Christmas is a time full of joy and happiness, and what better way to celebrate than being a little naughty and wearing an ugly sweater. It doesn’t matter what other people say, it’s that time of the year when you have the freedom to choose what to wear without getting any weird looks from people. Moreover, one of the best gifts one can give to a friend or loved one is funny, funky, ugly Christmas sweaters. There are a number of different designs featuring Santa and Jesus on Christmas sweater, however, we have picked a unique design for you today. If you’re wondering what kind of Ugly Christmas sweater to buy, then go through our list of Top 10 Trump Christmas Sweaters. Not only are these quite funny, rather they can be that perfect, funny and naughty gift you give to your friends.

No matter where you lie on the political spectrum, this Christmas Spread Shirt is sure to make you laugh and make your Christmas more fun. Featuring a funny picture of Donald Trump wearing a Christmas hat with a taunting quote “Make Christmas Great Again”. Available in red color this spread Shirt is machine washable, but it is highly advised to wash it inside out.

Featuring the Donald in his black suit and red tie, wearing a red Christmas hat, surrounded by Christmas trees and snowflakes with a text “Make Christmas Great Again”. Available in red color this item is extremely soft with high quality and is machine washable.

Available in multiple colors this sweatshirt featured Donald’s face wearing a red Christmas hat with a text wrap of “Make Christmas Great Again”. The print features vibrant red, green and white colors which are traditional Christmas colors. Made from a cotton and polyester blend this shirt is very soft and is available in a ton of different colors. It can be a great Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Ever feel like the spirit of Christmas has faded away with adulthood and maturity? Well forget about maturity and enjoy this Christmas to the fullest with this next product on our list. A black ugly Donald trump sweatshirt, featuring none other than the Donald himself in green elvish clothes with a text wrap of “Let’s make Christmas Great Again. The print also features the republican logo, Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa. This sweatshirt is available in multiple colors and is machine washable.

This is one of the funniest items on our list, featuring a print of Donald Trump dressed like Santa Claus holding a Santa pack with the text “Make America Great Again” surrounded by snowflakes. Moreover, the main text of the print is quite hilarious as it reads “Merry Christmas Ya filthy Deplorable” this can be the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones or something naughty that you can wear yourself this Christmas.

Another great item on this list that can make your Christmas more fun. Featuring the Donald holding his finger up, surrounded by money and Christmas Trees and the Republican logo. Along with a text wrap that reads” make your passion your paycheck. The sweater is available in multiple colors and is machine washable.

Another comedic item on our list features Donald Trump with yellow hair wearing a red suit and a red Christmas hat surrounded by Christmas gifts and reindeer. Featuring a text wrap that reads “Merry Christmas, It’s Gonna be Yuge”. Made of polyester and cotton blend, the shirt is very soft and machine washable.

One of the best design for ugly Christmas sweaters on this list, featuring Donald Trump with an open mouth inside a Christmas seaweed with a text wrap that reads “Merry Chrithmith”. The sweatshirt boasts a double needle stitching design and is very soft and comfortable. Why Chrithmith? Because in one of the recent speeches Trump wasn’t able to say the United States correctly, internet joke.

This must be one of our favorite on the list, featuring a very funny looking Donald Trump in a green and red elvish attire with a black and yellow belt. The sweater does not have a text wrap, but the print itself depicts the Christmas joy and comedic vibe. It can be a great Christmas present for your friends and loved ones.

The Christmas sweater by Tee stars has made to the top of our list due to the comedic print and hilarious text that it features. The shirt has a print of Donald Trump in a black suit with a funny smug, holding a pussycat in his hands, while the text wrapped around the print reads “Grab Christmas by the Pussy” It’s available in multiple colors and is sure to evoke a lot of laughers and reactions by people.



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