Spotify’s Voice Commands Is Now Supported By Google

Spotify’s Voice Commands Is Now Supported By Google

MANHATTAN, N.Y. – Another latest announcement from Google is their full-fledged support for Spotify voice commands. Spotify, the online streaming internet application company, is now duly supported by the tech giant to utilize voice commands through Google Assistant.

This said improvement means users can use their voice to control their Spotify streaming in any Google Assistant-powered devices, Androids on the majority.

Though, Spotify is not new about utilizing voice commands.Voice commands and voice prompts on Spotify are only available on Google Home before. With Google’s improvement and innovation, it functions equally to Google Assistant especially in smartphones.

Users of Spotify, both free and premium subscribers, can access and make the most out of the Google Assistant-enabled voice commands.

Spotify’s Voice Commands Is Now Supported By Google

Just by merely commanding Google Assistant on what precisely it should play, stop, or rewind, it will surely function for it. There is no need to mention the word ‘Spotify’ every time a user commands Google Assistant because it will be automatically addressed.

This collaboration between Spotify and Google could be a start of something better in the future. Furthermore, Google Assistant can be deemed helpful to any Spotify users when streaming music outdoors or with other tasks on hand.

Google is going big with its latest improvements and innovation. Just recently, it announced its latest smartphone series – a luxury laptop device, pen accessory, and jack-free headphones.

The tech giant wants to elevate its name not only to be a preferred internet company but also to be known for its innovative product devices that can compete against other biggies in the tech industry.

This big leap in innovation and product development has served Google right even in the past. Moreover, improving it can mean a lot more to their credibility, company name, and of course, sales and revenue.

The Google and Spotify partnership could be considered one of the best collaborations there is between a web application and an application software.


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