Top 10 Xbox 360 Horror Games [2018]

Top 10 list of the best horror games for Xbox 360

Horror game top 10

Sometimes when racing and shooting the “bad guys” in the face with a shotgun is not enough and you want to do something a bit different, to be a bit scared, to get the adrenaline pumping the safest way probably is to play some great horror games. Although this list may not scare all of you. These may not be the newest, or with the best ratings, but who cares, if the game does its job well, and is enjoying it is worth purchasing. And these ten games definitely did it more than we expected.

This list is made by us, and how much we enjoyed or got scared playing them and this list may not agree to other gamers, and we accept it.

1. Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation

Released: 7 October 2014
Available on: Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4
Metascore: 81/100

Alien Isolation is a first-person horror survival game, which emphasizes on stealth making the player avoid and outsmart the alien. You will play as Amanda Ripley, in a mission to find out what happened to her mother, and the game itself is set in the Alien franchise. The game does not have a lot of enemies, it has only one enemy, which will not follow a pre-determined route. The alien can investigate disturbances and follow the player using sight or sound, making the player think twice before doing something. Level design is awesome with its new engine making the atmosphere unique with great lighting, and the audio design gives the atmosphere a lot more fear and sets a new level of cold sweat. The game will make you sit on the edge trying to avoid the alien and completing the mission while using your trusty motion detector and other gadgets while playing.

2. Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2 Bloodshot

Released: 11 March 2008
Available on: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Metascore: 80/100

Condemned 2 Bloodshot is a first-person psychological survival horror game, focused on hand to hand combat. Condemned 2 takes place 11 months after the first game, and again you will play as Ethan Thomas in a mission to investigate what happened to his mentor. Later on, discovering that his mortal enemy is still alive and that the troubles caused in the city is a work of some mysterious group called “the Oro.” Ethan in a small plot twist is a work of “the Oro” called The Remedy and has powerful sonic capabilities, which later you are capable to use. The story itself just continuous where it left off in the first game but this time in upgraded environment. The graphics look great, making the kills look even more disturbing, and the atmosphere is a story of its own. The dark maps, with the added audio, just feels great and makes you tremble a bit. With a lot of different ways to kill everyone using the environment and different weapons, you will be scared and thrilled at the same time.


3. Alan Wake
Alan Wake

Released: 14 May 2010
Available on: Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows
Metascore: 83/100

Alan Wake is a third-person psychological thriller, although it seems more as it is survival horror game. You will take the role of Alan Wake, a thriller writer which went to the fictional town of Bright Falls for a vacation. In the beginning, Alan’s wife is taken away by a mysterious force, and Alan himself is getting attacked by dark figures, known as the Taken. These “Taken” can be defeated by light and conventional weapons, as they try to kill you. With the story going you will learn more about these Taken, and their leader, on what he is, and what he wants. As you continue, you will learn how to defeat the Dark Presence (the leader), and that he learns that everything is happening was written by him in his work “Departure” and that he does not remember writing it. The game itself looks and feels brilliant, definitely unique horror game worth to try out. It will keep you on edge all the time as you continue to play the game. Alan Wake will make you appreciate such a simple thing as a flashlight and other light sources to the maximum.

4. Dead Space 2
Dead Space 2

Released: 25 January 2011
Available on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play Station 3
Metascore: 90/100

Dead Space 2 is a third-person survival horror game in a science fiction world, where Necromorphs has a new outbreak in space station “Sprawl” (Necromorphs for those who does not know are organisms that mutate and take control of human beings). Continuing the previous game, you will play as a protagonist Isaac Clark in a mission to survive the outbreak, and as you play, you will advance on new plots and missions. While playing, Isaac gets and loses new “friends” and at the end tries to destroy the Marker. The game itself does not seem blank, and is not a straight shoot your way to victory type, as you will have to encounter different hacking moments, repairing and possibly the best part of the game is the weapon upgrading and RIG suit upgrades. The atmosphere and graphics will make it seem that everything is worst than it seems first, and I like it, it just appears that the developers tried to make the game good. The combat itself is something because different enemies have different weaknesses, and where can you kill an alien with its dismembered limb. And the internal struggle Isaac encounters as the game goes on makes it even better, making him more like “us” and not just some killing machine with no remorse and feelings.


5. Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6

Released: 2 October 2010
Available on: Xbox 360/One, Microsoft Windows and Play Station 3/4
Metascore: 74/100

Resident Evil 6 is a third-person action shooter, which main heart is not only on one main character but seven lead characters and four different campaigns. Those four different story lines are carefully interlined which each other and few questions are not answered until the plot emerges through different stories. And it makes it worth to push thru all four campaigns. We all remember old ally from RE5 which was more as a setback to the gameplay than a help. Resident Evil 6 has fixed this problem, and the new AI partner is a lot more useful, and will not take your resources, and if you don’t want to play alone, you can be joined by a friend anytime in the campaign, both online and offline. With perfectly created world, lighting and a bunch of new enemies make you feel in love with the game and makes the campaign a lot more unpredictable.

