When the bad weather outside does not allow you to enjoy some exercise or is just impossible to enjoy something in real life, the next best option possibly is a video game, so we will look at Xbox 360 games.

For these situations, we have chosen our favorite sports games available on Xbox 360. For the sake of keeping it diverse, we will not mention the same franchise twice. That means that only one entry from FIFA, PES or other games.
[su_box title=”1. FIFA STREET (2012)” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]fifastreet

FIFA Street had some tuff competitors, as it came out the same year as FIFA 12 which is the best-selling sports game on the market, it offered something different and more enjoyable for the average gamer.

Street uses the same controller style as FIFA 12 but places it in smaller, faster-paced game. So, that means that the game performs great and responses quickly, making it really enjoyable for everyone. But the real gem that places the game above its big brother is its variety, as the stages change places not only in scenery but in its design, goal sizes, and even field sizes, making sure that the pace of the game is changed and different tactics will be necessary. With possibilities to pull of tricks is a nice touch, and not forcing the player to use them is even better, but to score a goal after a successful trick feels just so much better.

Plus, with added modes like Last Man Standing (where you lose a player when you score a goal) or Futsal (adds rules and referees) gives the game variety. Plus, there are still a lot of other cool features of the game both online and offline which could make this a lot longer, to end it all I can say that FIFA Street is a football game that brings a fast pace, variety in gameplay and is easy to learn and bit harder to master, making it the perfect game for those who want to have some pure fast fun.

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[su_box title=”2. UFC 2009 Undisputed” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]undisputed

UFC 2009 Undisputed had a lot of tension when it came out, as there was not any other UFC fighting game out there for several years, and TNQ had a lot of hype to live up to.

The first things that you will probably notice are the complexity of the controls and it won`t really matter how much you have played other games. But to learn, TNQ added tons of tutorials and in-depth training modes, and it feels like TNQ did a really good job with the controls and learning options. Although standard kicks and hits are quite easy to do, the biggest trouble is the ground game, as most of them, you will feel like you just did it by sheer luck.

There is a one thing that might seem as an issue for most UFC fans, and it’s the fight speed as the game is slowed down a lot, and the fight does not seem so thrilling as the real-life ones, but I believe that TNQ did it to ensure that you are available to fight on equal terms. Graphics in this game looks good, every fighter looks and moves like its real-life counterpart and FPS is stable.

So, with this, we believe that the UFC 2009 Undisputed is a great alternative for every UFC, and fighting game fan that wants something different, bloodier and a bit more complex than standard games.

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[su_box title=”3. Trials Evolution ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]evolution


Trials is a motorcycle stunt game where you have to finish the stage as fast as you can with little errors as possible. Trials Evolution had to live up to its previous entry, which had a lot of awards from the gaming community, and we believe that the game did it with ease.

With exciting tracks that will throw you high in the air, you will find yourself on the edge of the couch as you just landed some crazy air and made you excited as you felt that you will fail it. The stages are opened up and are not limited to the warehouse, placing you into different places as dark woods, active war zone or flooded sewer drains will make you feel that you have not been in the same area twice.

Graphics wise the game nails it, as every stage is different and the background is stunning making sure that you will not feel like you are doing the same thing. The difficulty of the game at first is easy, as it slowly shows you and teaches you new tricks and techniques and in time it gets harder making sure that it is not too easy and you will have to use your best skills to beat the game.

You can play the game with others, both offline and online with up to four players on a screen and with a thing called players generated maps the game offers endless fun and possibilities. And this makes the game worth to purchase, as it offers a lot of fun hours for you alone or with friends and family.

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[su_box title=”4. PES 2016″ style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]PES2016


Although PES is less popular amongst gamers, who purchase a football game just to have something to play with friends, it is the biggest and probably the only real rival for FIFA series.

Although I believe that PES and FIFA are completely different games, as one recreates the looks and visuals for a real football game, the other makes you feel the game. And PES 16 has reincarnated its series with a fresh new work, and not by changing something huge, but by fixing and polishing a lot of little things.

These upgrades make the game feel even better than before, as you can truly feel the difference between the players, the A.I. feels a lot smarter and harder to read their next move, making the game even more “alive”.

Controls and A.I. are faster and more responsive, making sure that you will have to fight for your ball. All of these changes make sure that PES 16 is more enjoyable for everyone who wants to play and marking its position as one of the best football game out.

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[su_box title=”5. SKATE 3 ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]SKATE3


Usually when we hear that a game series is having yearly updates makes us cringe, as mostly it means not so well polished games, and glitches with few extra features. But Skate 3 is one of the best yearly updates out there, and yes it has various glitches and etc.

That is because Skate 3 offers quite a lot content wise, making it more detailed and extending its gameplay length and return value. The boards, characters and even track builder is well built, with a lot of new cool features. With difficulty levels extended making it easier for newbies to have a grab for the game, and for pros making it even harder, thus making the game enjoyable for a lot wider range of gamers.

Skateboarding wise the game still feels solid, making sure that it beats Tony Hawk series, although few features feel cut short due to lack of time for developing (like their own social skate network, or track creation).

