Synology: DiskStation DS716+ NAS

Synology Inc has come up with new DiskStation DS716+NAS( an encryption-oriented, scalable, 2-bay ) server which is powered by a quad-core CPU and Btrfs file system. It has 2GB RAM, two Gigabit LAN ports and a quad-core 1.6GHz CPU which provides 2.08GHz and AES-NI encryption support.

It delivers the 218Mb/s reading and 141Mb/s writing speed in transferring the encrypted files. DiskStaton is specially designed in order to meet the demands of best storage, application server and to ensure reliability.

Chad Chiang, product manager of Synology has said that “this device provides lot of power along with its compactness. This product is best for the people who wanted to access wide range of data and the server which can simultaneously perform different tasks.”

It is a toll-less drive bay design, that provides hot-swappable support and dual Gigabit LAN ports. It also delivers three USB 3.0 ports for higher data transmission and one eSATA port as an extensive external backup option.

Users can also use the Btrfs file system which is made to fulfil the demands of high fault tolerance. It also provides the advanced data protection by providing point-in-time snapshot and restore. It gives the best management, built-in data integrity check, metadata mirroring, or quotas for shared folders.

DiskStation DS716+ provides the best performance and good range of applications from the backup to the network management.
This product meets all the requirements for professionals, small businesses who are looking for reliable device which simultaneously can perform different operations.


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