Seagate announced launch of Enterprise NAS HDD 8TB model at the end of Q1 2016 – Drive designed for mid-range NAS servers and cloud storage

Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD 8TB (ST8000NE0011) model will be available for purchase on Q1 2016. It will be the only 8TB drive optimized for mid-range NAS, server and cloud storage. Other capacities – 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB and 6TB are already available on the market for a while.

“Our customers are finding themselves under more pressure than ever as the volume of data they need to deal with continues to increase dramatically,” said David Chiang, GM, business division, Qnap Systems, Inc. “Qnap is focused on delivering scalable and reliable NAS solutions to address these needs, giving users the confidence that their information is secure and available. The new Seagate NAS HDD 8TB will offer professionals a huge capacity with which to easily manage this growing amount of data.”

Main features of Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD 8TB
  • Enterprise strong yet customized for NAS and RAID storage
  • NAS-optimized performance for higher write workloads often reflected in NAS applications
  • RAID Rebuild technology mitigates time-consuming complete RAID rebuilds
  • Error recovery prevents unnecessary RAID fallout
  • 7200-RPM spindle delivers raw, sustained throughput performance
  • 256MB cache enables higher random performance
  • Dual-stage actuators deliver precision seeks every time
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface for easy integration into NAS and RAID rackmount systems

The new Seagate 8TB HDD is the largest NAS optimised drive on the market. Main target is small businesses which now will require fewer drives and fewer enclosures to meet their storage needs. Enterprise HDD is designed for tower enclosures with one to eight bays, delivering up to 64TB in just a single eight bay dekstop form factor. 
New drive is also optimised for smaller, home NAS servers. Industry leading NAS manufacturers like Austor Inc., Qnap Systems Inc., Synology Inc., and Thecus Technology Corp. have qualified the NAS HDD 8TB for compability in a number of their products.

Enterprise HDD 8TB product manual and DataSheet


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