to get all you need. Lumber is produced in the Lumber Mill, Stone in the Stone Quarry, Iron in the Mine, and Food comes from the Farm. Upgrade your facilities and Resources will pour in! However, a wise Jarl always has several sources of wealth, so be sure to send your troops to raid other lands. Don’t forget to win some allies and join a Clan. When you’re in need, a convoy from your friend may come in handy. Remember, the prosperity of your Town is a matter of your honor as Jarl

The following information will help you figure out what materials there are and where and how to get them, keep in mind that you can obtain materials in different ways. Some you can get from resource locations within the Vikings kingdoms, also from doing tasks you are given not only hero experience points and resources but also gifts of material, you also obtain them from fighting invaders, from resource coffins in the clan store or those you can buy with gold. Collecting these materials helps you build hero gear that enhances your power and capabilities.

When you are farming resources in the resource kingdom locations it helps to know that each has different speeds. There are 6 levels of resource locations. Level 1 has the least amount of resources and is the slowest, whereas, level 6 has more and fastest. Same is true with invader lairs. When you fight invaders upon the defeat of invaders then you are rewarded with invader lairs where you can farm them for resources and materials as gifts. New Uber invaders were introduced in 2017 where the lairs are much faster than level 6. Also upon winning the kingdom vs. kingdom revenge (economic kingdom war), you are rewarded with a level 7 resource locations for a limited time and they are faster than level 6 yet slower than uber lairs. Resource locations include the farmlands, lumberjack shed, hewers’ camp, iron deposits, and the silver altar.

Event bonuses and modifiers

Event bonuses are important through the game and especially in the end-game because they provide nice boosts to important stats such as building, researching or training speed. Most bonuses stay active for one day or two days except the specific invader modifiers which always start on Wednesday and last for 2 weeks. They all start and end at midnight GMT+0 time zone.

It is interesting to note that daily bonuses are applied following a weekly schedule that can be easily described in the following table and used to plan the launch of long tasks like building or knowledge. 10% faster-learning speed on a 1-month project can save you more than 3 days in the Oracle for example.

The event bonuses are applied after your city/hero bonuses. So if you have a 200% troop training bonus from hero and manors, the +10% faster troop training speed will be applied after the 200%. The math: normal training time/ (200%[bonus from hero/city]+100%[base])*90%[100%-10% from daily bonus] = (normal/3)*0.9. For troop training, the +10% duration of speed ups is the same as +10% faster troop training speed, if you are training troops with speedups.

Active, upcoming and ended events

You can have up to three active events at the same time, each of them for two days. Upcoming events and ended events are also indicated on the screen to help you prepare for it.

There are three types of events :

  • personal events (green)
  • clan events (blue)
  • global events (red)

Personal events

On personal events, each of your personal actions can award you event points that allows you to get specific awards three times. When you get access to the higher leagues, you have to win more points, but the rewards are much more interesting. Personal events can provide the Jarl with very important items such as gold, up to 15-hour boosters, 20% bonus to building time and 20% bonus to learning speed which are the most sought after items you can only get through event awards (because they are multiplicative modifiers and not cumulated with your actual bonus from skills/items).

Events are run at the same time on the whole game this means there is a ranking which is realm-independent. You can get gold when you achieve a rank 1-100, better gold the higher ranking. Highest leagues provide the highest amount of gold, more than 5000 gold for the first rank.

Clan events

On clan events, each of the players of the clan gets event points for the event, which is shared amongst clan players. When you get access to the higher leagues, you have to win more points, but the rewards are much more interesting. Clan events can provide the Jarl with very important items such as gold, town skins, up to 15-hour boosters, 20% bonus to building time and 20% bonus to learning speed which are the most sought after items you can only get through event awards (because they are multiplicative modifiers and not cumulated with your actual bonus from skills/items).

For most events, you need to at least participate with one action to get the reward. For example, during the invader event, you need to hit/kill at least one invader. For the Yielding event, you need to yield at least one resource. For the kill event, you need to kill at least one troop.

There is a similar game-wide ranking for clan events which gives the chance for each player of the clan to earn gold if the clan is ranked 10 or better in the league. These competitions are exciting as they are one of the only interactions of clans of various realms on the game.

Global events

There are three types of global events. the first one was added by the May update of the game: You will get 1 free great relocation and 1 return for every event

Kingdoms Battle

The Kingdoms Battle (abbreviated KVK) is a special event which happens every other week from Friday to Sunday (3 days total duration), each kingdom is matched to another enemy kingdom with a similar amount of total influence.

