PS4 skins can be useful for serving many purposes. They can change the appearance of the PS4 to whatever one might want it to look like, transforming it into something you can identify with on a deep level. It also serves to protect the PS4 and keep it safe from foreign matter like dirt or dust.

They have also become widely available and are a relatively cheap way of safeguarding the PS4. It is important to note that most of the skins featured on this list are compatible with the original PS4, not PS4 Slim or Pro.

1. iHomeGarden PS4 Skin Skull of Blue Fire

No products found.

Theme: Blue Skull Design

The blue skull design on this PS4 skin can seem a bit intimidating, but that is the appeal of this dark, doom-like canvas. Much like the others on this list, the product comes with matching skins for two controllers and is useful in not just keeping your device clean and protected but also looking good.

2. Ci-Yu-Online Nike Shoebox Logo Skin

Theme: Nike Shoebox Logo

This PS4 skin will appeal to Nike fans all around with a simple but effective look. This is available with the skin for the console, its two controllers, and their light bars. Any shoe enthusiast would be happy to have one of these in their home.

3. Super Hero Sony PlayStation 4 Skin by CloudSmart

SuperHero Sony Playstation 4 Skin Sticker Vinyl Stickers for PS4...
  • High quality. Will not scratch fade or peel.
  • Professional popular hotest design.
  • Easy paste & remove.Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue.

Asus TUF FX505DT-EB73

Theme: Deadpool

Comic book and movie fans alike will find a common appreciation for this PS4 skin with an iconic character gracing the cover. The skin also comes in multiple pieces and can be easier to apply than others.

4. Beyone PS4 Designer Skin 

Rechargeable NES Classic Mini Wireless Controller -TURBO EDITION-Rapid...
  • SPEEDY & EFFICIENT – get some speedy and efficient gameplay going with our new, improved NES Classic Edition mini...
  • FLEXIBLE GAME PLAY – take advantage of 10 function input keys, and a smooth transmission function to take your gaming...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - tired of those frustrating controllers that have to be plugged into the power nearly all the time?...

Theme: Star Wars Battlefront

This PS4 skin shows the Millennium Falcon and the AT-ATs in great detail and is a steal for any Star Wars fan. The background of the sky can completely transform your PS4 into a sight to see.

5. Ci-Yu-Online Air Jordan Retro Shoe Box Skin for PS4

No products found.

Theme: Air Jordan Shoebox

Much like the previous skin that resembles a shoebox, this one take us back to the 90s with a retro touch with the Air Jordan. The logo is accompanied by an elephant print that complements the whole look very well.

6. Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin for PS4

Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin Sticker Anime for PS4 Playstaion...
  • This is a vinyl material decal for Regular PS4 CONSOLE ONLY. NOT for PS4 SLIM OR PS4 PRO.
  • High quality vinyl material, easy to stick and remove, no scratches left.
  • Precision cut, easy access for buttons, controls, connectors

Theme: Naruto

Anime is all the rage right now and Naruto is one such anime that has defied age limits, making this skin perfect for anyone. There are a few different skins that are available for this franchise. This one comes well recommended and exhibits some of the major characters of the show.

7. Junsi Kingdom Hearts Body Skin Sticker Decal for PS4

Junsi Kingdom Hearts Body Skin Sticker Decal for PS4 Playstation 4...
  • Decal Skin Sticker
  • Body Protector
  • PS4 Playstation 4 Console+Controllers

Theme: Kingdom of Hearts

A long-running franchise is bound to gather fans from all around, especially one like Kingdom of Hearts which appeals to so many age groups. This skin is for everyone who has played the game as a child or appreciated it as a grownup.

8. uSkins Space – Decal Style Skin Fits Original PS4 Gaming Console

Kappa Space - Decal Style Skin fits original PS4 Gaming Console
  • Skin covers top, front and side of the console.
  • Thin yet strong and are compatible with most accessories.
  • Tough vinyl material coated with a high gloss laminate.

Theme: Space

This PS4 skin not only has a great look with a brilliant space design, but it also promises easy application and good quality.

