ROCKVILLE, Md. – Jon Snow may know nothing, but a Target website ad might have leaked something for the Game of Thrones fans.

Rumor has it that Bethesda Game Studios, one of the most prominent video gaming developers in the United States, is quietly working on a Game of Thrones role-playing game (RPG). This would bring more hype to the GoT series that would be wrapping up Season 7. It would be a dream come true for gamers and fans alike to play an RPG with A Song of Ice and Fire storyline developed by the creators of the series Fallout and The Elders Scrolls.

Winter Has Come: Bethesda Rumored to Create Game of Thrones RPG

However, the speculations about a new game set in Westeros are not new. The company was offered to develop a game back in 2011, but it declined and released Skyrim instead. The goal back then was for the video game masters to create a dimension of their own – making it popular not because it was based on something the public already is familiar with.

Checking out on Target’s official website, it shows a product named Bethesda: Game of Thrones, but it does not contain any other details. The franchise has become notorious when it comes to preempting new products on its pages like what happened to PlayStation 4 gold edition and the video game Middle Earth. Target already included them in the product list, while the developers are yet to announce that they even exist.

Winter Has Come: Bethesda Rumored to Create Game of Thrones RPG

Pete Hines, a representative from Bethesda, confirmed prior that the company is developing two projects that can be compared to their previous game series. If this materializes, fans might be hearing Sean Bean’s voice again, but this time as Ned Stark, which is his character in the hit TV series. He was the voice behind the character Martin Septim in The Elder Scrolls.

The plan to create an RPG dedicated to Game of Thrones will definitely benefit the game developers, the TV producers, and, of course, the fans.


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