Nazi Zombies is a game mode that puts players into a horror-movie environment. Many individuals feel as though the Nazi Zombies game mode is the best feature of the World at War, as it gives players a thoroughly intense action packed experience.

Players can earn points and gain powerful weapons in order to fight off the Zombies. There are also many Nazi Zombies cheat codes to help players find secrets to gaining endless power.

Nazi Zombie Help, Call of Duty: World at War

world at war nazi zombies gameplayThe goal when playing Nazi Zombies is to survive each cluster of zombies and acquire points in order to buy powerful weapons and unlock rooms throughout the building. Players are often bombarded by freaky looking Nazi Zombies and even adults can get a little creeped out when playing late at night.


Xbox 360 Cheat Code

There can be up to four players, whom all stand behind enemy lines stationed in Germany. The players are labeled as American GI’s trapped in a secluded building far beneath enemy lines. The army of GI’s must form a plan to survive against the clusters of Nazi Zombies. The Zombies try to push through the barricaded windows in an effort to enter the building and feast on the brains of the trapped American GI’s.

Xbox 360 Cheat Code, Nazi Zombie Weapons

Players can find a number of weapon purchase-points throughout each room inside the deserted building. There are basic SMGs, rifles and shotguns, however; these will quickly lose their power as the Zombies increase and become more powerful through speed and strength.

Nazi Zombies cheat codes, Nazi Zombies Cheatsworld at war nazi zombies

Players must gain enough points to unlock weapons kept inside a box that spawns a random weapon when players use their collected points. However; players can find secret ways to earn more powerful weapons through Nazi Zombies World at War cheat codes.

Nazi Zombies Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs, Cheats Codes

One popular cheat code for Nazi Zombies includes a secret to extra weapons. Follow these specific steps in order to use this Xbox 360 Nazi Zombies cheat code:

  • Once the player has reached the “Zombie Swamp” and is ready to get a perk. The player shall proceed to the weapon box first, click on it, then run over to the perk machine and hit X.
  • The player must then run over to the box and pick up the weapon
  • If the process is done correctly and within the right time frame, the players should have the weapons.
  • Players can earn up to 5 powerful weapons by using this Nazi Zombies World at War cheat code.

Xbox Cheat Codes, Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Secrets

Many players are happy to see that Nazi Zombies has made it through to the Call of Duty games, as these are of the most pleasurable and addictive games available to consumers who love action packed thrilling war games. Players can enjoy the fun of fighting off those creepy Zombies as they earn points to gain the most powerful weapons available. For those who really want to climb to the top of the action and blast those Zombies, try looking up Nazi Zombies cheat codes to earn more weapons.


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