9. iCarbons Vinyl Skin for PS4 in Dark Wood

iCarbons Vinyl Skin for Playstation 4 PS4 in Dark Wood
  • Designed for the PS4 and will not fit other Playstation models.
  • Genuine 3M Di-Noc for extreme scratch protection, Approx. 8 Mils thick (.2032 mm)
  • Easy bubble-free application & clean residue-free removal

Theme: Wood Design

For a more blended look, this is a good skin. It keeps everything classy and lets you have all the fun you need at the same time. It’s not often that those two things are mutually exclusive. Unlike some of the other skins with a wooden design, this does not appear to have issues with the consistency of pattern.

10. Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin Stickers for PS4

Theme: Cowboys Football Team

For all the Cowboys fans around, this skin is perfect. Feel good about your team and your PS4 at the same time with a reasonable skin that is simple to use.

11. WraptorSkinz Decal Style Skin Fits Original PS4 Gaming Console

Painted Faded and Cracked USA American Flag - Holiday Bundle Decal...
  • Skin bundle covers XBOX One Console, Kinect and two Controllers.
  • Printed with Eco-Friendly water based inks.
  • Professional grade vinyl coated with a high gloss laminate.

Theme: American Flag

For anyone feeling a little patriotic, this skin can be very fitting. Understated yet serving the purpose, this skin is committed to simplifying application by restricting air bubbles.

12. Decalrus – Sony PlayStation 4 Texture Carbon Fiber Skin

Decalrus - Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Full Body RED Texture Carbon Fiber...
  • Made for Sony PS4 Playstation only. Device not included
  • Durable, high quality adhesive vinyl stickers; this product is NOT made of rubber, silicone, gel, or plastic.
  • IMAGE COLOR may vary from item shown depending on your monitor settings.

Theme: Textured Design

The great thing about skins like this is that they can change the appearance of the PS4 entirely. Here, this quality is shown best with the illusion of a textured design that not only protects the PS4 physically but also makes it looks like it is made up of robust materials.

13. Vinyl Revolution Premium PS4 Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Premium PS4 PlayStation 4 Metallic Vinyl Wrap / Skin / Cover for PS4...
  • Personalise your PS4 with this premium quality vinyl wrap. Each pack comes with two free matching stickers for your...
  • Precision cut to exact dimensions. Each panel comes as a separate piece for easy application.
  • Ships within 3 days. Made from high quality vinyl in Oxford in the United Kingdom. No residue upon removal.

Theme: Gold Chrome

Treating your PS4 with a shiny layer of gold not only makes it look super special, but it also makes an impression that not many people can miss. Chrome can require meticulous application as air bubbles can seem obvious on it, but this skin bypasses those issues with easy usage.

14. System Skins Sony PlayStation 4 Skin

Red Chrome Mirror Vinyl Decal Faceplate Mod Skin Kit for Sony...
  • Complete 20-Piece decal kit designed for maximum protection coverage and digitally cut for a precise fit.
  • Does not cover vent holes & will not void factory warranty.
  • Guaranteed to last a life time, will not fade, crack, or peel. Includes a skin kit for console and (2) controllers.

Theme: Plain Red

If you’re looking for something red to go with your room, this skin is perfect to blend it all in. Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a statement, with the right setting, this skin can make sure all eyes are set on the PS4.

15. MightySticker Designer Skin – Dragon Ball Z

Theme: Dragon Ball Z

This deceptively reasonable PS4 skin sports a graphic look of the Dragon Ball Z character Goku with vibrant red, black and white colors. It also includes skins for two PS4 controllers.

16. ZoomHit PS4 Console Skin

ZOOMHITSKINS PS4 Console and Controller Skins, Cherry Metal Fire Pink...
  • 🎮FOUNDED TO OFFER THE LATEST PS4 SKIN: ZOOMHITSKINS aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest PS4, X1,...
  • 🎮WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will...
  • 🎮BUBBLE-FREE INSTALL, GOO-FREE REMOVAL: Made from high quality orajet vinyl, ZOOMHITSKINS products offer superior...

Theme: Harley Quinn

The character is hard to overlook and so is this PS4 skin. Vibrant yet understated, the skin is more than just a tribute to the character; it is a representation of her.

17. Game Excel Skins for PS4 Controller

Theme: Random Logos and Signs

A little bit of everything can’t be a bad thing? This PS4 skin shows us how there can be an appeal to some chaos and it can turn out to be a lovable pattern that goes with anything.

