X300 6TB HDD
X300 HDD

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD) has recently launched their new four internal HDDs which include three desktop and one mobile option which gives storage of 6TB. These drives are designed by keeping in mind the demand of the more and bulk storage of data with fast speed.

Different series has been designed like X300, P300, E300, L200 and H200 series. They all have their different purposes. The X300 is 3.5 inch high HDD which offers the capacity up to 6TB. It is designed for the use of gaming and graphical uses and it also provides the best data protection features along with two years warranty.

P300 is a high performance delivering HDD which offers 3TB storage capability. It has the capacity to handle the huge collection of digital files and it uses special technique for the protection of data. It is meant for high performance and mainstream users.

E300 is for handling low power and for reliable performance and is available with feasible prices. It provides the storage limit of 3TB. This is best for the users who want high performance on their computer with low power consumption.

L200 is 2.5 inch mobile drive which provides the best features of mobile computing and delivers the storage capacity of 1TB. It comes with three year warranty period. The last one is H200 series which is hybrid solid state drive and 2.5 inch drive which is best for the pc gamer’s requirements. It has storage capacity of 1 TB.

These all models support Windows, Mac and Linux. Toshiba is known for delivering its best products to their customers and this time also they have launched exotic products in the market. This is really good news for the people who are looking for HDDs with mass storage capacity and with so many new features. 


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