This time, we are going to be looking at the multiplayer capabilities. That means that we are mostly ignoring games graphics, campaign, and the plot, and just looking at multiplayer options and how much fun are they.

These are the ten games that we believe has one of the best and addictive multiplayer available on Xbox 360.


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 multiplayer is known as fast paced, action packed shooter, and some crazy no scopes. With battles being played out in small maps that are usually packed with other players there is a guarantee that you will have to move around a lot.

But, the gem that makes this game so addictive, is its perks, killstreaks and tons of unlockable content as you level up makes sure that every time you play, no matter for how long there will always be the feeling that you have accomplished something. And that is very rare in games, as most times you just feel that you have done almost nothing, but COD has mastered that art making sure that you will want to come back for more and more.

Mostly it would be a bad thing, but this time it is a good thing because the game is very fun and is really enjoyable earning the first place on our top list without a doubt



Forza Horizon is probably the ultimate petrol head sandbox, as it allows really deep customization and tuning, and does not lose any of these options when you join the multiplayer.

Past Forza series was known for track racing, but Horizon opened up the world and gave the players the ultimate option – complete freedom. With huge amounts of vehicles, customization options (both performance and visual) and deep vehicle tuning allow the player to be really creative and make their perfect vehicle.

This is what makes the Horizon online so great because if you do not want to race some track or route, you can just go ahead and drive, drift or tune your vehicle so it is perfect.

And this freedom is rare in the racing world, and Horizon proved how to do it properly by making sure that you, your friends or complete strangers can do some crazy stuff together.



Gears of War 3 multiplayer mostly is set on GOW 2 base, but with added features and tweaked mechanics. And this is not a bad thing because GOW 2 multiplayer already was really fun, and had a lot of possibilities but needed some upgrading.

With unique battles, that slowly leads up to a burst of immense violence that are set in bright light, colorful maps that stand out on the standard gloomy shooters maps.

But the best online options are its co-op survival mode, as you will have to defend against waves of Horde, and having the wide range of Locust and brilliant weapons makes it stand above others. Or first time ever, you can switch sides, and try to be the Locust and bring down the humans as you slowly unlock new beasts to use against them.

With tweaked battle mechanics and co-op that works well makes sure that you will have some violent fun.



Battlefield 3 is compared a lot to the COD series, although the multiplayer parts of the games are the complete opposite when COD focused on small maps, and fast-paced action, Battlefield focused on larger maps (mostly expands as objectives are completed) with slower but still action-packed gameplay.

Battlefield excels at teamwork based victory, as it is really hard to win the match by just going and gunning everyone. And having the class specifications makes sure that you will have to work together, because you will need a medic to heal up, or support class to have your ammo or even the engineer to fix or destroy vehicles.

Add the level of possibility and unlocking new gear, attachments gives the game a sense of purpose, as you inch towards your new gear makes it feel like you are accomplishing something after the battle. The game is never lost, as Battlefield allows a lot of battle strategies and almost every situation has some way to ensure that you can be victorious.

Plus, with vehicles like tanks, helicopters, jets and other types of transport gives the game some versatility, making it less boring as it may not be fast paced shooter all the time and that adds a lot of enjoyment and fun.



Halo 4 brings out the best in this games series, as it has perfect balancing and offers a lot of content with leveling up and customization as its main option. Halo 4 offers a lot of content, from the unique Spartan Op coop mode to the usual deathmatch, capture the flag and other modes.

But the real beauty is its near-perfect balance because Halo is probably the only game where a player with a higher level and better loadout will slaughter you because you do not have so much time to play. And that means that skill is the real winner in this game, as the maps are balanced making sure that everyone is almost on equal terms when playing and the skill will show the true victor.

And this is what makes the multiplayer so fun and addictive, just because you are behind your team level does not mean you will suck at it and that the enemy will have an advantage in the map.

This is what we believe the perfect receipt for a great online shooter game.



GTA V is probably the most recognizable Grand Theft Auto entry, mainly because it has never really lost its interest from public and with new content, and updates coming out even now the online has tons and tons of stuff do to, from heists, battles, races or even just free roam to just murder everyone you see.

You will probably have loads of fun playing with some strangers and making new friends via the in-game chat (which is kind of hard to do when you are low-level player, as you will be tagged as a “newbie” by other players), but when you do make friends it opens whole new page of fun. But, if you have friends that play GTA V too, then it is even better, as doing everything with your squad is even better, and more fun in every way.

But the biggest flaw is when you really want to earn something, although the heists, races, and battles, pay cash it may take a lot of time to grind the cash for some cars, houses or new weapons kind of forcing you to purchase those cash cards.



Although few may argue that L4D series is best played on its “real” platform aka PC as it offers free DLC and quicker updates it still can`t beat the possibility to sit down on your couch with surround sound, as it brings a new way to the game that can`t be experienced otherwise.

Although L4D2 multiplayer does not have a lot of options it still offers large amounts of fun and hours to play. We preferred to play it like arcade, not focusing on winning, but just having fun playing it, and it worked really good, getting wrecked a lot of times just because we were too busy laughing our butts off.

And this is why I believe that Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game looking at multiplayer terms, as it offers just some pure enjoyment and for those looking for some serious challenge you could easily play Realism mode, which cuts out the video game “helps” and will throw you are your friends in the game without any help making sure that you will have to work and communicate with your time to ensure victory.



NHL 16 at first was not the game to be recommended for its online capabilities, as it had some real problems to it, but for those still scared from the past do not be. The multiplayer is working great, and with this, it ensures that your victory or loss was not because of a bad server.

Multiplayer offers a lot of modes for some one on one action in tradition team vs team, shootouts, and even six on six team game, making sure that you can have some fun while playing your favorite type of sport with all your friends at the same time.

NHL offers endless hours of fun alone or with groups, and that is why we believe it deserves a spot in this top, as it brings out the best in this sport, the pure mix of excitement and frustration, balancing the emotions and making sure that you will be on the edge as the time is about to end for the match



Just like the next entry in this list FIFA 08 does not offer complex multiplayer modes and just sticks to its basic origins pulling the best out of it. Although for few this may be the reason why they do not want this game or why they do not go online to play with others, as the multiplayer does not bring anything really new, just puts you up against strangers.

But, we believe that FIFA does not need anything new in that term, as the game is about stadium football and brings out the best of this sport while playing it on a console. The servers may not be so active at this time, making you wait while it is searching for an opponent as the game is almost 10 years old, it still has some active community, but on the bright side it just means that the latency is minimal, and when playing against others you will not lose just because bad servers.

And that is the reason why FIFA 08 deserves to be here, as it brings out the best of the sport while maintaining simplicity and fun.



This is one of the games that do not need to offers a huge variety because the basics of it are enjoyable and bringing in some complex content may ruin everything. And Tekken TT2 did not ruin anything, the game still offers a lot of fun while playing in multiplayer, bringing people against each other with somewhat similar skills.

Although the game is old it still has an active player community, and finding a match was not such a big of a pain, the bigger pain was to find an enemy which as similar to my skills, as there were not many players online. But, losing is the best teacher and it still did not take away the fun, just added a small layer of frustration when I got my bottom handed to me on a silver plate.

So, the game still offers a lot and probably will still offer for few more years, the only problem is the active player count because the game is getting older and older the community is shrinking making this game a risk to get if you are looking just for multiplayer.



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