WD (Western Digital Corporation) has taken the decision to transition their Green HDDs model into the blue model. 

The new blue model numbers are the same as they were only a little difference of last character is there. Now ‘z’ has taken the place of ‘x’. WD Black Model is still there in the drive family which is designed for high-performance applications. For example gaming and workstations.

The company’s colored products have made the customers easy to choose the best product for themselves according to their requirements. Company also has two more colored HDDs in its family WD RED and WD PURPLE.WD RED is used for NAS appliances and other one is used for video surveillance systems.

The drives of WD have very dedicated function for the different types of applications. Nowadays every device has its own data storage requirements. The WD drives has made easier for the people to select the right data storage drive for them. The customer should only know whether they are building PC, high-performance, NAS, video surveillance or datacenter systems.” 

The new WD BLUE model is more reliable and has best features for storing huge amount of data. These HDDs has improved their performance as compared to the previous generations and this has built the trust and confidence of the customers on its reliability. A WD hard drive provides free access to WD Acronis. Its software quickly installs your all data into the new drive without reinstalling your operating system. Several configuration tests are performed on the WD drives in order to check their compatibility.
 WD BLUE HDDs are very easy to upgrade. WD Blue storage is tested and recommended for use in notebooks, external enclosures and certain industrial applications. The new launch of WD BLUE has provided a new platform to WD products in the field of technology. 


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