Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive series is made for those who seek low power consumption and good price. If you want to learn more about the Western Digital colors, check out our article – Western Digital HDD Colors Explained.

For a while, now Western Digital has stopped producing these drives and defines with name “Green” their new SSD series. However, you can still find on the market WD Caviar Green hard drives, and some of them are pretty good. They offer large amounts of storage capacity, are very silent and produce little heat, meaning they are also very power efficient. If it’s so, why Western Digital doesn’t produce them anymore? Mainly because WD Blue took over Greens place as they are very similar. WD Blue features a bit higher data transfer speeds, and for many people, this is more important than power consumption. Slower transfer speeds and beeing not suited for RAID arrays is its main weakness. Also, the 3-year warranty could be better if we compare it for example with Black series drives.

If you do need a drive that offers high-performance, you should consider getting more expensive Blue or Black series that also offer a higher warranty. However, if you are looking for a cheap drive that offers decent performance than WD Digital Caviar Green is a great choice, especially the WD20EARS 2TB SATA drive. These drives are great for beeing used as backup drives or secondary drives.

WD20EARS - technical specificationsWD20EARS
Storage Capacity2TB
Form Factor3.5-inch
Rotational SpeedIntelliPower - variable
Idle/Seek Acoustics24dBA/29dBA
InterfaceSATA 3.0 Gbps
Warranty3 years

WD green 2TB

  • Very affordable, good price per GB ratio
  • Offers large capacities
  • Runs very quiet and produce little heat
  • Has good a power efficiency
  • Can’t use for RAID
  • WD Blue and Black offer higher data transfer speeds
  • 3-year warranty

WD Caviar Green drives are designed for high capacity and low power consumption. You can get it in the capacity that ranges from 500GB to whopping 6TB! These drives are perfect for offices and everyday use. You can store tons of data in them and save a bit of electricity. The green or power saving drives are sold a lot to in large capacities.

WD greenThey are also great hard drives for your old PC, if your old hard drive breaks, you can pick up a new WD20EARS 2TB SATA for a very affordable price, and it will run great. 2TB version is the most reasonable as it combines the best features of Caviar Green series. We don’t think it’s worth picking up a 6TB WD Green drive that will cost around 300$ if you need large capacities better get WD Blue.


To do what WD Caviar Green does the best – save power and have lower noise and heat levels, it sacrifices a bit of performance. You can’t get it all, also most fuel efficient cars don’t show great 0-60 times, same goes for internal hard drives. On Caviar Green drives WD has implemented a new system called “IntelliPower.” With this system, your hard drive doesn’t spin with constant speed like it would on convention hard drive. The rotation speed in which the mechanical disk is spinning can change over time, or it’s variable. On the WD Green, the rotation speed starts at about 5900rpm. When you actively use your hard drive, the disk will spin faster than in idle mode to reduce power consumption, and noise levels as well as heat produced. IntelliPower is one of the main features that defines WD Green.

For the interface, WD Green uses Serial ATA or SATA. WD20EARS uses SATA II interface that is restricted to speeds of 3.0Gbps. You can also get SATA III interface drives on the market that feature speeds of 6.0Gbps. WD Green 2TB is also available with SATA III(WD20EARX), but it costs a bit more. However, this shouldn’t be the key factor when deciding whether to get this drive or not because the mechanical properties restrict the data transfer speeds of the drive. For example, the maximum data transfer speed for SATA II is 375MB/s where our WD Green reached 171MB/s. There is a good reserve to those 375MB/s, so we doubt it’s worth to pay extra and get SATA III version.

As for data transfer speeds, WD Green did pretty well for green class. It reached a maximum speed of 171MB/s with average transfer speeds of about 100MB/s. For the primary drive, you would probably want to use an SSHD or Solid State Drive, but as a secondary drive, WD Green will work flawlessly. We loved how quiet WD Green is running under huge workloads and how cool it is.

Final words

We think that Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB is perfect secondary drive and is also great for backups. Power efficiency, cool working temperatures, and low noise levels are the main key factors if you want to get this drive. Sadly, WD Green is not suitable for RAID use as continiously changing disk rotation speed can cause multiple drives to become desynchronized which can lead to corrupt data. Despite that, this is a great drive for a very affordable price.


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