Headsets are not only used for music. A good quality headset provides the best version of the environmental sounds converted into digital audio files. At the same time, the best headsets will provide you the best comfort, too.

Aside from listening to the realistic sounds of the games you are playing, you will need your headset to coordinate with your online teammates and share each other’s strategies to win online competitions.

There is always the right headset for every kind of Xbox One gamer and the right fit of headset for every personal computer or mobile device. Some of them use USB as connector and require a special Xbox One Stereo adapter.

So, here’s a list of the top 9 best Xbox One gaming headsets to help you decide which one fits you best according to your needs and style. If you still can’t find a suitable headset see our Top 10 best Xbox One Headset article.

Our Top 9 Xbox One Gaming Headsets

1. Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800XTurtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X 

This sleek and stylish headset is 100% wireless with a 7.1 sound surround and noise cancellation feature. It has built-in presets with specific genres to intensify your music, gaming, and movie experience. You can also do a hands-free audio team chat with its dynamic chat boost feature.

It is ideal for gamers like you because your hands have to focus on the controllers. It helps you multi-task and play conveniently with other gamers. Its active noise cancellation feature immerses you in a real-world gaming experience and eradicates the noise and distractions around you.

You would not have to shout at your audio chatmates because of its mic monitoring system where you get to hear how loud your voice is right inside your headset. You may also use its Bluetooth connectivity function when connecting to your tablet and other mobile devices which makes it a great headset for gaming and listening to music.

Lastly, it also comes with a magnetic charging stand which makes charging easy. It also functions as a stand for your headset when you are not using it. The headset lasts for 10 hours on its battery. If you are considering only wireless headsets, check out our Best Xbox One Wireless Headsets article.

2. Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR

This wired headset is designed for PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, but you can certainly use it with your other gadgets, too. It has great audio quality matched with an exceptional fit and elegant finish suited for gamers.

It is capable of adapting to various types of environment. The MixAmp Pro TR feature of this headset was designed with a combination of relevant digital components to avoid audio lags and to have a continuous operation without any interference. It also comes with a software called the ASTRO Command Center that allows every live streamer to tune every output and input parameter of the MixAmp.

You also get to swap components like the mic, ear cushions, and the speakers by transforming the A40 TR’s open back into a closed back that helps eliminate noise from the environment. The additional components are not included but are available with ASTRO Mod Kits which are separately sold.

Regarding the comfort of wearing an Astro, it may not be as comfortable or convenient for long hours of gaming, say 20 to 30 hours, since its whole body weighs 300 grams. That is quite heavy to wear non-stop. In addition, the headset cable is quite short.

Read our Astro Gaming A40 TR full review.


3. Steel Series Arctis 5 Steel Series Arctis 5

This gaming headset with a classic look just has so many features that go with it. It perfectly contours and fits on your head as it equally distributes the total weight of the headset with a 9.9 oz Ski Goggle Band. This band helps in eliminating all kinds of pressure while wearing it.

It has a ClearCast microphone that goes in two directions, delivering incomparable clarity of audio. It is also capable of drowning all possible noise coming from your environment.

Moreover, its AirWeave fabric ear cushions keep you cool, comfy and dry. Its S1 Audio Driver was created to give you the most balanced quality of soundscape with extraordinary clarity. Packed with a USB Chatmix Dial, this headset lets you adjust the volumes of the game and the chat audio separately. Audio controls are also found on the side of the ears for more convenient and easier control of the headset’s volume. It may also be muted using the same control.

Such lightweight design for a gaming headset will make you feel like you are not wearing something on your head. The Arctis 5 is also very unique because of its 16.8 million varying illumination colors that you can choose from.

What’s best about this headset is that you also get to use it on any kind of platform or device and you get to bring it with you wherever you want. With its SteelSeries Engine 3 system, you may personalize your headset’s audio profiles as well as its settings for the sound surround.


4. HyperX KHX-H3CLW CloudHyperX KHX-H3CLW Cloud

The HyperX is designed and produced in Sweden. It is also the most highly recommended gaming headset by world-class organizations in the gaming industry.

This headset that comes in black, white, and silver, is multi-platform and may be used with devices like the computer, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Pro, Mac, and other mobile devices.

It is slim, very comfortable and lightweight. It also has a memory foam for the ear cups made of leatherette. The headset comes with a spare set made from velvet which you could use for design switching. Its microphone is detachable, and the ear cups are of reducing noise.

Its cables are tangle-free because they are braided and it has an inline control for the volume and microphone mute. In addition, it has an enhanced “bass-reproduction.” This headset is also certified with TeamSpeak.

