There are many ways in which you can improve your gaming experience. These multipurpose PS4 cooling fans are one such way. If you are a passionate gamer, you know that there are a lot of accessories that go with your PlayStation  4, which can create a whole lot of clutter on your gaming console and give your room an overall dirty and overly messy look. What you require to improve this situation is a multifunctional fan and station for your PlayStation 4 which will keep all of your accessories safe and in one place without compromising the overall look of your room.

The vertical orientation given by these PS4 stands is a definite plus which goes well with many home entertainment setups. Moreover, after some credible research, it was found that the vertical orientation of these cooling fans and stands reduce the amount of dust that accumulated on your PlayStation 4. This protects it from possible issues of future maintenance and upkeep. Setting them up with your PlayStation 4 is a fairly simple feat to accomplish; you just need to plug in your PlayStation 4 into the built-in USB cable.

Apart from that, the last generation of consoles had a serious issue of overheating which has been completely resolved by this ingenious invention. Now, your gaming console cannot be complete without one of these multipurpose PS4 cooling fans and stands. Here is a list of the top seven best PS4 Cooling fans currently in the market:


Best PS4 Cooling Fan Comparisons Table

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[su_box title=”1. Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Dual Charging Station Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]


Zacro PS4 Slim/ PS4 pro/ PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan, Dual...

Developed by Zacro, this vertical PS4 cooling fan has a unique appearance and lightweight design. If you get this fan, you get the whole package in itself. It consists of two fans, which means that you will no longer have to be concerned about overheating your PlayStation 4 console. You will also not have to worry about your controller losing battery, as it is armed with a dual charging station or mounts for your PlayStation 4 controllers with which you can charge two controllers at the same time.

The vertical design of this fan is truly space saving. The Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand comes with an 18-month warranty. When flipping it over, you can see a non-slip mat which ensures that the fan sits handsomely on your console without the fear of falling or slipping. Within the package, you get a nice surprise of 8 brand-new thumbsticks.

However, this cooling fan fits only with PlayStation 4 and is not compatible with the Slim or Pro. Another thing that was brought forward by a few of its customers was that the dual cooling fans had kind of an overbearing sound.

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[su_box title=”2. Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]

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This multipurpose cooling fan has a vertical orientation which seems to fit better than the horizontal in many home entertainment setups. The Ortz Vertical Stand gives your gaming console nice and compact overall look. The dual cooling fans that are present at the base have a nice cooling effect; extra cooling is never a bad thing for your PlayStation 4.

It has a dual charging setup for both your controllers to be charged at the same time. It also has 2 hubs and 1 USB port. It’s black with pointy edges which give it a rather elegant and sophisticated look. Furthermore, its charging station is exceptionally good. No need for long wires for charging and connecting your PlayStation 4 to various devices.

In case you need to charge both your controllers, your PlayStation needs to be in the standby mode and as a result, your PlayStation 4 tends to lose its power. Also, while the cooling fans do not have a loud sound, a few buyers claimed that their cooling factor was a bit low and the fans did not cool down the PlayStation as effectively as they had expected.

Many gamers loved Ortz vertical stand and recommended it to others as well. Though, few could not understand how to set it up as the product does not come with a complete instruction manual. However, there is a reasonably simple way to get this cooling fan set up; you just have to connect the built-in USB cord (which is on the fan) to your PlayStation 4, and you are good to go.

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[su_box title=”3. Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]

Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro with Cooling Fan, Controller...

Ortz has developed this updated version of a cooling fan for your PlayStation 4. It has a greater amount of charging stations for your controllers – a total of 4 charging stations (2 of which are present on either side of the stand), which is a big plus.

As it is a restructured version of its predecessor, it certainly has some additional cool features to look forward. It has a more distinctive and unique design which ensures that while the controllers are being charged, they remain in a secure position on the stand without the danger of falling off. This feature certainly saves you the hassle of trying to keep all of your controllers in one place. It is rather handsomely designed as the PlayStation sits vertically, right in the middle with controllers on either side. It has a greater number of ports which are also four and located visibly at the front of the stand. The total number of USB ports is increased to 4. This makes it even more convenient to get all of your accessories attached to the stand without long cords running here and there on your gaming console.

It also comes with two cooling fans to maximize the cooling effect and further enhance the function of this stand. These fans are considered to be mildly noisy, and if you ever bothered by that, you can easily power them off with a switch located at the front of the stand which controls these fans. Like its predecessor, charging is done while your PlayStation 4 is switched on or in the standby mode.

However, it weighs an extra 1.5 pounds, which is no surprise as it comes with all those extra features. Although some thought the LED light feature was a good one, a few of the gamers who used this product and preferred to play in the dark did not like the sharp LED light on the front of this stand and claimed that the light pierced their eyes. In addition to that, 2 USB outlets have to be used to power the whole stand. Nevertheless, it can accommodate a lot more accessories and is still considered to be among the best cooling stands that are available nowadays. This product was found to be certainly worth your investment.

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[su_box title=”4. Amir PS4 Cooler, PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]


AMIR PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan, Cooler Charging Station with 2...

