Well, this is the expression that every person has when he or she hears the title of Star Trek. Still, the future is not closer, it seems. There is a weird dream of the space exploration, new characters, and new civilizations. The next story is of the cresting in the Final Frontier of next humanity’s story, kissing and cuddling green aliens.

Thanks to the Star Trek: Discovery…!!! There is a great hope for space and galaxy exploration – where everything can’t be chalked out, but new heroes can be discovered. Fingers crossed..?? And why not..!!! Maybe we find solace in games..!!

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Now let us jump upon the collection of the Star Trek PC Games so that you can capture and revive the Star Trek magic.

Get started!!

1. Star Trek: Judgment Rites

star trek pc game

Judgment Rites may be not on the top of your favorites but is arguably the best when you are in the show. In Judgment Rites, there is an authentic mix of combat and bridge banter. While you are in the Star Trek world, you can perform some new activities and some problem-solving tricks as well.

Neither the combat not the action and graphics are top-tier, but the pairing was made too trickily keeping in mind the Original Series.


2. Star Trek: Voyager, Elite Force 1 and 2

Star Trek: Voyager, Elite Force 1 and 2

Elite Force is a rare case of the Star Trek turning into a shooter. While the Voyager is lost into thin air of space which is surrounded by enemies, the forces somehow manage for the outer route. Best of all, this session was comprised of the solid action and shooting scenes.

Also, it is by far the best game in the action genre for the excellent spin-off.


3. Star Trek: Starfleet Command

Star Trek: Starfleet Command

There are two basic ways to crack the Star Trek series. Either you are concentrating on the game with one direction or phaser focus in the game, you need to go for the all-in-one space battles.

Still, if you have what it takes, it is a great challenge that won’t be found elsewhere.


4. EGATrek


You might not consider the EGATrek as the Star Trek version. However, if you are a child of the mid-teens, then you would have certainly remembered the same for the game known as Net Trek. With EGA Trek, you will get a completely entire experience.


5. Star Trek: Online

Star Trek: Online

The first time, I played Star Trek Online, I just completed the tutorial and was enjoying the tutorial. I immediately threw my ship in the Deep Space Nine. Instead, when I arrived, I was able to run the game so that I able to enjoy all its glory simultaneously.

At its best, Star Trek is one of those moments that will mesmerize you to the fullest. It is worth to try out for these.



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