Christmas is just behind a corner, and it’s time to start thinking how to delight the ones you care about most. Whether you’re looking a gift for your Mom, brother, grandpa, best friend, no matter age –  children or adult, we have created a list of best gifts you can purchase. With these gifts, you can’t go wrong.


1Nix Pro Color Sensor

Capture any color from real life objects and turn them into digital. Good gift for designers, artists or any other creative person. Just download App and your ready to go.


2Auto Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer

Stand out from the crowd at your house party. Speaker levitates in the air and has a subwoofer. This speaker also has 360° sound projection, so everyone gets to hear it.


3Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Know someone who do a lot of sports and trains hard? Help that person to achieve higher results with this sports activity wristband. It tracks your heart rate, giving you full control of best training heart rate range.


4Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone

Ever wondered how does your neighborhood look from a bird’s eye? Or maybe just want to capture cool videos and photos from a new perspective? This drone has 14 megapixel full HD 1080p camera, and has up to 2km flying radius.


5PlayStation VR

Experience gaming on Your Sony Playstation like never before. Dive into the 3D gaming and get lost in the virtual world.


6Diamondboxx Bluetooth speaker

Those small Bluetooth speakers aren’t enough? Get the party started anywhere you are with Diamondboxx, it can output 109 dB! And it’s really well made, just charge it and your ready.


7Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who do evaluate true speaker quality. Not only audio is superb but the but build itself is very premium, and feels good in hands. Metal, soft leather like plastics.




8Wifi LightBulb

You can control this lightbulb from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. It lets you dim brightness, customize Lighting, set timers. Perfect gadget to master your homes lighting.


9Wireless Charging Kit for iPhone

You think the new iPhone 7 lacks wireless charging feature? With this kit, you can make your iPhone charge without any wires. Just plug this thing into your phone and charger behind your Phone case.


10Mini Pocket Drone

Try this super cheap and small pocket drone. Keep it always with you and let it fly where ever you want. 


11Powerloop Keychain for iPhone

Keep your charging wire always with you, where ever you are. By using it as a Keychain! Made for Apple devices.


12Agloves Touchscreen Gloves

When days get colder, its time to wear some gloves. To use your smartphone you always had to take off your glasses in freezing cold make a call or answer a message, not anymore! These gloves let you use your Touchscreen devices without taking them off.


13Zipbuds Never Tangle Zipper Earbuds

Yes, thanks to zipper you can never tangle these earbuds, just remember to zip them together after listening to your favourite beats.


143Doodler 3D Pen

For those who want to sketch something in three dimensions. 3Doodler claims to be the world’s first 3D pen. This gadget is awesome if you have ever wanted to print something on a 3D printer, but haven’t really had a chance.


15Samsung VR

Samsungs Virtual Reality Headset takes you a step further into the future. Just pair it with one of the latest Samsung smartphones and explore the 3d world. Watch Netflix in 3D, play games in 3D.


16Elgato Avea Mood Lamp

With Elgato Avea You can change light tones to suit your mood. You can switch from something warm to cold and bright. Control this Lamp via your smartphone or tablet.


17Aquaovo Alter Ego Frio Personal Water Filter

You know someone who loves to hike and go on outdoor adventures? Use this water filter bottle to get clean drinking water anywhere you are! Made from stainless steel, it’s very robust and durable. Hike around and never worry about clean water.


18Audio Technica Turntable

For those who appreciate vintage and genuine quality of sound. You just have to place a record in the aluminum platter and press play. That’s it.


19Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock

Tired to reach for a clock or to get up early in morning or night to see what’s the time? With this clock, you can project time on a wall or ceiling just above your bed.


20Zackees LED Turn Signal Bike lights

A great gift for those who love cycling. Keep your friends and family safe, get Zackees LED Turn Signal cycling gloves.


21Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

It’s so nice to drink something refreshing, but sometimes all your sodas and beverages are warm. No problem, with this thing you can chill them in 60 seconds. It works!


22Kano Computer Kit

Kano Computer Kit is perfect for anyone who is older than 6, to start programming. This kit lets you program simple games in very innovative and teaching way. It’s very educating and fun to play around with Kano, even for adults.


23Cozmo – robot  like you’ve only seen in movies

Cozmo is a real-life robot that has its personality, and it expresses emotions to your actions. Just download App for iOS or Android device and start hanging out with this robot!


24HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This miniature photo printer isn’t much larger than your smartphone. It’s full wireless, just charge it and via Bluetooth print the picture anywhere you are.


25Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch

This smartwatch looks classy and slim plus it has a ton of features – it counts your steps, distance, calories and heart rate. Just pair it with any android device.


26Ringly Bluetooth Connected Smart Ring

Get your mom or girlfriend this awesome SmartRing. It has to be paired with Android or Apple device. Never let her miss messages or calls again. Ring notifies wearer with light and slight vibration.


27GoPro HERO

A camera for true adventurers – it’s small, durable, Waterproof, can record in 1080p30 and it doesn’t cost a fortune!


28Universal AC Power Plug Adapter 

Perfect gift for those who love to travel. With this small adapter, you can recharge portable devices anywhere in the world! And it has lifetime warranty.


29Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

Original gift for those who love chilled drinks. This is Coca-Cola theamed a miniature fridge that can hold up to 6 cans of soda.


30The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

Spirit and Ghost sensor. Used to measure EMF, high levels of it indicates Ghost activity. Fun thing to play around, or maybe not?


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