Top 10 Xbox 360 Games on Demand [2018]

A list of ten games, that we believe are worth purchasing on GOD


This time, we are looking at a short review list of ten games that are worth purchasing on games on demand. Although each of the game offers unique possibilities, they are joined by one cause and that is the endless possibilities of replay and a lot of gaming hours. This is more as a guideline, as these games are our favorites from the possibilities of GOD.

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What is Xbox 360 Games on Demand

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1. Mass Effect

Mass Effect offers a lot of gameplay hours and the desire to replay it again and again, making different decisions just to see how the end and other series are changed. With good visuals, awesome story and overall good controls the game it a lot of fun, and of course being to decide for your own and change a lot of things it makes the game even better.

Although it is not my favorite (Mass Effect 2 outperforms it) it should not be ignored, and is a game that everyone should try out, even if you are not a Mass Effect series fun, this game just might persuade you of purchasing 2nd and 3rd game, to see how your decisions change the game.

Mass Effect is the game that a lot of players haven`t played, and started the series from its 2nd entry, and if it is one of you, definitely try it. Being on GOD for less than $20 it makes ME even more appealing and considering the convenience of having it on your hard drive makes it even better.

2. Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is probably one of the best RPG games out there ever. Although at first, it might not appeal to everyone it is a game that you should at least try. The game itself is beautifully designed with soft colors, making it appealing to the eye and the characters are vividly crafted, making them memorable and having a joy to “meet” them.

Plus, with the story is intricate, and the same time not overwhelming, making sure that you will be able to follow what is really happening, and of course, Tales offers one of the best soundtracks making the gameplay even more enjoyable.

With all these things, and great real-time combat system Tales of Vesperia is a game that will make you return and replay the game after some time, plus the game is about 50 hours long. With a great price and being on sales from time to time, the game has a huge convenience added to it making sure that you have to try it out, and will probably not be disappointed.

3. Mirrors Edge

Mirrors Edge is the first game of my knowledge that combined parkour and combat into one smooth game. There have been others, but none of them performed as well as Mirrors Edge. With interesting looking world design, smooth framerate, very well-built controls for the parkour movements and a decent story the game offers a lot of replay value.

Maybe you will not be interested in the story, but just the fun of parkour and beating your scores may just bring a desire to replay the game again and again. For me, the game offers the uniqueness, just because none other game had offered such an interesting combination of gameplay with such a smoothness.

Controls at first will seem a bit hard to understand, but in a short time, you will find yourself doing some incredible tricks, as the controls are actually easy to master (even the hardest of combos) and they respond very well. The beauty of the game is definitely is replay value, as we seem to come back again and again to this game, just for the fun, and this is a great deal for having it on GOD.

4. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully is the Grand Theft Auto high school edition, as it is built by Rockstar Games and has mostly the same controls as GTA has. But the main difference is in the atmosphere the game has set itself in, as you are not some gangster or master criminal, you are a boy in high school, and a lot of times scenarios may look familiar to your experience in school.

And just like GTA, Bully runs smoothly and is a lot of fun, just because you can do things that you wished or have done in school, at least that is why I really like the game. And because of its pure fun, the game has huge replay value, as you have a lot to do gameplay wise you may find yourself considering returning to the game a while later.

Plus, the game is frequently on sales in GOD and drops to $4 and for such a price this game is irresistible.

5. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free to play MMO game set around mid-20th-century combat vehicles. The idea is that you control a tank (light, medium, heavy tanks and tank destroyer or even artillery), where all of the tanks have their own stats and tactics for battle.

Most of the game consists on grinding your money and experience, so you can afford better vehicles (the game has options that you can purchase, as money, better ammo etc., but those option does not make the paying players to OP). And this is why the game has huge amounts of gameplay hours because every battle will be different and to get a new vehicle will take some time.

Plus, your progress is saved making it possible to come back after a while, making sure you will not have to start from 0. So, this is why we believe that World of Tanks is a great game on GOD, as it is free and offers tons of gameplay hours.

6. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is one of our favorite games from AC series, mostly because of the games replay value and campaign length. Black Flag follows Edward Kenway, a pirate who accidentally learns about the Assassins order. The game has a really deep and interesting story, although it is a science fiction world, it uses real locations, characters, and themes of that time, as most of the characters are based on real pirates and people.

You will have a lot do to in the game outside of the main missions, as the game offers a lot of side quests, hunting, exploring, naval battles, underwater treasure hunt, upgrading your ship and pirate paradise, and etc. The main jewel is the naval part of the game, as the controls of the ship are easy to understand, the naval combat is well polished and is fun and intriguing each time.

Because of the length of the game, and the possibilities to replay the game after a while it is a great deal in GOD, just to have it on your hard-drive, and of course being under $20 it has a great price tag.

7. Dead Rising 2: Off the Records

Dead Rising 2: Off the Records is somewhat different from other zombie games, because most of the games try to make it dark and grim, they will try to scare you, but Dead Rising does the opposite, as it makes it fun, and focuses more on the head bashing and zombie killing part.

The game offers a lot of weapon combination, making sure that you will make a weapon that you will never have even dreamt of. Although the game has some issues with the boss balance it has seen some upgrades, as the gameplay seems smoother, and the fighting mechanics are improved, the game offers a lot of time for you in solo or co-op, smashing heads and making new gadgets.

Plus, the sandbox mode offers a lot of possibilities, and to complete the challenges making sure that you will not be bored so easily. With this, the game offers a possibility of a comeback after a moment of peace and the game being so unserious and goofy makes it even better, when you just want to relax and waste some time.

8. Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV for those who are not familiar with the SR franchise is the weird cousin of GTA, although at first the game was similar to GTA, with some different options, and more cartoon style world, it has shifted by 180. The game offers a lot of cool things such as weird guns, mech suits, tanks, aircraft and vehicles and of course superpowers.

Yes, superpowers, as this time in Saints Row the story puts you in somewhat similar situation as the movie Matrix, and the world you are in now is a computer sim. But the gems of the game are its weirdness, as you have tons of strange weapons and powers, making it possible to do some strange things, and of course, it is filled with stupid, childish humor. But the humor is not in a bad way stupid or childish, it’s more in a smart stupid way, making sure you will at least chuckle few times playing it.

With all those things combined, plus added a good price on GOD, it makes sure that Saints Row IV is a game worthy of purchase and returning to it after a while to replay it or just have fun in free roam.

9. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is one of the most known fighting games, and why not… it offers a lot of characters, easy controls for the beginners and a list of combos for the advanced fighters. This is why Mortal Kombat is probably the best fighting game out there, although taste in games varies from people to people.

But this time it is not about that, it is about the possibility of a lot of gameplay hours, player vs player combat with your friends, co-op mode up to 4 people, or even online battles up to 8 people and some challenges making the game a must-have on your GOD list. Mortal Kombat offers unlimited hours, as there is no real plot or anything as your main goal is just to have fun, and have as much finishing moves as you can, as it relays on pure fun.

Plus, it is not complicated, making the game a delight after a hard day, when you just what to shut off your brain and just bash some skulls. Plus, the game has a great price, as it is under $20.

10. Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is one of those racing games, where physics and realism is an unnecessary addition. This racing game offers a lot of racing freedom, even when you are racing against other racers you have the freedom to choose what route to take, to ensure victory.

Although this all is great, the real reason why this game is on this list is that it has great replay value and the campaign is decent length itself.

Because the game is pure fun, as you can just race around, to some crazy tricks and jumps, crash your or other vehicles and this is a great way how to enjoy yourself after a long day. This is the main reason, why we believe that Burnout Paradise is one of the best game on GOD offer list.


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