What is Xbox 360 games on Demand?

A small walkthrough about games on Demand.


A great option of the Xbox 360 is that you can purchase original Xbox and full digital version Xbox 360 games on the Marketplace. The main problem is that the price is usually a bit higher than the same ones purchased from eBay or Amazon.

So, we have few tips that should make it a lot easier for you to figure out which games to skip, and which are worth your money.

First of all – Games on Demand?

Before you can kill the beast, we should look at it, and figure out what it is. So, Games on Demand is an Xbox Live Marketplace service where you can buy Xbox 360 games. These games are full versions, with only couple of exceptions (mostly these exceptions will have something cut out, or will load a lot slower), but most of the will perform just like the physical versions.

The main idea is that the game is stored on your hard drive or another storage device (external HDD or USB), and they can take up to 7GB of space (So make sure you have plenty of room before you try to download)

What are the restrictions for Games on Demand?

  The restrictions for GOD is that the games you download are tied to your Gamertag, and the system you downloaded it on, meaning that oy will not be able to resell the game if you get bored. But, the games can be deleted and re-downloaded as many times as you want.

Are they still backward compatible with Xbox One?

  Yes, they are, now that Xbox 360 backward compatibility has been added, any compatible Xbox 360 games you have digitally are automatically added to your Xbox One game list. But, of course this only works on the games that are compatible with Xbox One.

How much do Games on Demand cost?

The list of titles is available at a wide range of price, as they start from just a few dollars and can go up to full priced games. The price difference between physical copy and Games on Demand starts from just $2-3 and can be all the way up to $20-30 more for a digital version.

But, don’t be discouraged by it, as Microsoft has weekly sales and specials, as well with some massive sales throughout the year GOD titles can be quite appealing.

Gold Membership (Games with gold)

  Probably you already know this, but each month Microsoft has a couple of Xbox 360 Games on Demand titles available for free exclusively for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. These games are free to download and are yours to keep if you download them (Don`t worry, you can just delete them, and you will still own it, you just have to download it). Xbox One also has Games with Gold, but with a different set of games.

What titles are worth purchasing?

This is one of the hardest questions probably, just because each one of us has different ideas on value, so while one might be willing to pay a premium for a digital version, someone else would rather just save some cash and buy it from eBay or GameStop.

So, I won’t give you a list of what is worth and what probably is not, I will give you something better, a few tips on how to figure out this for yourself.


  The first thing you should do is to check the prices on Games on Demand and compare it to what others charge for it. Sometimes it will be close a used copy on eBay can be just under $30, and is $30 on Demand, but sometimes it can be very different, a few games on the first appearance was more than twice as much as used games where sold. So, before you purchase just compare with other retailers or stores.

Time = Money

  This one is about your convenience and your time/money because buying a game on Demand can be a bit more than a physical copy. So, it is up to you, on how much are you willing to spend for the convenience, because this is about being able to have the game after a brief moment and not spending your time going to the store, buying gas or using public transportation.

  And that you may not damage the discs or lose, thus making the purchase obsolete or even waiting on the game which you ordered online (as we all know, it can take some time). There are still a lot of little things I could point out, but those you should consider yourself, so the difference between On Demand games and physical version price should be considered as a tax for your convenience, and only you can decide how much are you willing to pay for this tax.

The Game

Most important thing is the game and its quality when you are considering purchasing it as if you already like the game your convenience tax will probably go up. Being able to play something directly without having to change the disc is worth extra bucks if you know you will play it a lot.

This is where the quality comes in, because if you know that this is the game that you will play a lot of times weekly, or will love to come back in a long-term and having a Games on Demand copy will just make a lot of sense, and knowing that it just sits there, waiting for you is just nice.

Also, I would not put a lot of mind into review scores when you are considering about purchasing a Games on Demand copy, try to think of it as a guide.[/su_list]

What if the price is just too high?

  There will be games that you probably want to play a lot and you know that you will enjoy but sometimes the price will be just too high. And about that, I have a simple rule I like to follow, if the price at Games on Demand is about $6 higher than retail it is a purchase without a doubt, above $6 to about $10 it is still in my considerations, but when it is more than it is no use of purchasing it, as it simply is just a bad way to use your finances.

Original Xbox Games

  With a lot of Xbox 360 games on the service, there are only a bunch of original Xbox games and they have a price of about $20. A used copy will probably be less, but there are few original games that have held their value and can be worth a look but remember to compare the prices and the decision is always up to you.

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