SAN JOSE, Calif. – Western Digital, keeping its promise to store the world’s data, has revealed My Book Duo which boasts of its 20TB memory – the highest capacity that the American company has created so far.

This is great news to people who have to keep large files – an advantage to gamers and digital experts. The Western Digital 20TB My Book Duo may not work as an SSD machine that runs fast for reads and writes, but the external hard drive works just fine. It works between RAID 0 and RAID 1. It runs at 360 MB/s speeds on RAID 0, just enough for video editing and other processes that would require disk intensity.

To explain further, RAID 0 works with a maximum speed; however, it does not offer back up protection. RAID 1, on the other hand, provides full protection of the data but has minimum speed.

Western Digital Reveals 20TB My Book Duo Storage Box

The storage box uses WD RED drives that spin at 5,400 rotations per minute. It includes a 3.1 Type-C USB interface port and two Type-A USB ports for flash drives and other computer accessories. The ports also allow the user to charge their phones. It supports 256bit of AES hardware encryption.

To compare, Samsung just recently released a portable T5 SSD with storage of only 2TB at $800. This product, unlike the My Book Duo, greatly relies on the SSDs and has 540 MB/s single drive run performance. That is why My Book Duo keeps its partnership with Toshiba for a stronger flash storage.

What is great about buying the Western Digital My Book Duo is its price. The 20TB version is at $799, while the 4TB model is available for only $260. Other variations in terms of capacity are also available, such as the 16TB at a price of $599.99, 12TB at $419.99, 8TB at $329.99, and 6TB at $289.99.


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