During the event, each Jarl in a clan can use special relocation items from the store (at the cost of 50 gold) to relocate to the enemy kingdom and attack enemy kingdom clan members, generate resources from tiles or hit/kill enemy kingdom invaders to generate points in the event.

The Kingdoms Battle has three phases, each lasting 24 hours. In the 24 hours, each kingdom must earn more points than the other to secure a victory for that phrase. Once a phase is over, the winner of the phase cannot be changed.

Points generated by Jarls are computed in the clan first to give clan rewards to the Jarls who participated in the event. Rewards for the Kingdom’s Battle are really interesting and much higher than any other rewards from other events. It is possible to get 2500 VIP points, a Dragon’s Citadel skin for your town, two 20% boosters for training, knowledge, and building, and many 3-hour and 60-minutes boosters.

Kingdom clan points are then added and computed to match enemy kingdom’s clans’ points. The battle event is won by the kingdom who wins at least two of the three phases in the battle. The winner kingdom gets special “Gold of the Gods” tiles that generate 1 gold per minute for 5 days.

Kingdoms Battle: Revenge

Kingdoms Battle: Revenge (abbreviated KVKR or KVK: R) event that was added in the September 2016 update. During this three day event, you are offered a chance to relocate to the previous enemy kingdom and attack this kingdom’s towns. However, points are collected this time by peaceful actions such as healing, resurrecting, training troops or yielding resources in your own kingdom. The same mechanism is used in the KVKR as the KVK for the phases, and the KVKR is won the same way as the KVK. Clan rewards include a 7-day booster as well as many other nice things while victory grants the same 10% bonus as those obtained in the Kingdoms battle and extra level 7 resource tiles that spawn right after the end of the event.

Clan Battle

The Clans Battle (abbreviated CVC) an event that happens every week for 2 days, Tuesday to Wednesday. (2 days total duration). Each clan is matched against a clan with around equal influence.

During the event, each Jarl in a clan can use special relocation items from the store (at the cost of 50 gold) or the freedom you get from the event to relocate to the enemy kingdom. You get point from doing things in your kingdom or enemy clan kingdom. Yielding and killing invaders gives extra points if done in enemy kingdom. Upgrading and transform RRS in stronghold also gives points here.

If you win your Clan battle you also get a 1-week boost 10% to Stronghold build, knowledge and transformations. The chief of your clan will also receive all resources, but the amount depends on what league your clan is in.

10 Viking War of Clans tips new players should know

1. How to Teleport to Another Kingdom

A lot of new player’s don’t realize that when you start a new game you are automatically dumped in a random kingdom. Usually, by the time you understand this, you have already upgraded your Palace past level 5, at which point you are permanently bound to your current kingdom.

This means if your friends have started in a different kingdom, you will never be able to play with them again! This differs from similar games such as Lords Mobile, where you can move kingdoms at any time.  The reason for this game mechanic is to stop high influence players from porting to a brand new kingdom, shortly after it opens and dominating the place of power.

You can only teleport to another kingdom before you reach Palace level 6. To do this you click on the world map, choose a kingdom and then find an empty tile. If you click on this tile you will receive the option to teleport there, which requires a Novice’s Relocation (granted to all new players). You can only do this once, so make sure it is the correct kingdom.

2. What is the Place of Power?

The Place of Power is located right at the center of a kingdom. You can get to yours by going to the world map and then reentering your kingdom. The chief of the clan that holds the Place of Power becomes the Konung (ruler of the kingdom).

The Konung receives a daily bonus each day he holds the Place of Power, which grants 10% of the silver from every Clan chief in the kingdom and 20,000 prowess points. He can also give out 16 reputes to any Jarl in the kingdom. A repute is a buff that can be placed on any player and lasts for 7 days. Some can be positive, granting boosts to troop stats and resource production, others can be negative reducing stats.

To capture the Place of Power your clan must first attack it, defeating the current Kong’s troops. You must then hold the place of power for 6 hours. Once it has been captured it will be locked down and protected for 24 hours.

3. How to Increase Your Invader Level

You need to increase your Invader level in order to attack higher level invaders on the map. You do this by learning knowledge in your Oracle. Under the Invader knowledge tab, you will see there are six skills called “unlock invaders” ranging from level 1 to level 6.

