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If you have a product that you want to promote or just get an honest opinion about it, we are open doing a review. Very often a proper feedback can let you see things from another perspective as well as increase your sales with our social shares and traffic.

We have been doing product reviews for quite a while. Therefore, is there anyone you can trust, that’s us. We review and test anything from tech gadgets and devices up to games, console cases, cables, and software. For examples just browse our site.

Are reviews objective? Any chance to get a favorable review?

All reviews we do are as objective as possible. Not a single sponsored review is written by just one writer. We test the product in groups of at least 2-3 people and then share our opinions. Once it’s done, the writing can begin. Our ultimate goal is to provide our readers with honest thoughtful articles that are in consumer’s interests, not manufacturer’s or distributor’s. Therefore, we do not offer favorable reviews. By submitting a review the sponsored coverage doesn’t mean the review will be favorable but honest.

Do we only do paid reviews?

The short answer is No. We usually also do non-paid reviews if you send us your product and we think it’s truly interesting and worth writing about. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee to write an article about the non-paid review because of the sheer amount of time. We can’t accomplish all requests. Therefore, a sponsored review guarantees that we will write a review about your product (at least 1000w long). However, we don’t want to discourage you from submitting reviews without a fee. If we find your product interesting and worth writing about, we will definitely do a review.

In fact, often when something new comes out, we often buy the product ourselves and do a review about it. Many of our reviews are sponsored by ourselves. However, don’t fill the form below, if you want to sell us anything as this is not the purpose of this page. We won’t reply to anyone trying to sell us their product.

Pricing for sponsored reviews:  150$