It comes in black and white or red and black with free technical support from Kingston and a two-year warranty as well.


5. HyperX Cloud StingerHyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX is a bestseller for PlayStation 4 console use. It is also multi-platform, so it can also be used for Wii U.  It is a lightweight headset with precise audio quality from its 50mm directional drivers. Its ear cups can rotate up to 90 degrees and are also made with famous HyperX memory foam with an adjustable steel slider that is very durable and stable even after long-term usage. Its intuitive volume controls are located on the ear cups as well.

You may also mute the mic conveniently by flipping the microphone against the head. The HyperX also has noise cancellation that is built-in and eliminates all background noise.

Although the Stinger seems to have a good textured finish, most of its parts are made from plastic. With its 275g weight, it is still quite strong although dropping it on the floor is not a good idea to test it. Its headband is comfortably tight for your head and does not slip off too easily during movements.

6. Sades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC HeadsetSades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC Headset

The Sades is best for games with the Mac. This bestseller is quite a complicated and high-end model of gaming headset for Mac users. It comes with a great Sades decoding chip and quality USB 7.1 surround sound that goes well for gamers using the PC. It also has LED lights on the sides.

You also get to experience “virtual” sound field that creates audio that you do not actually see. It has 4 layers of padding on the headband that gives you different adjustments for the height to secure a perfect fit for a PC gamer.

It still provides you with gaming comfort even after long hours of playing without the pain on the surface of your ears. Like its headband adjustments, the microphone is also very flexible so you can exactly position it in any way you like. There is also a small in-line control for the sound and microphone. Further, its ear cups eliminate that “seashell effect” on the gamer’s ears.

The Sades has no built-in drivers but the drivers can be downloaded.


7. Logitech G230 StereoLogitech G230 Stereo

This stereo sound headset has fair quality for gaming with durable ear cups that are soft and lightweight. Its microphone can be folded, and it comes with a boom mic that helps reduce noise from the environment. It eliminates background sound for a clear pickup of voice.

It operates on systems like Windows 7 and 8 or with the Linux operating system for the microphone inputs. Its extra-long cable allows you to position your controls for quick and easy access.

Since it is relatively cheap, it has no software that comes with it. The G230 is good for listening to music. it is budget-friendly for everyday gamers.

However, the Logitech may not be the best option if you like turning up your volumes too high or if you’re gaming with gunfire games.


8. Patriot Viper V360 7.1 Surround SoundPatriot Viper V360 7.1 Surround Sound

This headset is just perfect for a gamer who wants an extra bass effect for the audio. The Patriot Viper has a UBR or the Ultra Bass Response system that creates impressive subwoofers and lets you experience that boom as you play your games. It also comes with a built-in microphone that is also foldable. This ergonomic headset comes with a great design of ear cups that is very comfortable even for long hours of gaming.

Although it has good bass, powering up the volume too much creates a chaotic and alien-sounding audio in it. Moreover, the rectangle shape of the ear cups may not be a good fit for the head, and other users may find it too big and awkward compared to the more common rounded earcup designs.

Connectors strain relief for Patriot Viper is durable since they are molded above the cord sleeve.

9. Jeecoo JC-G1000 Stereo Over-EarJeecoo JC-G1000 Stereo Over-Ear

Jeecoo works best with Personal Computers and is not actually compatible with the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or the Xbox One. It would require an additional adapter for it to work with a computer that only has a single 3.5mm jack.

This stereo sound headset is very accurate when it comes to sound pickup features. It is capable of capturing the sound of footsteps, or even the sound of scattered flying bullets. It can also give rich and crisp sound effects from the games.

Its microphone is not only bidirectional but omnidirectional and could capture sounds from various sources with its 360 degrees turn. This feature makes it excellent for the gamer to chat with other gamers on the line.

It is built for the comfort of its user. Jeecoo has a thick layer of headset padding for both the ear cups and the headband which makes it comfortable to wear even for long periods of gaming.

Jeecoo headset is also best for listening to music. It even has a mesh on the inside of the ear cup that helps in preventing the gamer’s ears from sweating too much.

Final words

Headsets vary in style and design specifications. It’s best to know first where to use the headsets because there are those that work well with computers rather than on any other mobile device. Knowing the right fit does not only mean that the headset should fit the gamer’s ears. It also means that the headset is compatible with the certain device that you are using.

Some headsets may come cheap but have a quality sound system, only they may not last long. On the other hand, there are some that may last longer but may not have a good audio quality.

Playing a game is more exciting when the sounds are realistic, and it brings you to a different world. That kind of gaming experience only happens when you get the best headset that is perfect for your personalized needs.


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