You need to learn each of these skills in order to attack the next level invader.

4. What is the Hero’s Double?

In Viking War of Clans, the hero’s double is an item that creates a copy of your hero. The hero’s double has all of the same skills and equipment as your main hero. Any experience your hero’s double earns is added to your main hero. This is unlocked via the Shrine of Odin.

The advantage of having two heroes is it allows you to send out two separate marches, or onslaughts, against other players, with both benefiting from your hero’s bonuses.

5. What Happens When I Run Out of Food?

When your troop upkeep exceeds your food production, your town will fall into negative food production. This will mean your food supplies slowly reduce down to zero. However, your troops will not die or be negatively impacted in any way whilst you sit at zero food.

The only downside of having negative food production in Viking War of Clans is that it makes it harder to upgrade buildings, train troops and learn new knowledge.

6. What is an Onslaught?

In Viking War of Clans, an onslaught is similar to a normal attack, except your clan members can join you. You can set up an onslaught by clicking on another Jarl you wish to attack. The target must be in a clan or have a town level of 15+ to start your onslaught.

You can then set a timer between 8 minutes and 8 hours before your troops’ attack. This allows time for other clan members to donate warriors for your attack. The donated warriors will march to your town ready for the onslaught. All warriors in the onslaught will take on your hero’s stats and boosts.

7. What is a Fake or Ghost Onslaught?

A fake onslaught is a method of protecting your troops from attacks on your town. You simply set an 8-hour onslaught as explained above, but you actually have no intention of attacking your target.

You need to remember to log back in within 8 hours and then cancel your onslaught.

Whilst the onslaught timer is counting down all of your troops will be moved to the safety of your War Bloc and will be completely protected from attacks on your town!

This was removed in a game update and unfortunately no longer works!

8. How can I Trade Resource with my Clan?

You can trade resources with your clan using a Market. Simply click on your market and a list of clan members will appear. Here you can choose how much of each resource you want to send to any member of your clan. Note that the resources will be sent out using one of your march slots.

The tax rate is a deduction from the total resources sent and can be reduced by upgrading the level of your market.

9. What is a Jumper Account or Clan?

A jumper account is a player that attempts to progress as far through the game as they can, without going over town level 5. The goal is to jump to a new kingdom shortly after it opens, providing a large head start over the rest of the kingdom.

A jumper clan is a group of players with jumper accounts that form a clan. The goal is for the whole clan to jump to a new kingdom and take the Place of Power, thus becoming the ruling clan for the new kingdom.

10. How do I play the Game on Multiple Devices

First, you need to link your game to Facebook, or Game Center. You can then install Viking War of Clans on another device and select “Account” under the menu screen. Select “Restore Saved Game” and you will be able to restore a game via your facebook, or game center login.

How to Become a Better Viking War of Clans Player

1. Set yourself up to win from the start.

Everyone who starts playing this game is all over the place at the start. They just build things randomly in their towns and get as many knowledge points as possible, some even spend money on troops just to see that influence grow.

Unfortunately for such players, the initial influence growth is just a bubble and it will soon burst making some of them to even quit the game blaming the fact that it is pay-to-win but disregarding their poor approach on the whole game.

Even if you have played the game for a while or you are just starting out it is always a very good idea to know exactly what you want from your town.

Check out our Town Setup Guide to get a grasp on how you can make your town work exactly how you want it to.

2. Find a clan

Vikings: War of Clans is heavily focused on cooperation between clan members and ultimately between whole clans when it comes to Global Competitions.

The name itself is highly suggestive in this direction, letting the player know from the start that this will be a battle against other groups of people.

A clan brings numerous benefits and it even unlocks certain game features that are not available to players that do not have a clan.

3. Get multiple equipment sets for your Hero

A lot of the game’s mechanics can be hastened if you have the right hero equipment for it.

You can build faster, learn faster, train faster, yield resources faster, plunder more, send more troops out on onslaughts. Pretty much anything you can think of in this game can be enhanced by hero equipment.

We have already touched on the most basic but so very important building and knowledge equipment sets in the Standard Hero Equipment Guide and there will be more to come in this particular area.

4. Do not waste gold on troops

There are many ways to misuse your hard-earned gold and using it to revive fallen warriors is one of them.

You could instead use that gold on leveling your shaman or hero or why not, buy boosts from the store or VIP points.

The best way to use gold is to spend it on energy for your hero to gain access to better equipment.

