The best part of console gaming, at least in my mind is the freedom of your couch. Of course, it means having your console close to you connected thru a wire, or having a wireless controller, and that means you will end up with dead batteries in time.

Changing them each time they die is rather expensive, and the best solution would be to get rechargeable batteries and a charger. But what to get? They are a lot of different designs and different companies to choose from, and a lot of them are quite similar to each other.

PS3 Controller Charger Stations

There are few other charging stations which stands out a bit, with some added features to them, and we will look at them. And so, with this article, we will provide you with a TOP 10 list of some of the chargers we enjoy using ourselves.

PS3 controller charger

In our view, this is the best charging stand for PS3 Slim in the market at the moment. Maybe few will disagree with us, but still, this charging stand provides a lot. This DreamGear PS3 controller charger stand costs a lot and probably is a bit too expensive for most consumers.

But if you are willing to cough up some cash this stand will be the best for you.
This charging stand not only acts as a stand for your PS3 Slim, but it will also be able to charge two controllers (SIXAXIS or DualShock3), two PlayStation Move motion controllers and two PlayStation Move navigation controllers at the same time.

That is six controllers at the same time, and when you plug it into your PS3, it will add four more USB ports for it. You will get an AC adapter with it, so you can charge all those devices at the same time, cause the PS3 alone would not be able to charge ten devices simultaneously.


This charging dock will allow you to fix your PlayStation 3 Slim (first slim model, not the super slim one) into a vertical position, allowing it to be placed somewhere else in vertical position.

Plus, it will charge two PS3 (both SIXAXIS or DualShock 3) controllers at the same time. Also with added are two USB ports, which acts as a charging port for other devices such as headsets, other controllers or even mobile devices.

There will be no need for AC adapter, as it powers thru USB. Although it is designed for PS3 Slim, we found out that it still can and will support Super Slim version, but it will not sit as firmly as the Slim version, so use it at your own risk.


Quad Dock is as the name says, it’s a charging station which can charge four PS3 controllers simultaneously. This charging station will charge only PlayStation 3 controllers, and will not fit PS4 controllers due to ports.

It works with some of the aftermarket controllers too, but it has to have a correct mini USB for it to fit. Controllers fit snugly, and this allows to be put vertically, as we tested. It takes no place when placed vertically and now acts as a décor in the living room.

With individual lights for each controller charge level (Red – charging, blue – charged) will help you to see which one is ready to be used.


At first, this charger seems a lot similar to other two controller chargers, but it is different. First of all, it has two converters, which you attach to your PS3 or PS4 controllers and then put it into charging.

The charger also can charge PS3 Move motion controller and PS3 Move navigation controller at the same time. So it is 3 in 1 charger and will serve great for those who use PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles. The drawback is that it can only charge two controllers at the time, but if you have one controller for each console this is perfect for you.


For some simpler charge docks, we present to you the PDP Energizer Charge Dock. There is not a lot to tell about this charger. It will charge two controllers simultaneously and has LED lights for each dock.

It will show you when it’s charging the controllers and when they are fully charged. It`s simple, stylish and does its job very well, as this charger was in my personal use, and still is for a long time, and it still works just fine. As I like to test things were they “shouldn’t be,” I have put it on the wall next to my TV, and holds.

Controllers fit tightly, and if you keep taking them off carefully, they will last for a long time. If you do not want to risk it putting it on the wall, I suggest just rotating it, and you will be safe from dropping your controller.


Looking simple this is another one who can charge only two PS3 controllers at the same time, with no hidden features. The charger has magnetic adapters which attach to the controller making it effortless and quick to use. With the adapter, the controllers fit tight and will not go anywhere without your notice.

Different from the Energizer that it will not fit vertically, although we did not test it because its design made us feel that it will only hold the controllers horizontally. But the charger seems and feels sturdy, and with the adapters, you will not break or bend the mini USB ports which may happen to others chargers.


For those who like to move around a bit with the Move controller, this is a good deal. The price of the charger is great, and it can charge both Move navigation or motion controllers.

The stands can take both, so you will not have to try to put it into a correct spot, making It easy to use. Just like other chargers, they seem to stop charging when they are fully charged, but for the sake of controller batteries, we do not advise it to keep it plugged into power.

You should just unplug the outlet from the wall, as the safety features in time may break and take down your controllers with them.



The only official Sony charging station in this list. This will work great with PlayStation3 DualShock3 controllers, and will not fit the SIXAXIS controller. Although it works great, and look stylish and will fit in most living rooms just perfectly, we ran into some drawbacks.

The station uses mini USB clips which you attach to your controller, making it a lot easier for placing them into the station. These clips are the problem, they break easy, and we found out it the hard way. Package only contained only two clips when we bought it, and finding replacement is a problem.

The station can be mounted vertically, and it will hold the controllers nicely, but if you break the clip it is useless unless you get new ones somehow, and the station is quite expensive compared to others.

Insten Dual

With the low price, I expected it to break quickly as I tend to break stuff fast and intentionally. But Insten withstood me and did it looking stylish.

Again, I did put it vertically next to my PlayStation setup, and it seems to hold the controllers tight, although you have to be careful with the mini USB port, as they may break fairly easy. Just like the other Insten charger, it does its job good and again has the LED indicators showing the charge status, and with added two extra ports you can charge up to four controllers.


Another cheap entry from Insten, but from the other one it differs in design mostly. For the cheapest chargers, Insten did its job the best and looked good at the same time. Although few may not like the LED indicators that surround the base, we felt that it did not catch our eyes too much.

For the price, you can`t expect to get something durable, but if you are not harsh, the station will hold just fine and do its job, plus if you want you can plug it into the wall outlet with USB wall adapter.

Wrapping it up

These ten chargers are judged by our views, and they may differ from other opinions, and they should only be taken as a guide.

With these different chargers should meet with most of the PlayStation3 users and remember to take care of your controller batteries.


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