It’s always worrying to see a software on your computer that you haven’t installed. It seems like it magically appeared from the blue air. This kind of surprise is not pleasant as we want full control over our system and be informed about any changes. The first taught when you see such unwanted software is that it’s harmful and have to be removed as soon as possible.

One of these unknown files is Vulcan Run Time Libraries. Most users notice it in their list of programs with a publisher of LunarG, Inc. When Vulcan Run Time Libraries are installed on your computer, there will be no informative pop-up window, so most of us fear that it’s malware. But is it? In this post let’s find out what Vulcan Runtime Libraries is, is it harmful or not or should you remove it.

What is this Vulkan Run Time Library?Vulkan

First of, you can calm down, Vulkan is not malware. It’s nothing more than a new graphics standard. Imagine it like something similar to DirectX and OpenGL. It provides cross-platform access to GPUs. Yes, it will install on your computer without any notifications or permissions. But all it does is 3D Graphics API that comes together with Nvidia driver. In other words – it’s made for 3D performance in gaming and its bundled with graphics card drivers. So there should be no worries about it being malware. After reading this, you might want to check whether you have it installed or not. To manage this follow steps below:

  1. Open Control Panel. (You can find it by typing “Control Panel” in search)
  2. Under Programs, you will see “Uninstall a program”, click on it.Uninstall a program
  3. Now you will see a list of installed software, try to find Vulcan Run Time Libraries.

On Windows 10 you can also find it in Settings. Then click Apps & Features and search for Vulcan Runtime Libraries. If it’s installed, you will find it.

As we mentioned earlier, Vulcan Run Time Libraries is a tool that’s used in 3D gaming. Keep in mind that not all games use it, but some like Star Citizen and Dota 2 do. If you don’t play games that require Vulcan Run Time Libraries, you can feel free to remove it.

Note: Remember that after uninstalling, you won’t be able to install Vulcan Run Time Libraries manually and some games might not run properly without it. If you have already removed it, but need it for games, you can get it back by reinstalling graphics Driver.

The fuss about Vulcan Run Time Libraries being a virus

Lately, there’s a fuss about Vulkan Run Time Libraries because of the win32/subtab!blnk virus. There were users who removed Vulkan Run Time Libraries and claimed that Windows Defender stopped information about malware. So they decided that Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a malware. However, there is no connection between the win32/subtab!blnk virus and Vulkan Run Time Libraries.


Vulkan Run Time Libraries is nothing more than a 3D Graphics API that comes bundles with Nvidia graphic driver. Yes, it doesn’t ask for any permission nor shows notifications when it’s installed, but it’s not harmful. If you are gaming, then it’s crucial for some games to have it as with out it there can be graphical issues.

Therefore, we advise to leave it on your computer, as removing it may cause graphics issues and lower performance in games.


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