5. Knowledge is permanent

Your troops can die in a tile hit. You can redesign your town and destroy your own buildings but you cannot unlearn knowledge.

It is by far the most important aspect of this game and it unlocks a lot of goodies.

You should, therefore, give knowledge a lot of importance and focus on always having knowledge research in progress.

6. Everyone hyper farms

Some even do it without knowing by designing their towns in such a way that enables the hyper maxing to take place.

If you are not hyper farming already you should start right away. The benefits are amazing because you cannot simply rely on yielding alone to acquire resources.

7. Choose your troop type early on

Because of how the game is designed, you want to pick a troop type early and stick with it.

Focus your Army Knowledge on it, your Hero Equipment on it, your Gems and even the Hyper form Setup on it.

Naturally the more knowledge you get in one area, the more prolific you will be with those troops but you can always switch around when you reach the later stages of town development.

If you need help deciding, check out our Combat Guide.

8. Use Your Shield

Your shield is your safe haven. It should never go down unless you want it to.

The reason behind this is primarily because of your troops. If they all die you lose on yielding power, defensive power, and attack power.

Early on in the game and even in mid-game development stages, it takes a long time to train a decent amount of troops.

In order to avoid having to use gold on reviving them you want to protect them as much as possible.

Vikings: War of Clans is a popular game to expand your kingdom and lead your army to battles. Build an epic empire by looting and plundering from other players online. Do you have what it takes to be a wise and courageous Jarl? In this Vikings: War of Clans game guide video for PC you will learn of strategies how to maximize resources using “Capacity tactics” as implored by one of our avid gamers in our Community whose screen name is RevanTheLegend.

Now, we’ll delve into key mapping on BlueStacks. These are quick shortcuts you can press keys to simulate taps, swiping and even pinch to zoom. In this video demonstration, we set the “A” key to zoom out and “Q” key to zoom in. You have the freedom to set keys to your own desire. It’s as simple as opening the key mapping tools, clicking the slot to map and typing a key (you can name it for better organization however not required). Furthermore, when you zoom into the kingdom you can see interesting tidbits such as Vikings training, Blacksmiths working, sorcerers, etc. They look great on the larger screen of a PC versus a mobile device I might add.

Overall while playing Vikings you will want to manage several aspects and one is to focus on leveling up the certain building at specified times to enable you to progress. However, in this guide, we’ll focus on the raiding portion of kingdom resource building. As we visit the “Global” map we discover other player’s kingdoms nearby. Tip: if they have a blue shield around the building you cannot attack them as you have a peace treaty with them. You can, however, plunder those settlements without shields or free-standing monsters. Try not to go above your raid level when attacking monsters.

Specifically, we’ll examine capacity tactics to maximize the currency needed for expansion. When we raid and capture smaller outposts we want to pay attention to “Capacity”. Meaning, how many troops you send out also determines the capacity of what you can bring back. In the video strategy guide, we opted to send out all combatants in order to maximize what we return to our kingdom. Be careful here as you gauge the risk for the high reward, yet you leave your kingdom more vulnerable. After you “send” your troops there is a timer on how long it will take them to march into battle. Sending armies to closer raids yields shorter wait times, it also yields shorter time your defenses are off raiding which could make you vulnerable to your kingdom being attacked. It’s a balance of greed in raiding for currency while having fighters available in the case you are raided. So keep that in mind.

Once your troops make it to their raid there is a time of completion, then a timer as they march back gluttonous with resources. After your troops have returned you can visit the “Mail” tab under “Reports” to see the summary of looted resources.

How to Quickly Level Your Palace

Learn tricks to level your palace quickly in Vikings: War of Clans. This mobile game has over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store and almost the same number of downloads on Apple’s IOS App Store. It falls into the MMO strategy game genre. An MMO is a Massively Multiplayer Online game, which is generally a virtual world shared by many players from reality. Basically, lots of people can play the same game together, at the same time, from anywhere. In this case, the MMO is a strategy war game, where players are Viking warlords exploring and developing new lands.

Obtaining a level 10 palace is the same thing as getting a level 10 town. The player builds the town, and the palace is the building in the town which acts as a benchmark to tell you the level of your town. In addition, you will simultaneously be leveling your character, which is different than leveling your palace/town. Don’t mix those two up.

