The Xbox 360 had (and still does) some of the best console gaming graphics available. The next generation in gaming is introduced with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect. The new Kinect is a hybrid of the old Xbox 360 with no-remote gaming. The Xbox Kinect is full-body gaming, so you use your hands, feet, legs, arms and head. It’s great for entertainment and even some exercise, especially if you play console games for hours at a time.


[icons icon=”star” color=”#1c31b5″]No Remote for the Xbox 360 – Just Use Your Body

The Wii introduced gaming with friends using body motion, but the Xbox Kinect takes it one step further. You need no remotes. Instead, you kick if you need to kick. Turn the wheel using your arms, if you need to drive. Jumping, spinning, kicking punching, dancing and dozens of other moves are all a part of playing the Xbox Kinect games.

[icons icon=”star” color=”#1c31b5″]Control Streaming Movies with Your Voice

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch your rental DVDs using the Xbox Kinect. You can also watch movies from a Windows Media Server. The advantage of the Xbox Kinect compared to Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii is that the Kinect offers voice activation. Kinect lets you start, stop, pause and use other movie actions while sitting on the couch without a remote.

[icons icon=”star” color=”#1c31b5″]Your Own Xbox Kinect Avatar

You have your own 3D, movable avatar, so each of your settings is customized to your own body. This means each of your family members can also have their own avatars without messing up your Xbox settings. You program your own movements, so you can show family and friends your avatar and any moves you taught to the avatar using full-body gaming control. You dress and customize the avatar to look like you or who you want to look like.

[icons icon=”star” color=”#1c31b5″]Games for Everyone Including Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sisters

Microsoft learned its lesson from the first generation Xbox. It now offers plenty of varieties of games for each family member. You can also buy Xbox Kinect packages to customize who the Xbox is for, if you decide to give it as a gift for Christmas or a birthday. As with any gaming console, the Kinect has games in development so that new ones will be released in the future.

The Xbox Kinect 4GB comes loaded with the Kinect Adventures game, has a free month of Xbox Live. The Xbox Kinect 250GB has a larger hard drive for saved games,  and songs.


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