This PlayStation 4 cooling fan and vertical stand come with two cooling fans like many others on this list. It is also designed with special anti-slip rubber pads located at the bottom of the stand, which make it less likely to fall off the gaming console. Another joy for its customers is that it comes with 4 brand-new cover caps for your PlayStation 4 controllers. It has a dual charging station as well for both your controllers to be charged all at once. It consists of 2 hub ports and 1 USB port which are a bit fewer in quantity than the other products mentioned above on this list. It is a time-saving device, offering its owners a much more convenient way to charge their accessories. With this product, your PlayStation 4 will stand upright rather smartly, saving loads of space on your gaming station for other things.

Another positive aspect of Amir PS4 cooler is a 12-month warranty for the replacement of the product in case its performance is subpar. An excellent guarantee coupled with an immediate response from the manufacturers just goes to show their incredibly impressive customer support service.

The cooling fan on this product is only compatible with the standard PlayStation 4 and not any other device.

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[su_box title=”5. Amir PS4 Cooler, Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]

Amir PS4 Cooler, Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Review

This is the fresh, innovative, and improved version of the Amir PlayStation 4 reviewed above. What’s great about this stand is that it has a couple of diverse features that make it stand out from the crowd. It certainly is a versatile product which has a never-before-seen feature. It has a rather unique and compact design which reveals a total of 14 slots for placing all of your gaming discs and DVDs. On this stand, you can place all of your DVDs in a perpendicular and upright position. In this manner, all of your games are on display, and you can easily choose from various DVDs. This gives your gaming console an organized look, which is a brilliant feature.

In addition to that, it has all of the features of its predecessor which include dual charging stations for easily charging your controllers. Plus, it has two cooling fans which are just as functional, if not more, as its predecessor. Its fans run at a speed of 3000 RPM which is notable. It has an exceptional number of hub ports as well. The package of this product similarly comes with four fresh caps for your controller. It has a rather distinctive and diverse appearance with triangular-shaped corners. Although it is overall black in color, it has hints of blue here and there, giving it an elegant look. This multipurpose cooling stand is worth every penny that you spend on it and much more.

However, some consumers who bought this product had the same complaint of the stand not being as steady as its predecessor which was a definite disappointment for them.

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[su_box title=”6. Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]

Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim with Cooling Fan - Controller...


This product by Kootek has two cooling fans with 3000 RPM, which gives a nice and comparatively less noisy cooling effect to your PlayStation 4. It has a similar number of charging mounts for your controllers, that is, 2. It also has the standard number of USB ports which is 3. It has a definite similarity to the Amir PlayStation 4 cooler and fan such as a 14-slot space for storing all of your DVDs in one place and the blue highlights on some areas of this product. What it does have besides is an exceptional grip due to its design. This stand includes specially designed feet made out of rubber to stabilize the PlayStation 4 and all of the gadgets and accessories which this stand can hold. Furthermore, it features a total of 2 LED light indicators which display the exact status of charging.

This merchandise by Kootek is only suitable for the standard PlayStation 4 and does not fit with any of the Pro and Slim versions. A few gamers, however, thought that its cooling fans were a bit noisier and the feet of this stand was not as stable as they would have liked. Also, there were a few problems some gamers faced regarding the button of the cooling fans; they claimed that sometimes the button had to be held for a few seconds for the fans to start working (this is not a plausible drawback but a minor one). Nevertheless, many of its customers were extremely happy with the performance of this product and claimed that its performance was the same as, if not better than, advertised.

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[su_box title=”7. Miboo PS4 Cooling Fan Review” box_color=”#2eaebb” radius=”0″]

Miboo PS4 Cooling Fan Review

Produced by Miboo, this product has a class of its own. Unlike the rest of the products mentioned on this list, Miboo has come up with a much better class of cooling system for your PlayStation 4 that will blow away its competition. It has accomplished this by coming up with a design comprising of a total of 5 fans with the sole purpose of cooling with 3 various styles. You can set your preferences for cooling and speed according to your needs and get exactly the performance you want. Hence, the cooling style and speed can vary according to whether you are playing a light gaming session or a hardcore one. This is a rather extraordinary feature of the cooling fan which has not been offered by any other product.

Furthermore, even with so many fans, it’s not as noisy as it was expected to be. Another additional feature of these fans is that they vary in size, with two large and three small ones. Therefore, the speed of these fans can easily be adjusted by the buttons (on, turbo, and auto) which are present on the side of this product. One button is ‘turbo’ which speaks for itself and increases the speed to an exceptionally high mode. Another handy button is the ‘auto’ button which makes your fans go into an automatic mode and sets the speed of your fans according to the heat from your PlayStation 4.

This cooling fan does not have any additional features as compared to many others on this list. Nevertheless, it is built for one function only, and that is to give your PlayStation an effective cooling factor and to save you from further overheating it. It fulfills this purpose magnificently!

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To sum up, anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 knows that it is essential to increase the lifespan of all of their beloved and expensive gadgets. These PS4 cooling fans are not just fans; they are a whole package within themselves. They have a lot of other additional accessories to go with them and are extremely versatile to perfectly complement all of your gaming accessories and needs in a very decent and effective manner. This is a highly recommended accessory for PlayStation 4 that plays an important role for your gaming console and even brings all of your accessories and gadgets into one small and rather compact space.

It is a great investment for all those avid gamers out there looking for a way to improve the efficiency and outlook of their gaming consoles. All of the products mentioned above have surely found their place in the world of PS4 gaming accessories. If you are looking to save money while still going for a great product, then this is a must-have accessory. It will make sure you get the best out of your gaming sessions and get exactly the kind of experience you want from the game.



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