A Google Play Store reply from Plarium LLC on a players comment simplifies the concept behind leveling your palace/town quickly. They describe how to plan for a successful gaming experience with the following reminder: “Remember that your strategy determines success. Take part in competitions and earn valuable rewards, unite powers with your Clansmen.”

Priorities for Palace Upgrades

What I see happen to some new players is that they accidentally waste a lot of precious bonuses in the process of trying to learn how to play the game. As a war strategy game, Viking: War of Clans is an adult game that requires players to learn to balance and plan for all resources, as well as build a strong town with a large and well-fed army. If a new player misses the VIP bonus opportunity, then they won’t level as quickly. If a new player loses their shield, then someone may attack your town destroying your army and taking your resources (called RSS in the game).

This is why players should prioritize finding a clan as soon as possible. In a virtual world like this, you must have allies to be successful. The best way to extend your VIP bonus or renew your shield is to spend gold. You can buy gold with real money, but I haven’t needed to thanks to all of the rewards that I earn in the many competitions.

Personal competitions alone will not earn you enough rewards to level fast. However, participating in both personal and clan competitions can earn you many boosts and free gold. During gameplay, you will hear the term Jarl often. The word Jarl translates to Viking chief; that’s you. If you don’t like the kingdom you start in you will be given the option to move when you level up your town. Changing kingdoms is like switching servers. Regardless of which kingdom your palace/town is located, the first step to leveling fast is finding a great clan.

How to level your “Vikings: War of Clans” palace and the town quickly:

  • Keep shield up at all times
  • Extend VIP bonuses
  • Join a good clan
  • Yield resources
  • Participate in competitions
  • Improve knowledge
  • Build buildings
  • Train troops
  • Do all tasks
  • Get a Shaman, and level it with charms from your clan store
  • Have fun

Why You Need a Clan

Finding a good clan is essential to build your Vikings: War of Clans empire. Unlike other MMO strategy games, low-level towns can fall under attack. That is why it is important to keep your town’s shield up at all times until you are big and strong. The only way to do this without spending real money is to join a good clan that works together to earn points in clan competitions.

At first, a new player might not notice the potential rewards and fail to build a strategy that sustains your VIP bonus and your shield. You won’t get to level 10, or 20, or higher if you don’t learn to keep both of those activities. New players won’t get rewards from any clan competitions that are in progress and must wait for the next event to start and have earned at least one point from tasks. Depending on the timing that means it might take a day or even two before a new player sees those rewards.

Plarium gives new players coffer bonuses (chests) and other new player bonuses to make up for this gap. Use these bonuses, resources, to upgrade the buildings you must upgrade to open the next level for your palace upgrade. Don’t waste those initial gifts. Once you join a clan, you just have to wait for the next clan competition to begin seeing more free boosts and other rewards.

Choosing a Clan

In Vikings: War of Clans, the clans are small. Only 100 members can be in the same clan at the same time. It’s desirable to join a clan that has as many active members as possible. If you get into an active clan, then you need to remain active, as well. If you skip playing too many days, you will find yourself booted out of the guild and likely have lost your shield and your opportunity at boosts and free gold.

In the clan menu, you can check up on potential clans to join. Check their influence, rank, and take a look at their hive on the map. Also, check the guild chat window for active conversation, and look in the guild regulations. A good guild will have a well-developed set of guild regulations, a system to balance resource players and players who like to go to war, and a stronghold (or be close to building one). If you join a clan check it out, and if it isn’t active leave and find a guild that is.

Signs of a good clan:

  • Stronghold (or nearly built Stronghold)
  • Active guild chat
  • Well developed regulations
  • NAP (treaties) with other clans
  • A system to share resources
  • A system to manage players who like to fight
  • Active clan competition stats (you won’t be able to participate until new competitions begin)
  • Alternative chat programs, such as LINE chat or Discord
  • A hive with shielded members
  • Solid influence

VIP Bonus and Shield

Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining your VIP Bonus and the town’s shield. It’s easy to get caught up in joining a clan, building your town, training troops, and yielding resources and forget to check the time left on your VIP bonus and shield. If you lose your shield, it will be pretty obvious because you will probably get attacked and see your town burning.

Maintaining your VIP bonus and shield will mean spending gold from competitions, and learning to activate items within your inventory. If you plan well, you will find a steady stream of boosts and gold pouring into your city. These will help you progress without the need for real money. Of course, if you want to level really, really fast, you can spend money in the in-game shop. I haven’t spent any money yet, because the free reward from my guild, personal, and global competitions sustains my VIP Bonus, shield, and keeps my town and knowledge growing.

