The Xbox 360 offers a multitude of FPS games. Choosing the best of the best is a difficult process, but regardless, here are the Xbox 360’s top 5 FPS games. Make sure to check ourĀ Best Xbox 360 Games Under Twenty Dollars.


1. Bioshock: Metacritic rating 96, Gamerankings rating 95Bioshock:

As other FPS games focused on multiplayer fragfests, Bioshock delivered an engrossing single player experience.

Taking place in an underwater city, the player must survive against maniacs and mutants driven mad by the collapse of their utopia. Bioshock features unique enhancements called “plasmids” which can range from unleashing swarms of bees to bolts of electricity and more.

Remaining a prime example of the effectiveness of environment and setting, Bioshock immerses the player in an underwater city gone mad. Also featuring one of the most memorable enemies in video game history–the Big Daddy–the player must meld skill and strategy to dismantle the hulking behemoths to unlock the mystical powers of the Little Sisters.

Even though the plot itself is not the greatest on the Xbox 360, the experience created from surviving the mad world of Bioshock is something most games simply can’t beat.



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2. The Orange Box: Metacritic rating 96, Gamerankings rating 96the orange box

With three excellent games wrapped in one box–Half Life 2, Team Fortress, Portal–it’s no wonder why The Orange Box made the cut.

Just Half Life 2 would be a worthy inclusion to any “Top FPS” games list, as it is widely regarded as one of the best in its genre. Well-known for a surprisingly engrossing sci-fi storyline, Half Life 2 keeps players interested in the plot and characters, while simulateously using unique gameplay elements with a realistic phyisics engine. The Orange Box also comes packed with two additional Half Life 2 episodes on top of the original game.

The remaining contents of The Orange BoxTeam Fortress and Portal–offer opposite game styles. Team Fortress offers competitive online multiplayer with team-based objectives. Numerous classes allow every player to choose a comfortable play style. Portal, on the other hand, offers a wholly unique puzzle-based FPS experience. Players must utilize the “Portal Gun” to teleport around obsticles in the course.

While it may look graphically outdated compared to other Xbox 360 FPS on this list, The Orange Box offers a deal unlike any other.


3. Call of Duty: World at War: Metacritic rating 84, Gamerankings rating 85call of duty world at war

Taking everything that made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a success and adding to it, World at War gives FPS fans a smorgasboard of in-your-face-action.

As cliche a setting as World War II is for video games, Call of Duty: World at War creates the greatest WWII experience by actually adding real clips from the war. Players can tackle the campaign individually, or up to four, with extra enemies with each added player. While the single-player more effectively establishes the mood, the multiplayer co-op adds fun and friendly competition to see who can score the most kills.

The only downside to the campaign is the feeling of being forced down a particular path. Sometimes Call of Duty can feel more like a rollercoaster ride than an interactive game, since the paths are so limited. Still, it’s one heckuva ride.

The competitive multiplayer adds significant to the title’s longevity. Simply playing to rank up and use all the equipment and weapons takes a fair amount of time, but most players will likely play longer due to the intense action, and the unique strategy of class customization.

Call of Duty: World at War offers great single-player and co-op game modes, but the real staying power is in the competitive online multiplayer; one of the best FPS on Xbox 360. Oh, and of course, Nazi Zombies!


4. Left 4 Dead: Metacritic rating 89, Gamerankings rating 89left 4 dead

While the Resident Evil series may have popularized the survival-horror genre, Left 4 Dead perfects it with first-person perspective action.

Players take the role of one of four survivors–Bill, Louis, Zoey, Francis–and must run through each level to get to the “safe house” and eventually escape from the infected at the end of each campaign. Along the way, players attempt to find items and weapons to increase their odds.

While the single-player experience is lacking–relying all too much on oddball AI survivors–the multiplayer shines. Players can work together and fight against the AI Director in the campaign mode, or battle each other switching between the survivors and infected in the versus mode.

Ripping apart the opposing team with Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, and Tanks creates a unique gameplay experience, but fighting the horde in campaign mode on Expert offers a co-op challange unrivaled by most games in this genre.

Even though the weapons and items are limited in variety, the unique gameplay offered by the versus mode, and the incredible challenge of campaign mode on expert, results in a FPS on Xbox 360 with some serious staying power.


5. Halo 3: Metacritic rating 94, Gamerankings rating 93Halo 3 gameplay

Fans could finally “finish the fight” with what may be the best of the series.

Co-op–always a staple of the series–received a welcome update with 4 players total, and the ability to compete for points. Higher difficulty levels require immense skill and cooperation, meaning the mode lasts a long time for gamers desiring a challenge.

The single-player experience, however, suffers slightly from a lackluster story. Past Halo storylines invoked the “simple but effective” method of storytelling, but Halo 3’s story fell a bit short, as it simply felt less enthusiastic and less dramatic than previous entries.

Halo 3’s true form, however, is in the competitive multiplayer modes. Numerous competitive modes, along with saved replays, and frequent map pack releases ensure the competition will stay fresh for at least a couple of months. And, considering its popularity, gamers should never have a problem finding matches.



Some may say the Xbox 360 has too many FPS games, but it would be difficult to imagine the Xbox 360 without Bioshock, The Orange Box, Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead, and Halo 3. Even FPS dissenters should give these games a shot.



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