1Neverkink 9844-100 Garden Hose Review

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Overall this is the best garden hose you can buy. It comes in two sizes 3/4” and 5/8” inch. The length varies from 50 to 100ft. This garden hose is a bit heavier and thicker compared to others one this list.

2ClearFlow Water Hose Review

Garden Hose (50 ft) The Best Flexible Lightweight Shrinking Hoses -...Buy on Amazon

ClearFlow is lightweight and flexible garden hose. It comes only in one 5/8” size and offers four lengths from 25 up to 100ft. This hose can be used with drinking water and is approved by NSF.

3Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Slim Garden Hose Review

Water Right PSH-100-MG-1PKRS 400 Series (7/16') Slim Garden Hose,...Buy on Amazon

The Water Right garden hose comes in four colors – Cranberry, Eggplant, Olive green and Espresso. You can choose between brass and stainless steel fittings. The length varies from 25 to 100ft. Contains no BPA, Phthalates or any other toxic chemicals.

4Ruifeng Water Hose Review

Ruifeng Water Hose Expandable & Retractable with Brass Connectors and...Buy on Amazon

Ruifeng water hose comes in two colors green and black. The hose comes with brass connections and 8-Way spray nozzle. It has though triple latex tube with coil fabric casing. Ruifeng is one of the most flexible water hose on the market.

5Parker RGR5875 Premium Garden Hose Review

Parker RGR5875 5/8-inch x 75-feet Green Premium Garden HoseBuy on Amazon

This garden hose comes only in one size 5/8” inch x 75-feet. Working temperature ranges from  -40ºF to +180ºF (-40ºC to +82ºC) and pressure 125psi (500psi Burst). It has nickel plated brass connections. Only available in green color with flexible EPDM rubber. 

6Black Knight Garden Hose Review

Black Knight Garden Hose Expandable and Flexible Garden Water Hose -...Buy on Amazon

Black Knight comes with few accessories like storage bag, 8-Pattern spray nozzle, and hanging hook. Its available in two colors green and black, both 50ft. This garden hose can expand up to three times of its length. Also, its one of the cheapest garden hose.

7Expandable Garden Hose

HappyHomey Expandable Garden Hose 50 & 100 Feet With Strongest Triple...Buy on Amazon

This garden hose comes only in one color and has two length options 50 or 100ft. The hose includes 8-way spray nozzle and storage bag. The 50ft package includes 16.6ft hose which expands to up to 50ft. The inner tube is made from triple natural latex.

8Hercules Super Tough Garden Hose Review

Hercules Hose Stainless Steel Garden Hose by BulbHead, The Heavy Duty,...Buy on Amazon

This garden hose is super though, made out of stainless steel. Its made to withstand high water pressures and heat. The seller even offers a lifetime guarantee. Package includes a standing reel. This hose comes with plastic connections which usually break down much faster than brass connections.

9Greenbest Steel Garden Hose Review

Greenbest Lightweight 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose w/Aluminium...Buy on Amazon

Stainless steel garden hose with aluminum alloy nozzle and metal connections. The Greenbest hose is very flexible and durable. The length varies from 25 to 100ft.

10Parker Hannifin HWR5875 Water Hose Review

Parker Hannifin HWR5875 Rubber Cover HWR Premium Hot Water Hose...Buy on Amazon

Parker Hannifin hose is meant for how water, you can use it with boiling water for 30 minutes continuously. The hose is built using double spiral reinforcement and has a thick rubber cover. It comes with nickel plated brass couplings which are crush-proof. Only one size is available 5/8” x 75 ft.

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