6. The Evil Within
Evil Within

Released: 14 October 2014
Available on: Xbox 360/One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3/4
Metascore: 79/100

The Evil Within is a third-person psychological survival horror game which follows protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. The story is divided into chapters, which you unlock by playing and advancing your character. The game will make you harvest for resources while looking out for traps and enemies. The game will make you decide when is the right time when to fight an enemy and when to run, due to limited ammunitions and a hard way to completely killing your enemies, as you need to burn them (and you have limited matches to burn them). From time to time there will be safe zones where you can hide. The game is well designed, making the environment run chills down your spine, and while sneaking around gathering resources for the next battle, you will appreciate the environment, music and of course the enemy.

7. Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3

Released: 5 February 2013
Available on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play Station 3
Metascore: 78/100

Dead Space 3 is a third-person survival horror game, following the path of maybe the unluckiest engineer ever Isaac Clark. This is a sequel to Dead Space 2 and the third entry in Dead Space series. This time Isaac travels to a planet to end the Necromorph threat for good and Is joined by John Carver, making it the first Dead Space game with online co-op. The ice-covered planet is a homeworld to the marker, and Isaac with the help from others plans to destroy it for good, ending the Necromorph plague. With the story going Isaac discovers the past of the planet, and that this is not the markers homeworld. Battling hordes of Necromorphs and Unitologist soldiers, Isaac again is betrayed by his “ally.” With upgraded combat mechanics, and a lot of new features the fighting mechanic feels even more alive and realistic. The visual design is made perfectly, with the planet looking and feeling alive, and the enemy being even more awesome than before. As the story itself is not straight forward, you will have a lot of choices on what to build or upgrade, and making sure you collect everything you can collect. The added co-op possibilities make the game a bit “safer” because when you are running out of ammo battling the hordes of enemies, and you with your buddy are left in a corner, trying to come up with some idea how to survive and stack up on ammo for the next horde. This game again will make you come up with some unique way to dismember your enemies. Although the story itself feels forced, the game will make you want to replay it again in New Game+ and come back to it from time to time.

8. Singularity

Released: 25 June 2010
Available on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play Station 3
Metascore: 76/100

Singularity is a first-person shooter game, and for some, it might not feel like a horror game, but I felt that it does. Again, the Russians are the bad guys in this scenario, where you play as US Recon Marine, Captain Nathaniel Renko. Your mission was to investigate a surge that took out US spy satellite and when you are close to the point another surge takes out your chopper. This surge was not anything normal because it was a time travel surge, that throws you back in 1955, to the time when it happened, and the one person you save took over the world in the present time. Now, captured you are freed by an ally, and your new goal is to stop the person who took over the world.
The game itself is action packed, with a lot of monsters and soldiers to kill, and you will receive a new cool device called TMD (Time Manipulation Device). TMD allows Renko to manipulate objects and to manipulate enemies, making them so old that they turn to dust. The game itself is old, but the graphics are still decent looking even compared to 2017, and I wish the game would get remastered or even sequel some kind.


9. Dead Island Riptide
Dead Island Riptide

Released: 23 April 2013
Available on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play Station 3
Metascore: 62/100

Dead Island Riptide is a survival horror game with RPG elements. Riptide is a stand-alone expansion to previous Dead Island game. Again, you will have immunes and zombies, and the plot itself is not worth to explain or get deeper, and it simply can do without it. Although the new game did not fix any previous bugs, and did not introduce anything new, just repackaged it and changed things, I enjoyed it. The game is what a true zombie game should be, that you and few others are left to fight the hordes of zombies with self-made weapons. And again, as you kill and play more and more, you will get experience and level up, getting new perks with the skill tree. And of course, the weapons crafting and upgrading is great too, making sure you will have to think a bit. But, the best part in my perspective was again just like the previous Dead Island, the co-op, and that is because I enjoy smashing some heads with my friends and doing some stupid things around, it makes the game just better. Although few may argue about it being in “top 10 horror games”, I believe it deserves a spot here.

10. How To Survive
How To Survive

Released: 23 October 2013
Available on: Xbox 360/One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3/4 and Wii U
Metascore: 74/100

How to Survive is survival horror action role-playing game, set on an island full of zombies, where you pick one of the characters Jack, Kenji or Abbie and fight your way off the island. The game itself can be played with a friend, and it might be a strange horror game from this list, but it is something different and fun. It is top down perspective where you will need to gather resources and craft new weapons to fight off the hordes of zombies you will encounter all around the island. Your primary goal will be to fix an airplane so you can fly away, but while doing this, you will encounter different people with a mission you need to do, ensuring you will get away without dying. The game’s visuals are nothing new, but still pleasing to the eye while blood splatters everywhere. It will be fun playing it, as you can take your time doing so, but the game lacks a lot and crumbles around itself as you play, and it might seem a bit too easy after a brief time.


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