VIP Bonus

In Viking: War of clans you have access to a special set of VIP Bonuses. If you are clever and plan well, you can keep these bonuses lasting as long as you wish. The VIP bonus will speed learning, building, and resource productions as well as provide other important bonuses. An example of the bonuses is that it will allow you to instantly finish buildings that only have X amount of minutes left. The higher your VIP level, the more rewards you get. Keep your VIP bonus running at all times. Take 8k gold you win from competitions and use it to buy four weeks worth of VIP bonuses. Here is how to extend your VIP bonus:

  1. Click on the VIP Bonus Icon to the left of your hero information, on the bar at the top of the screen. It looks like a crown.
  2. Under VIP Status click ‘Extend.’
  3. Scroll down to the 4-week option, and purchase with 8K gold.

Maintaining Your Town’s Shield

Making sure to keep your town shielded at all times will protect you from plunderers who would otherwise destroy your troops and take your resources. You should be a member of a good clan by now, and it’s likely they will require you to spend your competition rewards to maintain your shield. If your town is burning, you don’t just lose troops and resources, it reflects poorly on your guild. You want to keep the shield up until you are a strong warlord.

How to Get a Shield

  • Clan store – Use loyalty points to extend your shield
  • BEST – Items packages menu – Buy the Retreat, Large Coffer for 4.1K gold. You get a 3-day shield with other bonuses.
  • Boosts menu – You can extend your shield from here too, but it costs the most gold.

Strategic Planning

Viking: War of Clans is a brain exercise involving multitasking. That what makes the game so much fun, it can really stimulate the mind. It will force you to conceptualize your town from resources over time formula while balancing your strategic defenses with boost and bonus management. In addition, joining a clan will give you allies who will help you become a powerful chief, and a fierce competitor.

If you like social interaction, playing games with others, and multitasking, then this is a great game for you. Players who engage their reasoning skills, logic, critical thinking, communication, proactive, and analytic will have high success rates and be able to level their town the fastest, leading to a powerful empire. For these are the skills that you need to master strategy.

The Art of Multitasking

Players who are skilled at multitasking should have no problem with acclimating to the system in Vikings: War of Clans. The game itself is well designed, with many in-game help options. While you are waiting on buildings to finish, and troops to finish training, explore the ‘Menu’ option in the bottom right-hand corner. There you will find a ton of useful information that will help you understand how to play the game.

While waiting on knowledge, buildings, troop training, and yielding click on each building and explore the tabs. Spending time absorbing as much information as you can help you become a stronger player much faster than those who aren’t paying attention to details. As soon as you categorize the different ways you need to multitask you will see a clear path for success, without breaking the bank.

Multitasking Options

  • Level knowledge in the Oracle
  • Level buildings in specific order to open the ability to level the Palace
  • Train troops
  • Gain influence
  • Personal competitions
  • Clan competitions
  • Global competitions
  • Yielding Resources
  • Forge Equipment
  • Gain a Shaman
  • Level your Hero
  • Level your Shaman
  • Level your town
  • Maintaining Shield
  • Extending VIP Bonuses
  • Communicating and cooperating with a clan member
  • and more

I enjoy building my empire in Vikings: War of Clans. I am lucky enough to have an amazing guild, with positive and considerate clanmates. I love to multitask and really enjoy the planning involved in competing is a vast and diverse land. I hope this guide will help you learn to level your town quickly while finding a great clan, and becoming a successful Jarl who creates the most impressive kingdom.

FAQS + Cheats

With the success of HBO’s Vikings, the red-haired rough riders are apparently all the rage again. Pair that with the success of MMO, strategy mobile games and you get Vikings: War of Clans.

The game starts off with a brief tutorial explaining how to cultivate resources, train warriors and complete missions. All of this multitasking leads to the end goal of gaining enough influence to be ranked the #1 player in the world (or #1 clan if you’ve started one of those but we’ll touch on that later), and that’s the game in a nutshell. You click around on your phone to fortify and grow your army to be better than anyone else. It’s simple, easy to understand and it keeps you playing as there’s always that urge to be just a little bit tougher. This isn’t exactly new to phone MMOs, but this simple concept is executed well in War of Clans because of its inherent simplicity.

