The Internet has made our life information-addicted. We are getting diffused through numerous web tabs and mobile apps on our gadgets. Whether abundance of information simplifies marketers’ work is remaining disputable. On one hand, various marketing tools blend organically into the data-driven environment of the contemporary society. On the other hand, the customer attention is not limitless to absorb everything coming from the Internet.

The marketers who are going to compete successfully in the global market overloaded with information have either to invent their own original methods of customer retention or just to follow the progressive trends represented by the digital marketing platforms. The latter approach seems more logical since it does not imply reinvention of the wheel. Besides, the mass adoption of such efficient marketing methods as bulk emails and push-notifications requires a certain degree of automation. That’s why the professional complex marketing services such as SendPulse are the quick fix solutions for the striving marketers.


The battlefield of push-notifications

In contrast to email messages, push-notifications do not imply using a specific client since the related APIs allow any website to support them. Such “omnipresence” helps push-notifications to cover a vast variety of businesses having working websites on the Internet.  The lion share of customers who use push-notifications belongs to e-commerce sector. Indeed, keeping constant contact with consumers is crucially important for e-shops. The trigger notifications working like a reminder is worth using where the wide array of goods can make consumers forget about something waiting for payment in their shopping carts.

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The Black Friday rush, Christmas sale, various discounting programs, and many other events related to some alterations in price policy should not stay unnoticed by consumers. The timely arranged advertising campaign can intercept customers leaving a smaller piece of pie to competitors. The instantly arriving push-notifications can outperform any other marketing tool in terms of speed.

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The promotion agenda of e-commerce organizations may significantly vary depending on the creativity of their marketers. Nevertheless, personalization of relationships with customers will remain a trend for a long time. Push-notifications fit the personalization issue perfectly since they can emphasize some personal data or individually valued info of the consumers making the customer care apparent and effective. We all are egocentric more or less, that’s why the push-notifications referring to our names will most likely foster our trust to the brands applying such an individual approach. 

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The numerous training programs, seminars, webinars, conferences, and many other web-based public events can easily upgrade the information important for their users and visitors with the help of web push-notifications. Another similar application of push-notifications refers to the websites containing continuously updated information: the resources for news, weather, stock exchange, sports, and betting can keep their users informed on a 24-hour basis. Besides, push-notifications can attract the users’ attention to some irregular but expected info appearing on blogging platforms, expert forums, and analytical websites.

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Advantages and capabilities

Push-notifications are easy to use especially when a well-developed platform such as SendPulse is applied. Hundreds of websites have already rated SendPulse as an affordable and user-friendly service for sending push notifications. Time is money, and choosing SendPulse as a push-notification tool, marketers save their budget twice: no need to wait for a custom solution from the third-party or in-house developers whose work will cost much higher than $5/month that SendPulse requires for the unlimited number of push-notifications sent through its push platform.

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Cross-browser capability for push-notifications includes Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers covering the majority of the contemporary desktop and mobile platforms. It means that almost every user of the Internet can be involved in the marketing campaign where push-notifications are sent via SendPulse.

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The only thing marketers need to start using web push messages is the integration of API into CRM, CMS or other platforms. The integration with a website is even easier – a single line of code will add the push-notification feature to your website. In addition to the simple API, the complete developer documentation is available to facilitate the integration of the web push messages into your business.

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The personalization and segmentation functionality of the service provides a division of the subscribers in accordance with the variables that can be synchronized automatically with the lists of the SMS and email subscribers. This can be useful when a marketing campaign implies differentiation of customers through the spatial principle. Besides, the automatic sending of push-notification can be adjusted in accordance with the stages of a particular marketing campaign. Thus, the marketers can get a very flexible tool of the impact on consumers via push-notifications arriving at the right place at the right time. Add 90% visibility to this model, and the influential ability of push-notifications occurs beyond any doubt.

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In order to keep pace with the time, the contemporary marketers should draw the customer attention using the progressive techniques such as sending push-notifications. SendPulse offers a complex marketing platform capable of meeting the challenge of variously advanced marketing campaign where bulk email and web push messages are sent in a simple and efficient manner. Basing on the practical experience of hundreds of the actual customers, SendPulse can prove that push-notifications increase:

  • – traffic by 100-150%;
  • – customer retention by 20-40%;
  • – and the time spent on a website by 50-70%.

Although the push-notification feature can be developed and embedded into a website by the customer’s developers on their own, the advanced approach of SendPulse offers a ready-to-use solution well-tested in practice. The simplicity of integration of push-notifications into websites, CRM, and CMS platforms along with the flexible personalization makes SendPulse service worth applying by the vast variety of marketers. Once the feasibility of push-notifications is confirmed by the practice, and the almost-free service of SendPulse is affordable for everyone, then what prevents you from getting started?             



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