These few features make you feel like something is missing and or needs some update again. But, even with all the glitches, and features that feel a bit underdeveloped the game feels, looks and sounds great making sure that you will enjoy yourself offline and online with your friends, so is a definitely a must buy when looking for a skateboarding game.

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[su_box title=”6. PURE ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]PURE


Pure takes the lead when talking about quad bikes, as it is one of the best games for this type of motocross. Although its physics are not meant to be realistic but made for “pure” fun and some crazy tricks.

The game itself does not offer many options when it comes to race types, as there are only three types – freestyle, sprint, and race. And that means that the game singleplayer is short, as you can finish it in few hours, but there is a multiplayer option, which allows you to race against 11 other players (A.I can fill the blank spots).

What makes the game great is that it has a decent feel for your bike, and the bikes feel great and are not some clumsy beasts. The graphics and environment look great and are very detailed, and it should be as most of your races you will be high in the air and the races are really fun just because of the details.

There is a possibility to customize your bike with upgrade parts, so you can specify it for the necessary race and these parts unlocks as you level up, just like the available tricks.

Although short, the game is a perfect fit for arcade type racer, as the stunts, you pull off are epic and the environment looks great. You will definitely enjoy playing this game offline or online.

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[su_box title=”7. 2K11 ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]2K11


2K11 is the best entry from NBA series games. We felt that over the years the games have not changed too much, mostly seemed the graphics updates and control tweaks. So, when it comes for picking the one that overall felt the best 2K11 takes the lead because for beginners the controls were easy to understand so you could be able to do some basic basketball drills and complex enough to challenge a bit even the hardcore basketball enthusiasts.

But the biggest tripping point for any basketball game was the lack of brains for A.I, and K11 has fixed that as the players and the teams feel like they should, alive… They each have their unique style and strategy and will punish you for your mistakes.

And this is why the game is the best one from the series, just because the A.I acts like a real NBA player, and add the extra features like recreation of Michael Jordans most memorable games, putting him in rookie stage against nowadays best players or even the well designed and sensible GM logic or intelligent team builder.

The game offers great fun and versatility with loads of features and great recreation of players style and team strategy.

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[su_box title=”8. SSX ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]SSX


The snowboarding games died in the early 2000s, as they lost their love and the excitement, but SSX proved otherwise and takes the lead when it comes to snowboarding games and just like PURE, SSX is arcade type, with over the top tricks, boosts, and jumps.

Although possibly it was not needed SSX has a singleplayer part which takes part in the SSX team to conquer 9 deadliest mountains before your ex-teammate does. And that is the perfect tutorial, as races change locations and type, so you can learn and change strategy. The environment is filled with details, obstacles and other things that make the mountains feel really deadly and dangerous.

Controls are easy to understand, as both joysticks used for tricks are easy to understand and respond quite well. When it comes to multiplayer the most obvious part is the challenges, where the game and others post challenges for you to beat and post your high score, but there is a possibility to set up a custom race and invite your friends for some fun together.

So, the game offers a lot of gameplay hours and pure fun, although at first, it will be frustrating, after a while you can appreciate the difficulty of the game.

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[su_box title=”9. MX vs ATV Reflex ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]REFLEX


MX vs ATV entry was a battle between Reflex and Alive, but we felt that Reflex won our hearts. MX vs ATV Reflex is a motorcycle racing game, which tries to balance itself between arcade-style and simulation style. And they did it quite decent, as mixing these two styles can be really frustrating and most of the times just destroying the game.

The controls have some complexity to it because both joysticks control both your vehicle and your rider, and at first, you will feel like you are playing FPS game as you keep your thumbs on joysticks. But in time it feels natural, and you will be able to use it without a problem.

Content-wise Reflex offers tons of things because you will not be able just to race dirt bikes and quad bikes, but even trophy trucks, UTVs, and buggies, and with different tracks and open environment style races you will have a place to knock yourself out. With different modes and finally a stung mode you will have a lot to do both offline alone or with friends, and online with other racers.

The game is well built, and offers a lot of fun gameplay hours with little-outdated graphics the game might scare off some people, but the game still offers a lot of pure excitement and fun, although sometimes it will get you on your bad side, it happens rarely and most of the times will not mess with your fun.

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[su_box title=”10. TOP SPIN 4 ” style=”default” box_color=”#2eaebb” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”5″ class=””]TOPSPIN4


Tennis games have been out for a long time, as making the physics are easy and because of that there a lot of tennis games out there. But the one thing that separates the best from others is the game’s capabilities to capture the essence of the tennis world.

Although this essence is hard to describe in words, it is felt when you start playing and for once a game managed to capture it. With steep learning curve, Top Spin 4 perfectly addresses it with Top Spin Academy, which will teach you how to be comfortable with the controls even in the most frustrating situations. Plus, it teaches you few things that other tennis games did not, and that is the strategy about when to attack, defend or to do other things.

Add extensive career mode and you will really feel how your characters are level up as you slowly make your way to the top, to battle tennis pros like Serena Williams, Bjorn Borg and other pros.

These small and big things make sure to capture the real essence of tennis and you will definitely feel it when you start playing, and for any tennis fan, this game is the best that comes to it, making it worth purchasing.

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