There are now two free offers for fans of Halo 3 on the XBOX 360. Two free map packs are on the XBOX 360 site, and the marketplace at your console, ready for download to an Xbox 360 game console. Find out all the tips and tricks today and see what the maps have to offer a gamer.

Cold Storage Map PackCold Storage Map Pack

This 116 MB download has a new map that is eerily similar to the old Chill out map in Halo: Combat Evolved. It is a multiplayer map designed to add to the already multi-mapped game. However, most release that there never is too many maps! Released on 7-14-2008 it was the first map addition since three months prior (that map, legendary, was for a fee and not a free download).

Heroic Map PackHeroic Map Pack

This 487 MB download has three new maps for multiplayer play. It was released on 3-18-2008. It is a free download. Maps in the pack include:

  • Standoff – a valley with fields, bases, boulders. This is a great slayer map and is mid sized.
  • Rat’s Nest – a maze of passages and one covered in vehicles. Great for team battle play and influenced by campaign mode.
  • Foundry – a forge map that is player edited. It has bridges, tunnels, warehouses, and more.
How to Download

To get these map packs, make sure the XBOX 360 console has an XBOX Live account for downloadable content. Sign on and go to the marketplace. Select the “Game store”, “all games”, “halo 3”. After getting to this screen, find the map packs and hit “confirm download”. Soon the packs will become part of the Halo 3 gameplay for your xbox 360. There are also other free items in the marketplace, but these two free maps are the only ones for the Halo 3 game.

The Legendary map pack has five maps and is a 411 MB download. It is currently for 600 Microsoft points.

Game Information

Halo 3 is the supreme mack-daddy of multiplayer games. It is the game to link up with all the friends and spend the next few hours in an oblivious haze of delight. But after a while, maps get tired and people start memorizing all the good spots. With free, and nearly free, downloadable content, it’s a good way to keep a game fresh and exciting for much longer.


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