18. WraptorSkinz Abstract 02 Blue – Decal Style Skin Fits Original PS4 Gaming Console

Abstract 02 Blue - Decal Style Skin fits original PS4 Gaming Console
  • Skin covers top, front and side of the console.
  • Thin yet strong and are compatible with most accessories.
  • Tough vinyl material coated with a high gloss laminate.

Theme: Abstract Pattern

The pattern is interesting, but the product is better. This makes the skin perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get tied down to a franchise.

19. ZoomHit PlayStation 4 Console Skin

No products found.

Theme: Destiny

Why not have your favorite video games on your PS4 in more ways than one? This Destiny skin is perfect to accomplish just that.

20. Ci-Yu-Online Skin for PS4 System Console and Controllers

Theme: Pokémon, Pikachu

Whether it’s the bright yellow or the adorable cartoon, this PS4 skin is bound to seem appealing to the child in all of us.

21. Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin for Cover Anime One Punch Man

Theme: One Punch Man

One Punch Man fans will not be able to pass up this skin. It is one of the few that pay tribute to One Punch Man.

22. Firststicker Dragon Ball Skin Sticker for PS4

Dragon Ball Skin Sticker for PS4 System Playstation 4 Console with 2...
  • Protect your console from scratch & dust. Stylish & fashional design.
  • Made of high quality vinyl
  • Gloss laminated for longest durability

Theme: Dragon Ball Z

Another good skin for the franchise, there are many available on the market, though not all come as well recommended as this one.

23. ZoomHit PlayStation 4 Console Skin

ZOOMHITSKINS PS4 Slim Console and Controller Skins, Blue Star Galaxy,...
  • 🎮FOUNDED TO OFFER THE LATEST PS4 Slim SKIN: ZOOMHITSKINS aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest PS4, X1,...
  • 🎮WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will...
  • 🎮BUBBLE-FREE INSTALL, GOO-FREE REMOVAL: Made from high quality orajet vinyl, ZOOMHITSKINS products offer superior...

Theme: Crash Bandicoot

This cartoon character brings back many memories for some experienced gamers and looks fun and cute in the process.

24. Ci-Yu-Online Skin for PS4 System Console and Controllers

Theme: Hello Kitty

This adorable skin features Hello Kitty which, for some, can be a nostalgic experience and, for others, just a sweet sentiment.

25. Gamergeekz Decal Skin with 2 Controller Skins and Decal for Sony PlayStation 4

Gamergeekz Decal Skin with 2 Controller Skins and Starwar Lightbar...
  • Tired of the same old Black PS4 Design, Well here is your chance to give your ps4 a custom look
  • Premium Quality and Design Easy to Apply, Peel Press Perfect
  • Precision Cut to fit your Playstation 4 Console and Controllers

Theme: Star Wars

Despite its minimal reviews, this skin provides an aesthetic quality that is absent in many others. This gives it an entirely unique reason to belong on this list.

26. SKINOWN Vinyl Decal Cover for Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Console and Controller 

SKINOWN Galaxy Cosmic Nebula Sticker Vinly Decal Cover for Sony PS4...
  • Extremely thin and durable, light weight high quality material.
  • Protect your console and controller from dust and scratches.
  • Easy to apply and removal, remove without any residues.

Theme: Space

The nebulas that are so evasive to the human eye can encompass your PS4, giving space a whole new meaning.

27. PlayStation 4 Protective Skin Decal Sticker Set

Theme: Final Fantasy 7

This Final Fantasy skin appeals to the minimalist in us all, saying so much with so little.

28. GOOOD PS4 Designer Skin Decal for PlayStation 4

No products found.

Theme: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

The beauty of this skin is in the simplicity of the design. It blends easily with any black PS4 which makes it ideal to use even if you don’t have the steadiest hands in the world.

29. Mod Freakz Console and Controller Vinyl Skin Set – Turquoise Zig Zag for PlayStation 4 Mod Freakz

Theme: Abstract Design

The pattern on this PS4 skin makes it almost irresistible; not much to promise, but it is reasonable enough to give a try.

30. FreeSticker PlayStation 4 Skin

Theme: Star Wars – Episode 7

This Star Wars skin comes right out of the movie and displays our favorite characters for all to see. It includes skin for the controllers.

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