10 Best Unique Gifts for Women under 100$ [2017]

Gifts for women under 100$

Choosing a gift can be very difficult for both men and women. Of course, it’s always the best choice to present something that’s personal and would mean a lot to that person. However, if you have nothing in mind and want to buy a cool gift as quickly as possible, this article might help you.

We have made a list of Top 10 best gifts everywomen would like. Take a closer look and choose!

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1. Essence of Luxury Spa Gift BasketEssence of Luxury Spa Gift Basket
Thinking about something sweet-scented and aromatic? You are on the right path! Women love beauty products. And the best thing is – they are practically and almost any women or girl will be more than happy to receive such a gift. Essence of Luxury Spa Gift Basket is super large and contains vanilla scented spa products as well as 100 percent cotton spa towel. It’s very nice packaged with many ribbons and includes a gift message from you. You can’t shoot wrong with this one.

2. Swatch GS124Swatch GS124

If a gift is for a young girl or woman, Swatch GS124 is a cool and stylish choice. Besides looking very colorful and being made from plastic, it’s still A Swatch meaning it’s made in Switzerland. Therefore, it’s qualitative and the build quality is there where you expect it to be. Before you get one, make sure if she likes watches, because some don’t.

3. Amazon.com Gift CardAmazon.com Gift Card

No matter how hard you try, you still can’t find the right gift? All choices seem not the right ones? Well, let herself decide what she likes and what she doesn’t. You can buy Amazon’s gift card with a value of 50$, 75$ or 100$. Maybe this isn’t the most personal gift ever, but she will appreciate it a lot.

4. Guess Seductive Guess Seductive by Guess 2.5 oz 75 ml

Perfume… all women love it. However, it’s not so easy to buy one as they smell differently and some may not like it. If you buy the wrong bottle of perfume, she will most likely never use it. Guess Seductive has perfect fragrance, almost all women love it. Another great thing about this gift is that it’s super affordable. It won’t seat you back for more than 20$.

5. Mastering the Art of French CookingMastering the Art of French Cooking

You know someone that loves to cook? Your friend, mom, grandmother? If she does, she will definitely appreciate a book about mastering the art of french cooking. It’s a set of two books. The first book holds 524 recipes! If she’s into cooking, this is the right choice. It’s one all-time most popular cooking books. Over fifty years it has been teaching Americans about French kitchen.

6. Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage CollectionChesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Collection

As we already found out, girls love aromatic things and one of them is a candle. This is a set of four candles: Fresh Cut Grass, Lavender & Fig, Dewy Magnolia, Blood Orange or White Gardenia, Tomato Blossom, Aqua Marine, Milk & Honey or Black Birch, Wild Currant, Blood Orange, Aqua Marine. Meaning you can choose of three mixes. On average one candle will burn for 10 hours and fulfill the room with pleasant aroma.

7. Picnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set With Tote And Folding SeatPicnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set With Tote And Folding Seat

Gardening is another hobby for many women. Why not ease their life with this kit of garden tools and a folding seat. It also has a bag like a compartment. It’s always a joy to work with brand new tools.

8. Death Wish CoffeeDeath Wish Coffee

First of all, this gift may not be for every woman you know. It’s probably not the best idea to prepare this as a gift to the relatively unknown person. However, if you know someone that can’t wake up without a cup of coffee, it may be a perfect gift. Death Wish Coffee claims to be the worlds strongest coffee. Someone who loves crazy things will be more than happy.

9. Vlando Wooden Jewelry BoxVlando Wooden Jewelry Box

Every woman has to have a jewelry box, if you know someone who is holding their valuables in an unsuitable compartment, it’s time to get her a jewelry box. One of the best choices is Vlando Wooden’s product.

10. Ivory Gold Rose with StandOris Big Crown ProPilot

Fresh flowers die off after some time, Ivory Gold Rose won’t – it will last a lifetime. This rose is trimmed with 24K high purity gold and comes with a stand. Be creative, give the kind of flowers she has never seen before.


Final words

Thinking about a gift for a woman can be extremely difficult, especially for men. Things can get bad if you shoot wrong by giving a gift that she doesn’t like. Things like sports equipment and kitchen tech are questionable gifts for women – some may like, but some may not. For example, I have witnessed cases where a guy bought a year’s gym membership as a gift and it was a disaster as the girl though this means she’s fat and has to lose some weight. So before you buy anything like this, make sure you know the person, if you don’t, stick with something traditional like perfume, books, candles, jewelry and so on.

We hope that this article helped you choosing your perfect gift for her and, if it didn’t, at least you got some ideas about what’s a good gift and what isn’t. Got any great gifts in mind? Share below.


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