Our days are governed by time. We have times to go places, times to get things done, and a time for everything. To get to work, to go shopping or on an outing, or to attend an event or game on time, we try to use timers and alarms. It's essential to be on time as being late is considered a social sin. No one likes it when guests are late to an event or when employees arrive late to work.

Many people use their smartphones as alarm clocks because the last thing they use before sleeping is their smartphone. It is convenient, but perhaps it is not wise to store all our eggs in one basket. Technology can fail, and total dependency on only one gadget may likely lead to loss and chaos. If the smartphone battery dies before the alarm could ring, the day will likely only get worse from there.

So, what other options can be used for alarms?

Types of Alarm Clocks

  • Alarm Clock Radio – These are clocks that show the time in numbers and sit on tables. They have many different features as well, such as LED displays, Bluetooth, and radio. They run either on Wi-Fi, a power switch or batteries.
  • Conventional Alarm Clocks – Conventional alarm clocks are the ones most of us have seen on our grandparents’ bedside tables. They are small clocks with a watch face, while the more modern ones have digital displays. They run on batteries.
  • Wall Clocks – The wall-mounted clocks are a common accessory in rooms and have alarm features. Grandfather clocks are known for their deep, melodious bell sounds when the clock strikes the alarm time. These clocks typically run on batteries.
  • Watches – Watches are worn on the wrist and can be analog or digital. They often have alarm features and emit high-pitched tones to wake up the wearer. Wristwatches use small, circular batteries which can be replaced from the back of the watch.

While all these options are in common use, the most modern, convenient and reliable one is the alarm clock radio. They are not only the most functional but also easily available and have a variety of range and extra benefits. We reviewed the top radio alarm clocks to help you make a decision. There are several varieties of alarm clock radios as well.

Types of Alarm Clock Radio

Alarm clock radios have some different types. All these types serve the basic function of ringing a tune at the set time, but they have differences in their working.



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