sound wave

The recent research has proven that the different types of sound waves can move the data faster by using the minimal power. Dr Tom Hayward from the University of Sheffield and Professor John Cunningham from the University of Leeds have found in their research that by passing sound waves across the surface on which the wires are fixed can help in moving the data and the direction of data flow depends on the pitch of the sound generated and is gets effected when they ‘sang’.

 We need HDDs and SSDs for moving and storing the data in the computer. For enhancing the flow of data the ‘racetrack memory’ is also used. It uses very small magnetic wires for moving the data. The speed of moving the data is really unbelievable. But it creates the heat and reduces the power efficiency which leads to reduce the battery backup and enhance your energy bills and leads to increasing CO2 emissions too.

The sound which is used is in the form of surface acoustic wave is the same as the most destructive wave that radiate from an earthquake. Although it is now harnessed for use in electronics and in the field of engineering, this is the first time when the surface acoustic waves have been applied to a storage system.

The engineers have found this strange and interesting invention which amazed the whole world that the sound has the power to move the data with the minimal power. This invention will give a new phase in the invention of fast computing and more unbelievable things can be discovered through it in the future.


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