With phone MMOs like this, oftentimes the player becomes overwhelmed by one of two things: either the tutorial takes far too long and in turn overcomplicates the mechanics of the game or the tutorial fails to explore most of the title’s basic processes in hopes to be concise and leaves the player in the dark to figure out nuances with next to no explanation. War of Clans manages to hit the sweet spot in between those two extremes with a tutorial that tells just enough so players can piece the rest of the puzzle together in their own way. And for newer players that might still struggle with some of the finer details, there’s a helpful tutorial on YouTube that fills in the blanks just a bit more firmly.

When the dust finally does settle and the tutorial comes to an end, the player has all of the resources to get going quickly. Because players are granted time boosts in their first day of play, learning the ropes is even easier as you get to see all the different ways the game works in a short amount of time. However, once the first day has passed the game does offer the same boosts, but for a payment. War of Clans does offer discounts here an there and new updates typically mean limited offers – the game’s website regularly reports on these updates – so it is still possible to manage your base without paying a single cent but just keep in mind that things will take a little longer. Diligent players will be rewarded though no matter how much money they put into the game because effort matters more in War of Clans than microtransactions – a trait you’ll see in many successful free-to-play titles.

Moving on to the clan system in the game, after all, it does have “clans” right in the title: players can group on their respective servers and gain influence as a collective unit. This allows players to benefit from each other and adds a cooperative element to the game. For example, if you’re trying to advance in the game and raiding becomes too difficult at your level, you can join a clan to give you a little more power. Just keep in mind that if you join a clan, you’ll be painting a target on your head from rival clan members. So in that sense, you have to be sure to weigh the pros and cons before you make the jump to clan life. However, if you’re the kind of player who likes to do things alone, there is a separate leaderboard for singular players. Again, the choice to play exactly as the player desires is always taken into account.

Although it might not be reinventing the wheel with all of the gameplay mechanics, Vikings: War of Clans always lets the player do exactly as they want and that an integral part of any gaming experience. The controls make sense right away, the object of the game is made clear but the way players get there will vary radically from person to person, making each player’s experience feel personalized. And at the end of the day, the game is free.

While War of Clans isn’t a perfect game, it’s a great title to pass the time and connect with friends. What more can you ask for from a video game?


Shamans are characters that work similar to your Hero and give you special bonuses. Your shamans are located in the Hall of Mysteries and there are currently 8 of them available:

Each Shaman has a Shamans Skills tree, like the Hero, and some Shaman Bonuses that increases in stages.


The experience of your shaman is gained by attacking Ghosts, similar to your Hero attacking invaders, upgrading buildings, completing Tasks and completing Quests. You can also buy experience as Book of Mysteries in Item store or clan store.

The experience gained at any time is boosted by a factor determined by the level of the Hall of Mysteries building and there is also a Shaman’s Experience booster that makes all added experience larger during a specific period.

Obtaining experience makes your shaman level up and for each level, you get one Shaman Skills point. Max levels are 10 if your shaman is on the first stage, level 20 if the shaman is in the second stage, 30 at the third stage, 40 at the fourth stage, 50 at the fifth stage, and maxing at level 60 at the sixth stage.

When you reach the maximum available level on the current stage, the experience is displayed as “Maximum” and experience will stop accumulating until you unlock the next set of levels.


Each shaman has 6 stages, named “First stage”, “Second stage” and so on. Each stage gives special bonuses in production/construction/, speed. For specific data for each shaman, see that shaman’s page. It takes 1,545 charms to unlock all six stages for a Shaman.

When you have obtained enough charms to increase a stage (or more), a big yellow button appears at bottom of the Bonuses tab for that shaman. A yellow up-arrow is also displayed above the Hall of Mysteries.

You can increase your stage at any time, there are no minimum requirements – Shaman Experience for example.

Shaman Power

Power is the equivalent to Hero Energy and is used up when attacking Ghosts. Each Shaman has its own base power level and carries its power points individually.


Each Shaman has a specialized Shamans Knowledge tree with 256 knowledge stages to be activated. Baggi’sstrengths are primarily in construction and resource production and Inga’s are in Knowledge and warrior training.  Ulf gives melee bonuses, Wendla boosts your Scouts, Stieg enhances your ranged troops, Einar supports the siege troops, Elsa supports the cavalry troops and Sibba supports the killer troops.

Swapping Shaman

You can swap freely between summoned Shaman as long as your current one is in your town. There is no penalty/cost for doing this, but they will only recharge their energy when they are active.

