Over the past couple years, some truly amazing games that will give you hours upon hours of intense gameplay have come out for consoles, and PS4 is one of them. One of the most annoying things that could happen while enjoying these amazing games is your DualShock 4 controller running out of juice, so making sure it has enough power to run for longer gaming sessions is important.

This is where battery packs come in – these are handy devices that attach to your controller and provide enough power for much longer gaming sessions. We have put together a short list (in no particular order) of what we consider the best PS4 DualShock controller battery packs.

What are PS4 controller battery packs?

Battery packs are little blocks that connect directly to your controller and contain an extra battery. They are made to be as light as possible, fit snugly around the controller and not be in the way of any buttons or analog sticks.

The most important aspect of any battery, PS4 battery packs included, is the charge which is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). The electrical charge shows how many units of electric energy a battery can hold, thus it indirectly tells you how long a fully charged battery will last. As a baseline, the 1000 mAh battery that comes by default in every DualShock 4 controller lasts 4-8 hours, depending on how many of its features are being used (sound, vibration etc.).


Our top 5 PS4 battery packs


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Battery pack reviews

1. Zacro PS4 Power Bank

Cheapest reliable PS4 battery pack

Zacro PS4 Power Bank Adapter Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger - Best External Controller PowerPak Extended Battery for Playstation 4 Gamepad - 1000 mAh

If you are looking for the most economical choice for your gaming needs, the Zacro Battery pack will be the best one on our list as costs around 10 bucks. It has an ergonomic design, allowing easy access to the RL buttons and has fitting room for your fingers on the backside of the controller.

Same as all 1000 mAh battery packs, it delivers around 4 hours of extra gameplay time under normal settings. The battery pack comes with a USB cable and all of these features are backed up by a 2-year warranty.



2. Surge PS4 Battery Pack

Ergonomic battery pack with a cable

Surge PS4 Controller Charging Cable and Battery Pack - PlayStation 4

One of the best-fitting battery packs on our list, the Surge PS4 Battery Pack attaches to the controller almost seamlessly and doesn’t compromise the sleek DualShock 4 design at all. The other feature that makes this battery pack differ from others is the 10-foot nylon-braided USB cable, which is a decent product on its own with similar cables costing almost as much as this whole battery pack. At 1200 mAh, this battery pack, as far as numbers go, has a bit more to add to your gaming experience.



3. Ortz PS4 Power Bank

Best customer reception

Ortz PS4 Power Bank Adapter [FREE CHARGING CABLE] Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger - Best External Controller PowerPak Extended Battery for Playstation 4 Gamepad - 1000 mAh

Ortz Power Bank is one of the best-received battery packs on our list, with the company staying true to their promise of high-quality gaming gear. While it clocks in at the average 1000 mAh (~4h extra gameplay), much fewer people have had issues with the product. The only negative to note here is the thicker upper side of the pack, which may make it uncomfortable for some people to access the RL buttons.



4. Venom PS4 Battery Pack

The longest battery life

Venom Officially Licensed Rechargeable Battery Pack for Sony Playstation 4 - Power Bank for PS4 Controller / Gamepad - Black

The Venom PS4 rechargeable battery pack is definitely the most premium choice on our list since it is fully licensed for PS4 controllers and provides the longest battery life. While no specific charge value has been published by Venom, they have promised around 20 extra hours of gameplay, which many have achieved when testing this product. Note that the battery has to go through a couple charging cycles to achieve the fullest charge.While it

While it may seem a bit clunky, the Venom PS4 rechargeable battery pack is actually a couple grams lighter than other PS4 battery packs on our list at 1.3oz / 36g. It will also not obstruct your fingers at the back much since it is rather narrow. Comes with a cable.



5. Supremery PS4 Power Bank

The snuggest of fits

Supremery PS4 Power Bank Batterie Adapter Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger - Best External Controller PowerPak Extended Battery for Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller Gamepad - 1000 mAh

While Venom PS4 battery pack may be the only one licensed by Sony, the Supremery Power Bank is the one that fits it the best with all the curves feeling just right and the clip-on part of the battery pack is completely out of the way of the front side of the controller. This battery can hold 1000 mAh, same as most of the other ones so it roughly doubles the time your PS4 controller won’t need a recharge.




While all of the battery packs on our list are products we would recommend, the only real standouts on our list would be Venom PS4 rechargeable battery pack and Zacro PS4 battery pack. Venom would be our best recommendation since it delivers the best performance out of all the PS4 battery packs while retaining an ergonomic design. Zacro battery pack may not deliver as much as Venom but, in turn, costs almost half of most other PS4 battery packs, thus being the best choice if you have limited funds.

As for how comfortable they are, it’s hard to say, since many have stated that even packs as sleek as Supremery’s have made holding the controller uncomfortable. So while some PS4 battery packs are seemingly much more ergonomic, the actual comfort they can deliver is largely up to taste.

Honorable mentions

Since the market for these PS4 devices isn’t that big, we will add a couple honorable mentions, that didn’t make our list because of not so good customer reception. First of all, Nyko Power Pak has been a popular choice because of its sleek design (similar to the Supremery PS4 battery pack). However, many have reported issues with charging that have made the pack almost useless.


Another choice that would stand out among others would be USPRO’s PS4 battery pack, which doesn’t attach to the backside of the controller but rather between the two handles. While this may have been their sales pitch, for many this design is uncomfortable, not to mention some people having issues with the battery life itself. Note that the USPRO PS4battery pack is rated alongside some other controller products.



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