Can You Cheat in Vikings: War of Clans?

Yes. Cheats can be implemented using different apps and techniques. Vikings Hacks and Hacked game files (APKs and IPAs) can be used to implement Mod Menus into the game that allows the user to activate hacks. However, unlimited silver and gold hacks for Vikings War of Clans are sadly not possible to implement. The only ways to get unlimited gold and free coffers/packs/chests is through very rare exploits, there are no War of Clans generators for download since this data is stored on the game servers belonging to Plarium.

War of Clans Hack Apps and Mods

There are 2 different ways to hack the game, either through memory editing requiring a rooted phone and memory editing tools or using premade hacked game files, such as Vikings hacked APKs for Android or modded IPAs for iOS. Cheating in the browser game is possible to use modded flash game clients but is less popular. However, downloading hacked apps can be dangerous,  since most offers are either scams or malware. So be very careful when looking to download Vikings WoC Hacks. Options commonly include auto building, auto troop training, auto loyalty points farming and most importantly invader farming. These cheats are pretty powerful and can do a lot of the work for you without you having to manually go in and grind.

Keep in mind that unlimited gold, resources, castle levels, packs, gear, and boosts cannot be hacked using any kind of tool or generator, since this is an online multiplayer game and all the integral data concerning your player account is stored on the game servers hosted by the developers that cannot possibly be accessed and written. The only way to get unlimited gold is through exploits or a game admin.

Viking War of Clans Bots and Auto Builders

As in other mobile games and browser games, it is possible to set up programs, either custom software or simple macro recorders to log into the game automatically and perform actions for you. Actions in War of Clans that can be easily automated include: Farming intruders, putting up shields, sending resources, helping guildmates, collecting rewards, upgrading buildings, banking resources, raiding players, scouting, upgrade gear and armor to legendary, choosing knowledge research and a lot more.

Bots are commonly run either directly on your mobile device as an app that connects to the server, a program on PC that boots directly or uses an emulator to play the game manually or they can even be set up using macro recorders to record user input on PC and replay it to automate actions. – Bots are the most powerful and versatile cheat to use in Vikings: War of Clans and are the closest you will get to unlimited resources and gold cheat. Also, the script route of cheating allows you to save time that you can spend in real life, leaving you to come back and enjoy the spoils instead of grinding 24/7/365.

Using alt accounts for cheating + automation

The best players in War of Clans are using a lot of alternate accounts to feed resources to their mains, to use them as banks and so on. Essentially what you need to use multiple accounts at one time without getting banned for it and so send resources to yourself, have your mule guild and so on, is at least one PC, at least one VPN to change your IP Address for every instance of the game and a lot of time.

Players will have multiple devices and emulators logging into multiple accounts, have them all in the same guild, combine troops for attacking and farming, using certain accounts as banks that are constantly shielded and cannot be attacked to store and save resources, use some accounts as resource slaves and so on. – Essentially this is an incredibly powerful way of cheating but will require you to have multiple devices, preferably PC + emulator and a VPN to mask your IP to avoid bans. If you want to be the top player on your server, you will need this, every top player does it.

Is it legal to cheat in Vikings: WoC?

Using cheating software, be that a hack or bot is absolutely and 100% legal everywhere in the world. While it is certainly frowned upon to circumvent the rules of a game and gain an unfair advantage, it is nevertheless something people chose to do commonly. The worst thing that can happen is your account getting banned, which is easily avoided by downloading quality cheating software that is up to snuff and kept undetected at all times by skilled coders.

Can I get free gold?

It is impossible to change your gold/money value in online games, unless the developers are absolutely stupid, which they are not. So don’t fall for all the malware, survey offers, human verification and so on that will leave you spending money, time and effort and downloading fake hacks or nothing at all.

Viking War of Clans Conclusion

Try not to exceed attacking other settlements and monsters above your level. Try to gauge whether it’s worth it to risk sending all troop capacity for greater rewards or a balanced raid in the case you are attacked. As you build, try to balance building levels. Hopefully, this guide and video illustrate how to gain an advantage in Vikings: War of Clans to maximize loot plundered which can help you build faster. Stay tuned for more game guides of this series.

So should you play this game? 

We hoped you enjoyed reading our VikingWar of Clans review. This is one of the most visually polished browser-based/mobile games and has deep gameplay to match. If you love online games, you should definitely try it.


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